Vision of the Coming Tribulation with New World Order – Rachael Mushala

Rachael Mushala

Sunday , October 25, 2015

The Lord showed me how the world will be when it’s brought under a New World Order.
If you ve heard of the coming New World Order, know that it’s not a story, but something that’s going to be implemented very soon.

In this revelation, there was no peace on earth, everyone had to get a seal (mark) which showed their acceptance of this new system which was being referred to as the new world order.

I saw a lot of soldiers, UN soldiers from different countries, they were all working as one and had to ensure everyone is brought under this system and receives the mark of acceptance of this new world order. This seal is the mark of the beast.

The soldiers were sent after all those people who refused to accept the mark.
It seemed impossible for people to escape coz there would be a lot of soldiers after just one person and they were all armed.

There seemed to be no place to hide. I saw a girl who was trying to escape from the soldiers and she hid inside a building but somehow, they found out where she was hiding very easily. I don’t know how they did this but there was no rest or peace for anyone who did not accept this seal of acceptance of this new world system.

Let’s prepare for Christ’s coming now. You don’t want to be on earth when this happens, it will be a terrible time for any Christian on earth. There will be a one world government and everyone will have to get the mark of the beast or be tortured and killed. It will be very hard not to give in coz the suffering will be too much.

The best decision you can make is to prepare now and escape what’s coming. Draw closer to God and ask Him to help you prepare for His coming, then listen to His correction. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Source: Glofire TV

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