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Australian Christians say they’ll defy ban on prayer for overcoming unwanted sexual attractions

‘Given that Christians are the main group being targeted here, we need to be aware of what is really going on. We either commit to standing for Christ… or we renounce our faith altogether and admit it was all just a charade. We must choose now.’

Published Feb 12, 2021

Photo by Robert Stokoe from Pexels

VICTORIA, Australia, February 12, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Christian leaders are poised to resist Victoria’s controversial Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition bill, which threatens parents with up to 10 years in prison if they don’t affirm their kids’ sexual confusion and bans “carrying out a religious practice, including but not limited to, a prayer-based practice, a deliverance practice or an exorcism” to help someone overcome unwanted sexual attractions.

The Presbyterian Church of Australia has been the first to raise its voice following the bill’s passage through the Victorian Upper House, with its Moderator Rev. Dr. Peter Barnes urging his ministers to remain faithful to scripture on all matters of sexual morality, including homosexuality and transgenderism.

“The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill has now passed through both houses of the Victorian parliament. It forbids any attempt to change or suppress, or induce any person to change or suppress, his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Prayer or counselling designed to change a person, even at that person’s request, is prohibited. In short, this means that sexual preference is protected by law, as is any person’s gender preference. Homosexual sex is not permitted to be called ‘sin’, and a male today can claim to be a female tomorrow,” Barnes said.

In his regular column for the Spectator Australia, fellow Presbyterian Minister Mark Powell doubled down on his superior’s statement.

“Significantly, the Victorian legislation makes it illegal for a parent to pray for their own child, even if they had requested them to do so. As such, Dr Barnes believes that it is right for Christians to defy the governing authority such as, ‘When King Darius exceeded his God-given authority, Daniel did ‘as he had done previously’ (Dan.6:10),” Powell wrote.

Powell also warned his readers of a push for similar legislation to be passed in his home state of New South Wales.

Author Bill Muehlenberg exhorted Christians to stand up for Christ “regardless of the dire consequences” on his popular blog, CultureWatch.

“Will this finally be the wakeup call we all need? Guess what folks? The time for playing games is now over. Given that Christians are the main group being targeted here, we need to be aware of what is really going on. We either commit to standing for Christ… or we renounce our faith altogether and admit it was all just a charade. We must choose now,” Muehlenberg wrote.

Prior to the bill’s passage, Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Peter Comensoli urged Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, a baptized Catholic, to halt the bill in a joint statement with local faith leaders: “[T]he State has no interest in how I pray, who I pray to, and what I pray for. I warmly welcome any legislation to protect people from harm, but sadly this Bill does a whole lot of other things as well, and we have to be forthright and clear, as well as charitable.”

“We are praying for a constructive way forward to open up with all members of the Victorian Parliament,” they wrote.


John 10:10

Racist Arab Muslims Selling Black Africans, What The Slaves Are ‘Missing’ Is Even More Horrifying

Published November 29, 2017 by

Just weeks ago, the liberal media fell silent when members of their favored religion were caught selling black slaves to wealthy buyers at auction blocks. However, the case became far more sinister now that one man has come forward to reveal what the captors are “taking” from their black slaves.

black slaves
After it was exposed that Muslims are selling black migrants in Libya, one man came forward to reveal that the captors are “taking” something far worse from their captives.(Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube Screenshot/ Youtube)

Despite the left attempting to whitewash history, Muslims have driven the African slave trade since their own prophet Muhammad first bought and sold his own black African slaves over 1,400 years ago. It is this blatant concealment of this widespread inhumanity that caused shock and confusion when headlines reported that Libya is thriving on modern-day slavery.

Of course, the ransacking of Africa and subsequent forced conversion is nothing new but has plagued North African for well over a millennium thanks to Arab migration. Disturbingly, there is an even darker side to this ideological racism and supremacy that is only recently gaining media attention — and liberals are scrambling to distort it once again.

Just weeks after shock reports exposed Libya’s slave trade of African migrants, former Nigerian aviation minister Femi Fani-Kayode came forward to reveal that not only are Libyan Muslims abducting and auctioning off black migrants but they are harvesting their organs in grotesque rituals similar the mass mutilation that occurred at the peak of the Arab slave trade.

The Daily Mail reports that Fani-Kayode claims that around 75 percent of the slaves who’ve had their organs gruesomely removed are from his home country of Nigeria. Even more horrifying was his revelation that many of the victims who have their “bodies mutilated” are then “roasted like suya (shish kebabs)” by barbaric human traffickers.

“Roasted alive! This is what Libyans do to sub-Saharan Africans who are looking for a transit point to Europe. They sell them into slavery and either murder, mutilate, torture or work them to death,” he said.
Fani-Kayode further explained that soon after former U.S. President Barack Obama led the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya became a paradise for oppression, especially the human trafficking industry.

The mainstream media finally shed some light on the long-running Islamic slave trade earlier in November but focused solely on Libya, although slavery is rampant in dozens of Muslim-majority nations. Candid footage showed African men being auctioned off for manual labor, some for just a few hundred dollars.

According to the investigation, cell phone footage showed African men being sold, offered as one of the “big, strong boys for farm work.”

In the Libyan capital of Tripoli, an auction was witnessed for a man whose price rose from 500 dollars to $650. Some were sold for just $400, less than half the median weekly earnings of an American worker.

“Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big, strong man, he’ll dig,” an auctioneer said. “What am I bid, what am I bid?”

Libyan human traffickers have seized the refugee crisis as an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable African migrants looking for economic opportunities in Europe. As one of the main launch nations for crossing the Mediterranean to Italy, captors are easily able to trick their victims into paying a hefty fee for travel before abducting them and selling them to interested buyers.

While the mainstream media sheds a few passive tears for these unfortunate individuals, an estimated 14 million black slaves are still owned in the Middle East today with no outrage from the political left.

Although many Muslim countries have only very recently outlawed slavery, Arab Muslims easily find ways around releasing their human property by keeping them in debt and stealing their passports.

Muhammed’s Complexion
Evidence Muhammed was a white man

Of course, the concept of slavery in Islam is not a cultural misunderstanding or even a regional problem. In fact, it is only because Muhammad enslaved black Africans that the issue remains widespread in the Muslim world today.

Muhammad's Slaves
Screenshot from the Book “The life of Muhammad” a translation of Ishaq’s sirat rasul allah

Until his death, Muhammad owned dozens of black slaves, often referring to his darkest captive, Nabtal, as the physical manifestation of Satan because of his dark complexion. Since he is the “Messenger of Allah,” his actions are to be emulated by his religious followers. Some of Muhammad’s interactions with his black slaves were recorded by his closest companions.

I went to (the house of the Prophet) and behold, Allah’s Messenger was staying in a Mashruba (attic room) and a black slave of Allah’s Messenger was at the top of its stairs. [Bukhari 7263]

Allah’s messenger was on a journey and he had a black slave called Anjasha, and he was driving the camels (very fast, and there were women riding on those camels). [Bukhari 6161]

The man from Banu Ad-Dubaib, who was called Rifa’ah bin Zaid, gave the Messenger of Allah a black slave who was called Mid’am. [an-Nasa’i 3827]

Black slaves
According to Islam trading of black slaves is equivalent to trading of animals.

Not only is slavery justified in the Quran, it was practiced by the only man charged by Allah with modelling the religion. Slavery is at its core and cannot be distanced from it or condemned by it, lest its followers also condemn their own prophet.

Any ideology that invokes blatant racism and oppression must be vehemently opposed by those who reject such inhumanity. Those who welcome it and demand its tolerance are directly demanding tolerance for its violent and oppressive principles.


John 10:10

German Nuns Sold Orphaned Children to Sexual Predators: Report

A report German authorities tried to silence shows how Catholic nuns peddled orphaned boys to predatory priests and perverts for decades.

by Barbie Latza Nadeau Published Feb. 02, 2021

German nuns
Flickr: Greg Westfall

(TheDailyBeast) – A jarring report outlining decades of rampant child sex abuse at the hands of greedy nuns and perverted priests in the Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany, paints a troubling picture of systematic abuse in the German church.

The report is the byproduct of a lawsuit alleging that orphaned boys living in the boarding houses of the Order of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer were sold or loaned for weeks at a time to predatory priests and businessmen in a sick rape trade. The men involved in the lawsuit say as boys they were denied being adopted out or sent to foster families because selling them for rape lined the sisters’ coffers for their “convent of horrors.” Some of the boys were then groomed to be sex slaves to perverts, the report claims.

The alleged abuse went on for years, with one of the males claiming the nuns even frequently visited their college dorms after they had left the convent. He said the nuns often drugged him and delivered him to predators’ apartments. The Order of Sisters of the Divine Redeemer did not answer multiple requests for comment about the allegations.

The lawsuit, first reported by Deutsche Welle last year, is being led by 63-year-old victim Karl Haucke who, along with 15 other former orphans, demanded the Archdiocese of Cologne carry out a full investigation, which it concluded in January 2021. But the details of that investigative report were so horrific that Archbishop Reiner Maria Woelki refused to make it public, demanding that any journalists who see it sign confidentiality agreements. Eight German journalists walked out of a press conference in January after being denied access to the church’s investigation unless they agreed not to publish its contents.

Haucke says he was abused at least once a week between the ages of 11 and 14, often by more than one priest. “We had no words to describe what was being done to us. Nor did we know what it meant. And it did not stop at physical pain. We had a clear sense of humiliation and being used,” he told Deutsche Welle when the report was due to be released. He called the stifling of the report’s release in January “scandalous” and said that denying the journalists the right to publish the report was “like being abused all over again.”

Now, several lawyers with access to the 560-page report have shared segments with news outlets, including The Daily Beast. The report names various German businessmen and complicit clergy who “rented” the young boys from the nuns who ran a convent in Speyer, Germany between the 1960s and 1970s. Among the worst instances of abuse were gang bangs and orgies the young boys were forced to participate in before being returned to the convent where the nuns would then punish them for wrinkling their clothing or being covered in semen.

“Bishop Karl-Heinz Wiesmann, who now leads the archdiocese, said that the abuse report was ‘so gory’ it would be too shocking to make public.”

The report finds that 175 people, mostly boys between the ages of 8 and 14, were abused over two decades. But it failed to blame the nuns directly, instead saying “systematic” management errors and “leniency” for those who were accused by the children enabled the abuse to continue.

Haucke, who led the victims’ group of those who survived the nuns until he resigned over the censoring of the report, says Woelki told them in October 2020 that the report was not “legally watertight” and contained “inadmissible prejudices” against the Catholic church that were fed by scandals going on elsewhere. “The survivors were used again,” he said, referring to their cooperation in the report only to have it kept private. “People who have already been damaged in their lives by clergymen are being damaged again to protect the institution.”

The lawsuit also spawned a survey within religious orders that found that 1,412 people who lived in or frequented convents, parishes, and monasteries were abused as children, teenagers, and wards by at least 654 monks, nuns, and other members of the orders. Around 80 percent of the victims surveyed were male and 20 percent female. The survey also found that 80 percent of the abusers are now dead, and 37 had left the priesthood or religious order.

The Archdiocese of Cologne told The Daily Beast in a statement that the reason the report was not published was that it failed to fully explain the methodology of the research, but Bishop Karl-Heinz Wiesmann, who now leads the archdiocese, said that the abuse report was “so gory” it would be too shocking to make public. Wiesemann told the Catholic News Agency KNA that after reading it he had to take a month’s sabbatical to recover. “I too have limited energy for the burdens I have to carry,” he said.

The main abusers in the report are now dead and many of the victims have settled with the church for financial compensation, which has prohibited them from joining the lawsuit. The archdiocese now plans to publish a new revised, and undoubtedly heavily redacted, edition of the report in March.


John 10:10