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Exposing who they really are – demons from the pit of Hell!!!

By Zipporah Mushala and Rachael Mushala Chisulo

This post is to fully expose demons in human form as the Lord has exposed them to us. We had no intention of writing this post but it was a direct instruction from the Lord Jesus Christ and He is the One who gave us the title of this post and how it should be written, as we have done above. The Lord told us, “Write another post to expose demons in human disguise. Expose them some more!” Some of the things are going to be hard to believe but that doesn’t stop them from being true. Just like not believing that Hell doesn’t exist doesn’t stop it from existing

The Lord told us,

“Demons in human disguise have always been living among you even before I revealed it to you and they have always been working against you. Just because you didn’t know that they existed among you in human form doesn’t mean they were not there and were not working against you. Me revealing them to you is not what has made them demons. They have always been demons.”

Living life with false imaginations that demons do not live among us while pretending to also be human, does not help because you will not know how to fight spiritually and you will be overcome. The scripture says, “My people perish, for lack of knowledge.”


These are just a few of the countless encounters we have had with demons in human form.

When I (Zipporah) was at school, the Lord showed me a vision was I was with a group of my classmates discussing school work. We were standing on a grass lawn outside. So, I wanted to talk to one of them and I called her name “Salome ….” (Not real name) I didn’t finish my sentence because as soon as I called her name, she disappeared! The place she had been standing was empty and there was nothing but grass there.

Then I turned to talk to another one and I called her, “Molly….” (Not real name) but she too disappeared! The place she had been standing also remained empty! There was only grass there.

The Lord was showing me that these two are demons in human form. I was calling the name Salome and Molly, but there was no Salome or Molly there. That is why they had disappeared. There was no human named Salome or Molly standing there. They didn’t exist.
That is why the place became empty and there was nothing but grass there. There were only demons, which had put on human-like flesh in order to deceive people that they were human and had acquired the name Salome and Molly.

When I looked at the place where they had been standing, I noticed that the grass had completely flattened and become dry like it had been ironed! Someone looking would see as if the grass was normal, unless if they could see in the spirit. The Lord is showing us that these are not human at all and that we should never think of them that way just because they are hiding in a body that looks like ours.

The Lord had also revealed to me that a certain ‘girl’ whom I know was actually not human but a demon from the pit of hell in human disguise.

After ‘She’ saw that She was now exposed, She came to openly attack me at night. I was between sleep and wakefulness and I could see her coming to attack me.
When I looked at the floor, I saw that She was leaving foot prints on the solid floor as if it was a fresh floor! But the Lord helped me during the attack. He wanted to show me that these are spirits, real demons no matter how human they may look.

Demons in human disguise are not far way from you nor do you just encounter them once in a while. You encounter them EVERYDAY but you just don’t know they are demons because there is no physical way of knowing them except the Lord reveals to you.

They are your classmates, colleagues at work, church mates, neighbors, friends and even relatives for example, cousins, nieces and nephews! When your brother or sister marries a demon, their offspring will be demons and these will be your nieces and nephews.

They do not accidentally become demons nor are they born and then they discover that they are demons. Not at all. These are the same demons who were cast out of heaven with the devil.

They willfully come to earth to fulfill a mission and in order to fulfill that mission, they need a body that looks human so that they can convince others that they are also human. When a woman is pregnant, a human-like body in form of a baby will be forming inside her body. (Psalm 58:3)

But in order for that baby-like form to have life and be active, another demon from the pit of hell will come inside this baby-like form to stay inside it and will go through all the baby growth stages in the womb and will even be kicking. You won’t even know it’s a demon.
 It will be born on earth and everyone will think that it’s a baby but it’s a demon and it will be growing like any other normal child and will go through all the stages of life, from baby class all the way to tertiary education and will start work and even get married.

Human beings can only be produced when two humans marry each other but when you marry a demon, you have demons which come from hell but will pretend to have been born like we explained above.

They come in human disguise so that they can influence humans to sin. Their whole lives here on earth with a human-like body, they are working their mission of making people sin. They also pretend to die and when they do that, they just come out of that fake body and go back to hell, until they have another mission on earth that requires their physical presence. Their punishment is the Lake of fire together with the devil as it is written in Revelations. They are already doomed and can never be saved.

They come in all forms, like Pastors, like beggars, like the rich, like the poor, like the deaf, dumb, blind etc. You name it. Some pretend to be Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and even Atheists.

They pretend to be everything humans are so that they can associate with people from all walks of life, races and class. They mix with humans so that they can influence them and make them sin in various ways e.g, dirty jokes, secular tv, artificial hair, making women wear trousers etc. They set trends of life to make sin appear normal. They do all these things to make them look normal and humans start imitating them and doing these things as well. They make it seem like it’s alright to live a double life and like God doesn’t mind that.

The Lord had also told us that Satan writes movie stories and demons, along with human Satanic agents act them out. Majority of those who act movies are working for Satan even though physically, it may seem like they are working in order to make ends meet. Even if demons come to earth and pretend to be a Pastor, their doom is already set and nothing they do can make them go to heaven.

God can be telling you to stop a certain sin but you will say, “Even this Pastor or that Pastor dresses like this or does this or that and so I will not stop. For them to be doing it, it means it’s not a sin.”

Going to heaven is a personal journey. That Pastor you are trying to imitate may be a demon in human disguise working its mission of dressing in an indecent way while pretending to be a Pastor so that it can influence humans to dress the same.

You have a chance of going to heaven while it is already doomed and it is trying to make you doomed with it. Just like you have a soul inside you and when your soul leaves your body you die, the same for these demons. When the demon leaves that fake body, it becomes lifeless. They are not in any single way human.

They pretend to be human in every way and will even talk about God and may even pretend to have been sick and have received a healing from God and give ‘testimonies’ of their healing. To you, it will look real but it’s all fake.

The Lord told me (Rachael) that demon incarnates really hate to be exposed. He told me that they wish they had remained hidden forever and they really hate the revelation of demons in human form.

They are demons from the pit of hell whom satan sends to come to earth to pretend to be human, they come in a human like body and look, talk, act like humans but they are demons, here on a mission. Some even pretend like they don’t know each other when they are here on earth in a human like body. Sometimes, they will even pretend to hate each other but they are all working together.

The Lord told me, “These demons in human form are the very demons from the pits of hell, they look human when hiding in a human like body but look at who they really are! Then I saw a very huge demon, so big and scary! Its foot was about the size of a double bed!
 And yet this very demon was in a human like body and living among humans and nobody even knew this was what it really looked like.

Ever since God started exposing them to my sister Zipporah and I, we have encountered numerous of these demons.

Their existence isn’t something we could deny even if we wanted to, because even when we don’t want to see them, we still see them everywhere we go! God still shows them to us. He’s given us a gift to see them and we too wish they did not exist, BUT THEY DO EXIST.
They are here to take you to hell. This is their major mission.
They work exactly like demons which are in the spiritual realm, infact they are the same demons. You can never know them unless by revelation. There is so much darkness on earth and without being close to Jesus, you will not overcome.

You do not necessarily have to have the gift of seeing these demons in order to overcome them. Seeing them is good because you will know whom exactly you are dealing with. But the most important thing is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a very close relationship with Jesus Christ, this is the only way you will overcome them. Only Jesus will help you overcome their traps.

Jesus told me that these demons work best in ignorance and they are so desperate to keep their cover such that if a ‘couple’ are both demons, and one of them gets exposed as a demon in human disguise, the one who has not yet been exposed will do ANYTHING to avoid being exposed like their partner.

Jesus told me that they will even be ready to divorce their partner, all in an attempt to keep their disguise just so that they can work properly. They will pretend to be horrified and be ready to divorce, just to keep their own cover. Note that everything they do is simply a mission including marriage.

They don’t even love each other and have simply been instructed to live and act as husband and wife. Even their friendship to you is a mission and they constantly give updates about how they are progressing in their mission against you to the satanic kingdom.
They are demons who are just wearing a human like cover to fit in and work properly and every human emotion is simply an act!

There is a woman whom God had revealed as a demon in human disguise, I first met this woman in a bank, when I didn’t even know who she was. She was just a random person, but when I saw her, I could see with my spiritual eyes that she was a demon!

She was extremely creepy, and as I looked at her, I kept thinking to myself, “they really know how to pretend to be human!” A few days later, someone I know introduced this same lady to me. Coincidentally, she knew someone I know! Then I remembered her as the lady I met in the bank. She knew I knew who she was but she still pretended. Later, I heard a knock at my door, when I went to check who was at the door, it was this same ‘lady’ with her daughter, a girl of about 7 years old. They were both smiling at me, still pretending to be human though they knew I was seeing who they really were!

Later that night, God showed me what had really been happening. I saw a vision of this lady and her daughter knocking at my door, and when I opened, standing right there in front of me were two ape like creatures, standing upright, with big red ugly eyes, they were both growling at me! Yet in the physical, while hiding in their human like bodies they had been smiling at me in a very friendly way.


God had showed my husband why these demons keep pretending to be human even to the people who God had exposed them to as demons! God said because these demons have been in existence for centuries, they see all humans as babies! For example, there’s someone whom God exposed to my husband as a demon in human disguise.

Physically you can never suspect him and even my husband was shocked when God showed him this person was a demon! God showed him that this person was a demon and that he was there even in Ahab’s time and also that even at that time he even knew about electricity!
 We were shocked because people then didn’t know electricity but God said this ‘person’ knew about electricity in great detail even then!

The satanic kingdom is more advanced in technology than human beings, that is the truth.
 But when they come to earth they pretend to just know as little as humans know about everything. They pretend technology is new to them too, and all these technological devices which are being invented on earth are new to them too, yet they have had them for years in the demonic kingdom.

These demons have been in existence for centuries, when they come to earth in a body which looks like a baby, you will think it is a baby who is innocent and knows nothing. They will cry like a baby, reason like a baby, and do everything babyish, yet it is all an act. They are much older than you! They have been alive for centuries and are just hiding in a small body. They already know so much but will pretend to just know as much as humans are expected to know!

But because they are spirits and have been around much longer than us and know so much more than us, they see us as babies and easy to deceive! They know how humans act, how humans reason, they have been tricking humans for centuries, therefore they see us as easy prey. That is why you cannot defeat them physically.

They are much more complicated because while we are physical beings, they are spirits and can only be fought in the spirit. Yes, even those that look like babies are much more complicated than you are because while you are a physical being, and you are physically much older than them, in reality they are way older than you, they know much more than you know and, in their eyes, you are the one who is a baby and because they see you as a baby, God said that is why they do not give up trying to deceive you.

Even when you know who they are, they will use every opportunity to try to make you doubt what God showed you! That is why they can only be fought spiritually because with the Holy Spirit you are much wiser than them! You will overcome them with the Holy Spirit. God wants you to know these demons exist among us so that you understand how dark the world is and know that Jesus is your only hope and know that do not follow people because some are actually not people. You cannot tell who they are physically. It is not about how someone behaves, dresses, talks, that is not how you tell a demon.

We have seen MANY who look holy on the outside and talk as if they are holy but God had exposed them to us as demons who are just pretending and also in their own way, and also working just the same way the demons who are working indecently are working!
 They too are just the very demons in the pits of hell and they do everything the other demons do i.e. casting spells to make you do different things, attacking your prayer life, or teaching false doctrines etc. They are just acting and dressing according to their mission.

So only God can reveal them to you. You can ONLY OVERCOME WITH JESUS. If you are not close to God you will be easy prey for satan and his schemes. This is the time to be really close to the Lord and depend on Jesus completely.
 Pray and have a personal relationship with Jesus and look only to Jesus Christ.

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My name is Chidubem Okwu. I am a pastor, but I have disappointed God and I really don’t know where to begin to tell my story.

I must tell you the truth. I can’t really say if I have a call or not. I was a Sunday School teacher in my church for 9 years at Kaduna. In 1999 I was led to start a church, but from the experiences I have gathered now I cannot say I was led by the Holy Spirit to start that church.

As at 2008, I was not making any progress both spiritually and materially. I saw many churches which began several years after mine and they were making waves and are still making progress. At a point, I did not know what to do again, and after discussing with my wife I decided to approach the general overseer of a church that began 7 years after I started my ministry and explained to him that personally I was not making any headway and same with my ministry. My ministry would grow up to 200 people and after a short period it would shrink to 50 people and at times it would grow to 150 and shrink to 40 people. I approached him because the growth in his church was fast. He began the church in 2006 and by 2012 he was recording 11,000 people on a Sunday service and he was also making good money and riding in big cars, including the latest jeeps.

After listening to me, he promised to help me solve my problem. He said I needed to be empowered and that it is going to cost me some amount of money besides, I need to have a big and strong heart. Then he asked me if I have got a strong heart and I told him that I have, as long as it is not going to involve killing a fellow human being. He asked me thrice if I have got a strong heart and I consistently gave him the same answer. Again, he asked me if I want a single empowerment or double empowerment and I asked him which one was better and he said double empowerment was better but it would cost me a lot of money, and that after the empowerment I was going to be told how to maintain and renew the power.

This time I became afraid and I asked him if the maintenance and renewal involved any ritual, he said no, that whatever the renewal and maintenance will involve are just normal things that I was already doing so I should not be afraid. He said I should go and raise three hundred and fifty thousand naira (350,000) which I had to borrow from my wife. The next day I handed over the money to him and he asked me to go and get ready that we shall be going to Lagos and Port-Harcourt. I got ready and we took flight from Abuja to Lagos that same day.

In Lagos, we lodged at the guest house of a big ministry and at 11:30pm we went out in a private car to the Bar-beach. At the Bar-beach we were at the bank when he spoke some unknown language and told me that a woman was going to come out of the water and that I should do whatever she says. As soon as he said that, there was rumbling on the surface of the water and a mermaid came out of it. The general overseer told me not to be afraid that the mermaid will not harm me, so I picked courage when I saw her.

When she came to the surface of the water, the lower part of her body was like that of a fish. My eyes were transfixed to that lower part, and as she was getting closer to me it became human. Then she came to me and asked me to have s*x with her which I did in the presence of the general overseer. After having s*x with her, she put her hand in her vagina and made a sign of the cross on my forehead and my palm and told me that she had empowered me and that I would see the difference. The mermaid left me, went to the General Overseer and brought out a golden cross and chain from her stomach and wore it on the neck of the general overseer who gave her some money. The mermaid thanked him and went back into the sea. All the time she spoke in English language.

When we eventually got back to the ministry’s guest house, the general overseer told me that we have to go to the church of that ministry because they were having a night vigil. When we got there, I was given an opportunity to minister in the church and as I raised my hands from the altar the members began to fall on themselves, and some were tumbling on others. I must say, I was almost embarrassed because I never expected the manifestation of the mermaid power to be so soon. He told me that we should go to bed and get some sleep because we would be going to Port-Harcourt that evening.

That afternoon as I was sleeping, that same mermaid I had s*x with at the Bar-beach came to me in my dream and told me that to maintain and also constantly renew the power I must be having s*x with a virgin once every month, so this jolted me out of sleep. I went to the general overseer’s room to explain what I saw and heard in my dream and he said it was no problem. When I asked him how I was going to be getting the virgins he said he was going to assist me get them, but I needed to pay for his service. Honestly Apostle after this I wanted to back out, but I had no courage to say or do so.

While at the Bar-beach I saw many pastors, who came there with other senior pastors. It is like a tradition! There must be a senior pastor bringing in younger pastors, and I believe each senior pastor had a particular mermaid they relate with because I saw up to ten mermaids attending to some other young pastors.
In the evening we were at the local airport in Lagos and took a flight to Port-Harcourt. At Port-Harcourt we lodged in the guest house of another ministry and at mid-night we got out, eventually arriving in a very big compound of a woman called Eze-Nwanyi. Inside the compound were many houses.

We met many pastors there including first generation church pastors. When it was my turn, the general overseer paid some money and itemized what should be done for me. When I went into the room I was surprised it was a woman again and as I was thinking – woman again! I found myself on top of the woman on a bed in an adjacent room. Honestly, I have not been able to recall how I found myself on that bed. I had s*x with her and also sucked her breasts. After the s*xual session, she made some animal cry and administered some stuff into my eyes and I began immediately to see into the spirit world and also discussed with some spirit beings. After that she gave me a bottle of olive oil which she called “do as I say”. She said with this the members of my church will do whatever I ask them to do.

She also gave me another bottle of olive oil which she called “all seeing oil”. She said with the oil I could see deep into people’s secrets, and a bottle of olive oil which she called “slaying oil” for slaying people (under “so-called” anointing) during prayer. She finally gave me two more bottles of olive oil. The first one is “crowd pulling oil” and the second one is “touch and follow” – which I will be using to hypnotize women especially virgins because I will be having s*x with them and married women to renew the empowerment. She said I could have se x and immediately after that I could go straight into ministration without having my bath. She bound me with an oath of secrecy.

We left that same midnight and went back to the lodge, and the general overseer told me to rub the “touch and follow” oil then we went to the vigil of the church in which we were lodging in their guest house. I was allowed to minister and I burst into prophesy to my own astonishment.

In the morning two virgins were sent to the general overseer and he gave me one. So we took them to the guest house and had se x with them.
What really surprised me was that the young girls never asked where we were taking them to and why we were taking them there, which is unusual for virgin girls.

When the girls left, the general overseer told me that from then onwards I had to concentrate my sermons around prosperity and stop preaching salvation and righteousness messages. He said I should be sending tithes to him and that he knew how part of the tithes would get to the woman at Port-Harcourt. Eventually we left Port-Harcourt to Abuja and back to Kaduna.

When I began service after my return, things began to change. Money began to come, the crowd also began to come and within one week miracles, deliverance followed by prosperity began to happen in the church, the spirit of prophecy came in like I had never seen it in my life.

I have been having sex with virgin girls and married women and things have been working out fine for my family and the church for the past six years, but I have gotten to a stage in which I am no longer feeling comfortable with the whole thing. I have had dreams in which I saw myself burning in hell. I have had this dream of hell seven times and in one of the dreams I awoke only for the same dream to continue when I went back to bed. I have been having sleepless nights, and many nights I get raped by that same mermaid. I have lost two of my children mysteriously, but through the same pattern. For the past three months, I have not been able to get virgin girls and this has affected the power as it is going down.

I want to get out of this whole issue even if it means closing the church. I have gone to the general overseer and he said it was too late for me to get out. He threatened me with mysterious death. He said it is not possible for me to turn against the mermaid and Eze-Nwanyi because they were already part of my life. I told him that I will do everything positively possible to get myself out of this.
Three days later two men approached me and told me that if I love my life I should vanish from Kaduna because they have been paid by the general overseer to eliminate me, so I had to close the church and left the town finally after two days.

As I am writing to you now I have nothing to hold on to but only God Almighty. The problem is that God seems to be very far from me no matter how much and fervently I have been calling on Him and asking for His mercies. I know I have offended Him, but I know He is a God of second chance. I have read your books – Overcoming the Queen of the Coast series, and I strongly believe you are the only one that God can use to help me out of this physical hell I have put myself. I am really afraid of going to meet any other person (man of God) because those who are using devilish powers are more than those who use the power of God.
For some time now I have not been sleeping at night and I also at times hallucinate. Sir, I urgently need your help because I believe time is running out for me as the attack from the marine kingdom increases. No other pastor has exposed them like you. I know I have transferred many spirits into so many people and I want to know what I can do so that those people can be free from these wicked and evil spirits.

Apostle, it is really unfortunate that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ has been taken over by Mermaids. The number of pastors using marine spirits is alarming, and more of them are getting initiated daily into this wicked kingdom. So, these pastors are also initiating their spiritually illiterate members.

Before I messed up myself spiritually, I had always wondered why members of churches follow their pastors sheepishly, but now I know better.
The marine kingdom is working day and night to overtake the church and unfortunately the church is sleeping. In the last two months, I have had four car crashes and I know they want to eliminate me, but God has been my helper and my only hope.

They have killed my two children and now they want me dead. I am becoming afraid of staying alone because of some bizarre spiritual appearances I see, and things have started to move in my brain and body. Any time I start praying the movement would start and sometimes I feel the movement in my marrow.
The greatest need I have now is to be forgiven by God. If I can get His forgiveness I don’t mind dying after that because I really don’t want to go to hell. I have been misled by the general overseer just as so many young pastors have been misled by their general overseers and senior pastors. Sir, I know you are a very busy person. I will appreciate if you find time to pray over this my problems and seek the face of the Lord on how He will use you to help me out. I know that if I am forgiven, my deliverance will be easy. I regret selling my soul to marine spirits.

The Eze-Nwanyi is also a very strong agent of the mermaid. I look forward to hearing from you Your co-servant in the Lord, Pastor Chidubem Okwu.

Author’s Response:

When I received this letter, I called the number over three times, but it was switched off. So, the next day I called and it went through. A woman took the call and when I asked to speak to pastor Chidubem, I was told that he had died in a car crash the previous day. I was dumbfounded. I just expressed my condolences to the woman who later told me that she was his wife that she had to amend her ways with the Lord and move ahead with her life. She expressed gratitude and thanked me.

After I cut off the discussion I was frozen to a spot for over five minutes until my son came and touched me asking what the matter was.

I must say that it is very unfortunate this pastor died. Those of us alive need to be extremely careful on what we do and where we place our hands. When we want success by worldly standards we can easily soil our hands. I know that if he had not started to get out of these evil powers they wouldn’t have killed him. Only God knows if he was forgiven by God before his sudden death. If not, no one needs to tell you his destination by now. We must make choices in life and whatever choices we make there are consequences and we should be ready to accept the consequences of the choices we have made. God is not going to hold the general overseer responsible for the sin of the young pastor. May God help us to be watchful, wise, and to wait for Him to fight on our behalf instead of seeking and succumbing to worldly and devilish measures for help!

Please share with the brethren so that you can save as much of Christ’s sheep.

Vision of the Coming Tribulation with New World Order – Rachael Mushala

Rachael Mushala

Sunday , October 25, 2015

The Lord showed me how the world will be when it’s brought under a New World Order.
If you ve heard of the coming New World Order, know that it’s not a story, but something that’s going to be implemented very soon.

In this revelation, there was no peace on earth, everyone had to get a seal (mark) which showed their acceptance of this new system which was being referred to as the new world order.

I saw a lot of soldiers, UN soldiers from different countries, they were all working as one and had to ensure everyone is brought under this system and receives the mark of acceptance of this new world order. This seal is the mark of the beast.

The soldiers were sent after all those people who refused to accept the mark.
It seemed impossible for people to escape coz there would be a lot of soldiers after just one person and they were all armed.

There seemed to be no place to hide. I saw a girl who was trying to escape from the soldiers and she hid inside a building but somehow, they found out where she was hiding very easily. I don’t know how they did this but there was no rest or peace for anyone who did not accept this seal of acceptance of this new world system.

Let’s prepare for Christ’s coming now. You don’t want to be on earth when this happens, it will be a terrible time for any Christian on earth. There will be a one world government and everyone will have to get the mark of the beast or be tortured and killed. It will be very hard not to give in coz the suffering will be too much.

The best decision you can make is to prepare now and escape what’s coming. Draw closer to God and ask Him to help you prepare for His coming, then listen to His correction. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Source: Glofire TV

THE POWER OF DECEPTION: Vision By Zipporah Mushala

By Zachariah Moses

Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.


I was in the Spirit this morning when I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in all of his beauty and majesty. He was followed by a crowd of angels and he began to reveal to me mysteries.

The Lord showed me roads which people were walking on. I saw a broad way and along this road, I saw clubs, bars, prostitutes standing along the way, people stabbing each other with knives and all sorts of evil. Jesus said, this road you are seeing is the road which everyone knows is leading to hell. They know that these people doing the acts you saw are sinning and are obviously going to hell. However, you must know that there are many roads which people walk on. These roads always fall into the broad way in the end. So I asked the Lord, “But why are there many small roads leading into the broad way and not just one Main broad way?” He said to me “Daughter, indeed there is only one broad way but Humans have created the other roads. These roads are in their minds. According to what they think, the roads they are walking on are right, but they do not know that these roads fall into the broad way in the end and lead to hell.”

“In my word, I said you should STRIVE to enter through the narrow way for the road that leads to life is narrow, the road is difficult and only a few find it.” He motioned his hand up and said “Child, behold the narrow way.”

I looked and saw a road. It was so slim and as thin as a snake. So I told him,” Lord, this road is too slim, only a snake can manage to pass here.” He said “If only a snake can pass here, then you need its wisdom to be able to pass here. Have I not said in my word to be as wise as Serpents but as gentle as doves?” Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as wise as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

As I looked at this road, I saw a lot of tall grass on both sides of the road and there were a lot of dangerous creatures which looked as if they wanted to attack. The Lord said “What you are seeing in the grass are demons waiting to devour anyone who moves off the path. If you remain on the path, they have no power to touch you but once you move an inch from the path, they’ll have power over you.” “That is why you need the wisdom of a serpent to be able to walk on the narrow path. There are many wolves along the way waiting to attack. Sometimes they can come in form of friends so remain on the path. Resist the world; be as wise as snakes so that you can remain on the narrow way.”

While still in the narrow way, I noticed that it was raining heavily on this road. There were also sharp stones and it was slippery such that one could hurt themselves if they slipped from the mud. I also saw huge pipes that looked like water pipes along this way. If one was to pass there, one had to jump them. He noticed my surprise and he said “I told you the road is difficult. It is full of many trials and tribulations. That is why one must not make a rush decision to follow me. Whoever wants to follow me must be ready to take up their cross and be persecuted by the world. It is not a joy ride.” 2 Timothy 3:12 For everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

So then I asked the Lord,” This road is narrow but on top of that it is slippery such that if one is not careful, they can slip out of the way. Why is that? Is it really possible to walk on this road without coming out of the way?” Then he said “It is written in my word that your word is a lamp to my feet. Therefore despite this difficult looking situation, my word is the light in the path so that you may not miss the way. Remain on my word.” Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

The Lord continued, “My servants in the bible even suffered physical persecution they were beaten up and arrested for my sake. Today, all you have to do is overcome the pleasures of the world.”

He said, “Look at the bible as your example. Name one of my servants who was loved and embraced by the world. Not one. For my word makes many people stumble because it is hard to swallow. It calls you to repentance and it fights against the pleasures of this world so many people resist it. The time that I came to this earth, people expected me to be born in the most prestigious places and to be announced like a King but no, I was born in a stable. People have not changed today. They look for me in huge Cathedrals and expect people who have Doctorates to explain me to them but no, I dwell in simplicity. All I need is a humble heart. If a mad person was able to accept me, I would rather dwell in him than to dwell in someone who has given themselves all sorts of names (Prophet, Reverend Father etc) but does not even know that holiness is required for heaven.”

He then said “Behold the false narrow way” I saw a road. It was narrow but not so small. It looked like an imitation of the narrow way. However, I noticed that there were no creatures waiting to attack along the way and that there was no rain in this road and the people seemed to be walking easily. There were no difficulties. The people seemed very comfortable and were even chatting with each other. But I saw that they were carrying loads on their backs. They didn’t even seem to notice that they were carrying loads. I saw that as this road went further, it joined into the broad way.

Jesus said “The devil didn’t see it necessary to make them pass through trials because he knows they don’t belong to me.” James 1:2-3 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. “Many people think that only people who do what those people who were in the broad way I showed you are going to hell. They think that they are on the narrow way because they call themselves Church goers. However, they have not let go of their idols. They are still burdened by sin and have not come to me that they may receive rest. They have sin but they do not notice it. That is why they did not notice they were carrying loads. They call this sin normal. The women still have earrings dangling on their ears, the women are still wearing trousers and using artificial things to beautify themselves, they still watch secular Tv, they have not yet tamed their tongues, they do not bring up children in my way, they are still hypocrites thinking they can fool me”

Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

Source: Glofire TV

The Mystery of Demons in Human Flesh: Rachael Mushala

By Rachael Mushala

The Lord Jesus Christ revealed to my sister and I that demons come to earth in human form and live among humans pretending to be human themselves. The Lord revealed to us that these human demons don’t just appear on earth then disappear but rather, they are born and grow up among humans but in reality they are demons in a disguise of human flesh.

Their mission is to influence people into sin, to advance satan’s kingdom on earth. Physically you can even trace their ‘families’; parents, siblings, grandparents etc but in reality it’s just all demons sent by satan to come to earth and pretend to be human in order to do his work on earth. There is no physical way of identifying them, they can only be known by revelation.

Since the Lord first revealed this in 2012, He has been showing both Zipporah and myself more on the subject.

The Lord by His grace has allowed us to see these human demons for who they really are so many times and many have even turned out to be ‘pastors’, ‘prophets’, church leaders, ordinary church members in different churches, etc.

Others are found in different places like schools, public places, residential areas, etc. In short they are everywhere and from all walks of life; rich, poor, young, old etc.

But in reality everything is pretense, they are just demons fulfilling a mission that requires their physical presence here on earth. They advocate for things that are abominable to God through their actions and people blindly follow after them. There have been times when the Lord has taken down the cover of some of the demon incarnates and some have even been ‘people’ who were so called evangelists, musicians both gospel and secular, and just different positions.

Some of the human demons are even on Facebook sent by satan to discourage any Godly messages and plant the spirit of lukewarmness and unbelief in people through their comments.

Some are ‘pastors’ and other positions that people look up to spiritually, their mission is to ensure the people who look up to them are candidates of hell. They make sure the people are kept from believing the truth at any cost.

Satan sends them to churches to behave and dress in sinful ways but be committed at church and pray a lot so the people under them will think its okay to live their lives in the same way not knowing they are following demons.

Sometimes people will be like, I can do this coz my pastor’s wife does the same, or coz my pastor does the same, or coz this sister or brother in Christ does the same.

After the rapture you will be shocked to discover that some of the ‘people’ you were following were actually demons.

They even know how to pretend to be holy if their mission requires that. Stop following people, follow Jesus Christ and you won’t be disappointed. What I have shared here is very real and these demons are everywhere and are countless in number. The Lord has given me and Zipporah the grace to identify them, He takes down their cover and I can tell you they are so many and you can’t suspect them physically.

We are living in the end times. This is the time to look to Jesus Christ and His word, not man.

The Lord showed my sister a vision of the rapture. After the rapture, the demons in human disguise came out in the open, mocking people for following them. It was terrible. Seek God in truth and Spirit.

The devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. He has so many tactics and the Lord wants me to expose this tactic of satan. It’s not that everyone who does what I have written above are demons, but some are.

Genesis 6:1-2

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose” One of the abilities of angels is to change in many forms including human form.”

That’s why the bible says “be careful to entertain strangers for in this way some have entertained angels without knowing” Hebrews 13:2. For them not to know, it means these angels came in human form.

In Genesis, the angels came in human form as well to marry the women. If the women knew that these were not human they wouldn’t have given themselves to them. Angels came to Abraham in human form and he even prepared food for them and they ate. GENESIS 18:1-8. These angels proceeded to sodom and people thought they were 100% human and they even started lusting after them. GENESIS 19:1-5

In Judges 13:3-21, Manoah and his wife were visited by an angel, whom they were calling “a man of God” because he came in form of a human being. It was only in verse 21 that they realised he was an angel “But the angel of the Lord did no more appear to Manoah and to His wife. Then Manoah knew he was an angel of the Lord.” So we have seen from the scriptures that angels have the ability to come in human form.

When the fallen angels were cast out of heaven, their abilities were not taken from them. That’s how come satan can still sing up to now because in heaven he was in charge of music.

So even the ability to come in human flesh was not taken from them and they have manipulated it for evil just like they have manipulated everything else. These demons are born and grow and live among humans but if the mission simply requires them just appearing and disappearing after, they do so. Many of them are at top positions of things like acting, music, world leaders etc. They are in positions of influence. But they are also in very low positions in society such as very poor, or just middle class etc. They have been put at all levels of society.

Zipporah had an encounter with one who looked like a very poor person and he began saying in the spirit, “I don’t care where I am, even if I have to live in a rural area as long as I can fulfil my mission.” I have had encounters where the Lord revealed some to me who in the physical were children but in reality they are just demons. They marry humans to fulfil their missions sometimes. They marry Christians, Pastors, and even non believers.

In short they are just like normal humans. When the Lord started revealing this to Zipporah and I, He wanted to prove it to us by having an encounter with them.

We were coming from evangelism and we’re going home when we saw a man coming behind us. The Lord revealed to me that it was actually a demon pretending to be human. He told my sister the same thing and He told us that it would even come and try to harass us. We were singing “in Christ Alone” and we’re walking home. The demon incarnate came up to us and was very upset that we were singing for the Lord and tried to harass us just like the Lord said. But the Lord didn’t allow it to touch us; He just wanted us to see how real this is.

We ignored it and kept talking about Jesus. Then as we went on we saw 2 teenage boys. They looked every bit human but we saw beyond their disguise and saw that they were demons! As we approached, they began running away, standing at a distance to see if we were catching up with them and then continue running till they diverted to another road. They knew the same had exposed them.

As we went on we saw so many along the way and we walked behind one in particular. He looked around 22, and looked like a normal human being. But when we looked at him the Lord showed us it was actually a demon!

My sister and I began talking about how the rapture is going to happen very soon and how demons will soon be cast into the lake of fire. We began talking about how terrible the lake of fire is and about how terrible it is to face God’s wrath and how demons will soon face that.

He literally covered his ears with his hands and ran away. Then the Lord told us not to take it physical, because it’s a spiritual battle. That we shouldn’t engage in physical confrontations with demons. We have encountered so many even after this. So what the Lord told us is very real. Do not follow people, you will be disappointed. Follow only God.

Pray before getting married and make the bible your standard. These demons are demons 100%. They are the same demons torturing people in hell, only that they come to earth in a human body to fulfill a mission of taking more people to hell. Again I say you can’t tell the difference using the physical eye, only by revelation.

Source: Glofire TV


Spiritual Terrorism

By Tony Esezobor



To the memory of my late father, Pius O. Esezobor whose hard work and love for me helped in moulding my early life.


God Almighty our heavenly Father. He inspired this work.

My wife Zilaifa Esezobor, for her continued encouragement. She is my first reader.

Our children also.

Mr. Kunle Aluko was a blessing to this work.

The venue of the meeting is located at the bottom of the ocean. It is nearly three thousand miles below sea, right beneath an impassable angle. Shooting out from the water in pyramid formations are massively positioned rocks, which appear organised to form dreadful alleys. Standing at one end of one of the alleys and looking through this corridor of darkness, you could have a faint view of illumination at the opposite end. It isn’t so bright because of the constant haze, which is characteristic of this environment. Uninhabited by man or animal, fishes are as though removed from water on approaching this Triangle. The location is Wimunda Triangle.

Underneath this scenery is a mighty city and a gigantic citadel stands proudly at the centre of this city of activities. Spirits are busy, visiting human agents are busy too. Businesses are transacted as anywhere else in the human world. Right in the middle of the city and deliberately located beneath the Wimunda Triangle is the Citadel of Iniquity, and there is an imposing edifice built up to represent this Citadel. Inside the building, in a conference room, are five demons. It is not the usual conference setting. It is very close to a natural gallery.

Satan has just walked in amidst pin-drop silence. He is strangely disposed today, as always. He comes in with an air around him. You may understand it to be pride. He carries on as if he controls the world and you’d think he created it. He is of a stern disposition. He is neatly dressed and could pass for a model. A typical gentleman, he is a serious business executive in a blue-black blazer, finely lapelled and centered with gold studs large enough to represent buttons.

Except for the sound coming from his shoes, the air around this finely dressed gentleman is romantic but intimidating. In his hand is a flat portable briefcase, which turns out to be a laptop as he places it on a stool by his throne. On this computer is connected a satellite internet facility which allows him a view of the universe at a glance, and at the touch of a button. A technology he improved upon since taking the Messiah to the pinnacle of the temple in that epic temptation, twenty centuries ago.
Seated to his left and right before him, are the highest officers of his kingdom. They are Controlling Spirits and Spiritual Powers in charge of high places. These Spirits are given power to control man’s imaginations, thoughts and actions. They are five in number, excluding Satan himself, whose inclusion makes them six, one of the numbers of Satan.

The scene opens at a Council of Satan Meeting (CSM). Principalities and Powers are in attendance. Demons and other lesser spirits are not allowed within earshot. Outside the meeting room, there are fierce looking guards with no intention to yield ground.
Their form and shape portray very handsomely built beings. With appearances resembling well-proportioned giant athletes, they appear perfect in design. They are of light coloration, bronze and somewhat like beautiful polished brass. Their uniform is similar to what you’d think the Roman soldiers in the olden days wore. Their helmet, is a coloured metal. A plate-like object extending down from the head-piece between the eyes serve as their nose cover. On the back of their helmets are shield-like ledges extending at an angle from ear lobe to ear lobe around the back of the neck. This shield serves as neck cover and protector, while it allows for maximum movement of the head.

At the top of their helmets are ridge-rows of coarse hair-like material. There is a chest cover on the upper portion of their bodies that is held in place by straps which loop over their shoulders, crossing down behind them and passing under their arms, and well reattached to their chest cover near the waist. Except for the crossing straps, their backs remain bare.

The garment on the lower portion of their bodies resembles a skirt of pleated metal-like material with one pleat being dull in colour and the other bright. Their skirts end at the knee. Around their waist is a wide belt. On each side of their belts are hosters containing some sort of objects. Their boots are constructed of the same material as the rest of the uniform, only that they are tougher. The front of their legs are covered from the knee down with the back of their legs opened except for straps that wind around and connects the back to the front of their boots. The boots totally enclose their feet. Their arms are completely bare.

Inside the Citadel, the principal demons who are Council Members give reports of their various departments and jurisdictions about this global arena. It’s 2.00am on Saturday morning.

Council Members:

Satan: King of the Kingdom of Darkness

Abaddon: High officer of the Kingdom in charge of war and conflict.

Affliction: High Officer of the Kingdom in control of untimely human death.

Temptation: Human Affairs Officer of the Kingdom

Wickedness: Head of Elementary Spirits, Witches and Wizards, Water Spirits and all petty Spirits.

Hell Warder: Warder-General in charge of hell.


Satan: Reports have reached me that there is drought in the kingdom. Demons are hungry. Do you want them to eat my fingers?
Abaddon: Your highness. It’s blood money that has lost its value. The blood of the guilty is not as valuable as the blood of the innocent. Your highness, you know yourself how difficult it is to spill innocent blood. We gain more casualties than we gain blood.
Satan: I don’t care. Even if you lose fifty legions, spill more innocent blood and get more unsaved souls. I don’t have to tell you what to do. If you have casualties and you lose men, recruit water agents and witches to donate members of their unsuspecting families for blood money. There has to be food in my kingdom.
Abaddon: We beg your pardon your highness.

Satan: Beg yourselves. You’re weak and senseless. You lack initiative and you infuriate me with your sluggishness. With all the resources available to you, you can’t maintain constant supply of human parts and products. What have you been doing with the enforcement you requested and got approval for?
Abaddon: I’ve been working closely with Mass Destruction and he is designing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). He has so far developed atomic bombs, nuclear weapons and lethal gas. He is only waiting to spread the technology across the globe, so everyone will have access before action. Your highness, you know we’ve only applied two of them in Miroshima and Mirak. You alone can give us the power and order to use them. We can’t stand those God’s angels who are watching to ensure they remain unused.

Satan: You talk nonsense too often. Just listen to yourself (Satan mimicking), “We can’t stand those God’s angels.” Just go ahead and use them. Don’t give silly and useless excuses. Let me know your global situation report.
Abaddon: I’ve been working with Pride, Lust and Violence to spread wars in most of Acrifa, Satmerica and particularly, in the Centreast. Injustice and Poverty have been doing a great work in Acrifa to ensure that their leaders remain insensitive to their subjects’ well being, thereby provoking confrontations.

Satan: What about Notmerica and Euron? You haven’t done anything serious since 1945. The succeeding cold conflict between Notmerica and Masia was a good strategy but died a sudden death. You wasted my time with what you claimed would end the world and humanity.
Abaddon: Your highness, you too know that the more developed continents are better influenced into wars by Pride and Greed. I’ve been working lately with these Spirits using commerce to cause conflict. Mirak is a good bait. And of course, if there isn’t peace in Centreast, there can’t be peace in Notmerica and Euron.

Satan: There you go again with your strategy of rubbish. You’re applying old known tricks again. What came out of Miganistan? How about Nebanon and Zietnam? You waste my time and resources and yet you claim wisdom.
Abaddon: Much of our focus has shifted to Acrifa and Centreast since the end of the cold conflict between Northmerica and Masia. Your highness can attest to the fact that there have been wars, human casualties, rapes, child abuse, confusion and killings in those places more than anywhere else on earth.

Satan: So, how do you intend to consolidate?
Abaddon: We’re trying to consolidate in Westacrifa and Centacrifa. We’re hoping to make it spread. Although, we are having slight resistance from those Christians, we reckon they won’t be able to withstand us for much longer. We are consolidating by causing them distraction through their immediate and extended families. We are also distracting them with worldly cares and concerns. As for Centreast, we’ve completely consolidated. Intolerance, Unforgiveness and Violence have done their jobs well and have infact built their Headquarters at Centreast, so that extreme terrorism is fast becoming commonplace.

Satan: You haven’t pleased me yet. You haven’t realised that it is the head that controls the body. If the head leads the body to drown, the body will swell.
Abaddon: I don’t pretend not to understand you your highness. I get your meaning. We’ve made sure that Acrifa as a whole is governed by bad leaders. We’ve not only given them bad leaders, we blind the leaders to the pains of the people and we make them live in false worlds by building beautiful mansions and fortresses and by ensuring that they surround themselves with sycophants. Their policies have remained largely antipeople.

Satan: Have you noticed that a few Acrifan leaders are spearheading peace moves? You ought to have nailed them since.
Abaddon: Yes, your highness. We’re working to cause dissatisfaction and tribal conflicts within their territories. Once we cause division, there is bound to be conflict and the leaders will have no choice but to mind their internal problems.
Satan: But the leaders appear undaunted.
Abaddon: I know Nairarise is one of them. The Christians in that region are very stubborn. Their leader is an acclaimed born again. This hasn’t made things easy at all. As for the Christians, they are praying more for their leaders who have consequently evolved less self-centered sub regional policies in order to help their sub-regions out of conflict.

Satan: Have you considered exploring religion as a Weapon of Internal Distraction (WID)?
Abaddon: Things have been quiet for now. You can’t apply religion too often. If you do, security within religious enclaves will never relax and we’ll lose that strategy forever. But we are making sure the leaders of religion-sensitive areas make promises they don’t keep. Promises of normalcy and peace. Once security is relaxed and we see it so, we strike. It’s easy to do. We strike a little match in form of a rumour and a thousand people die in one fell swoop.
Satan: I’m not satisfied with armed robbery, violence, assassinations and murder situations generally. Cause those stupid people to go, steal, destroy and kill. I’m with them always.
Abaddon: We must weaken the police to do that. Besides, we’re trying to infiltrate the police with more bad eggs in order to create the necessary openings. We’re also redoubling efforts to maintain the chain of hired assassinations. The new approach is to enlist known ex-armed robbers in the Police Force.
Satan: You know that Acrifa is endowed with human and mineral resources. The magnitude is not known anywhere else in the world. Ensure there is uneven distribution of the resources. Incite division amongst them so they don’t get together in unity and rise up to eradicate poverty.
Abaddon: Intolerance and Illiteracy have relocated to regions where you have mineral resources. I suggest that Wickedness should reposition most of her spirits to major cities and state capitals, while I leave the more violent Spirits to invade the hinterlands and coastlines.
Satan: What have you done so far with the local chiefs?
Abaddon: They’ve been taken care of by Greed, Self-centeredness and Love of Money. These three demons need no re-enforcement; they’re maintaining their hold on the traditional rulers. We’re making sure the rulers lose control of their youths and by extension their communities.

Satan: There’s been relative calm in most capital cities of Acrifa. Move Contention and his spirits to distabilise the countries. You haven’t done much in this area. You remember there isn’t much time left. This generation must be wasted.
Abaddon: We’re really wasting lives. There’s an average of one hundred and seventy-five million pregnancies annually, and globally. Of the one hundred and seventy-five million, we achieve fifteen percent infant mortality rate. We are increasing the figure to twenty five percent in six months. Also, there are currently seventy-five million abortions yearly on the earth. We’re looking to increase it to hundred million by the end of the year. Abortion was one of the spirits you approved for my team at the last meeting. He’ll assist in this challenge. Immorality has Fornication and Adultery working in his team and they are a deadly trio. Presently, they ensure that zero point five billion illicit relationships get consummated every Saturday night across the earth. The result of which is at least ninety million conceptions, resulting in seventy-five million abortions.

Satan: How many medical prisoners do we have working to perpetrate this?
Abaddon: We have one point two million doctor agents working unwittingly with us to perform abortions worldwide. This is our easiest source of innocent blood supply, but it is limited.

Satan: Yes, we have limited supply, so you know it? We can’t depend on just seventy-five million abortions to maintain more than one-third of what used to be God’s angels. You’ve failed in sin and iniquity engineering. You must increase promiscuity. Enter the hearts of young men and women, do something promising. Get Immorality to work round the clock and round the globe with Fornication and Adultery. Make sure they overrun everywhere there is human life.
Abaddon: We’re looking into schools and universities to draw more blood and to capture unsaved souls through two major means, namely,
(i) Abortion
(ii) Cultism, gangsterism and ritual killings. Some of the students we can’t influence into immorality, we allow Pride and Rage to work closely with, and to ensure they are influenced into cultism . Unforgiveness and Vengeance are having a party on the students. Just that there are only a few organized cults within the universities. We’ve introduced cultism into secondary schools also. The problem we’re having yet is that the angels of God, namely Morality and Godly fear, are stationed in most secondary schools. When the students dismiss school, we enjoy little respite but it doesn’t last too long as the Angels end up waiting for them at home. They have a way of helping parents to instill godly fear in their children. There’s hope though. With Modernity and his cohorts, we can move ahead. I’ve briefed Laisser-Faire not to only focus his attention on the more developed world and on political matters, but to also move Parental-Compromise and Post-Modernism into homes in the less developed continents, thereby weakening matrimonial control over children.

Juvenile Delinquency is experimenting quite a number of things with the children. For instance, he has done a lot to see that vices perpetrated by adults are achieved with children. To make this possible, we’ve been working together to design ways of accomplishing our aim through television and games. This is a very effective medium. Laziness and Carelessness have taken care of most parents. They don’t understand that their children know deeper things than they know. You can’t also imagine what success we’ve had so far with the internet technology. Pornography has captured most children; they’re under our control and have learnt from the internet, as much as their parents may never know until they die. There isn’t any practical way of rescuing these children; they’re our captives. Parents have failed. But we shan’t relent. To measure the success of Affliction as it concerns sickness for instance, you only need to look at the population of patients in hospitals worldwide. In much the same way your highness, to measure our success in child crime and child moral breakdown; just look at how many juvenile prisons there are worldwide and check out their population. Also take a look at street violence and the number of kids involved. As for cultists, they’ve been given more reasons to kill their rivals. Only, I must admit, there aren’t as many cults on the earth. We’re hoping to spread and increase cults that promote direct Satan worship within the universities. When this is done, we’ll ensure that a number of students and lecturers are sacrificed as worship to your highness every quarter. The aim is to serialize and maintain killings at least four seasons in a year. And if we can get the cults to spread to all the universities, whoa! Then we’ll have quarterly feasts.

Satan: Give me a paper on this initiative and send it to me by evil-mail. You appear to be innovative but you annoy me with poor executions.
Abaddon: Your highness, you should personally commend our colleagues working in the clinics and hospitals, who are assisting us to achieve our goals. We’ve encouraged more of the human agents working with us to study medicine and nursing. A good number have done so and are either working for clinics, hospitals or maternities or have established theirs and contributing their own quota to the Central Blood Bank (CBB). They’ve demanded that we introduce the incentive of promoting them in rank within the Kingdom as a spur to increasing their quota. Some would like to be financially wealthy. Yet others want us to afflict their enemies, so that they’d be sent to colleagues’ clinics and hospitals that would give them access to inject them to death.


Satan: Affliction, you’ve been waiting for me to afflict you with my wrath. You’re my most sluggish officer in this Kingdom. Look how long it takes a man or woman to die of AIDS. Have you noticed that some people who got infected with HIV as teenagers are forty or fifty years old now? Just take a look

(Satan strikes his keyboard and promptly turns the laptop around for all to see.)

Affliction: Your highness, look what I’ve discovered about that. I heard two angels of God discussing the other day. One of them was Divine Health, and the other was Longsuffering; they were with Mercy and Grace on that evening. You remember Grace? The angel who worked with Jesus during His earthly ministry?

Satan: (Interjects). Stop giving me headache. Cease indulging in foolish history. Just give me the information.
Affliction: I am sorry my lord. Their discussion bordered on how God has preserved people with HIV, so they can repent before they pass away. They said God has also preserved them for His glory and that if they could exercise faith in Him, they could be healed. Beyond this, they said God would never allow any sickness that would be above their strength to overcome them even though they don’t survive them most times.

Satan: Who is in control here? (Satan is furious and raging. The other council members take a bow). God or myself? Do you want me to chain you up forever? Why do you seek to intimidate me? You are a bloody traitor.
Affliction: Not so my lord. My laboratory is working on releasing nothing less than eight to ten incurable diseases each year.

Satan: That’s still too small.
Affliction: We actually release more than that number annually. The Westernside have a way of finding solutions to most of them. Their preventive measures could be as high as ninety percent effective; so that we’re left with only a few major incurable ailments at the end of each year.

Satan: You can deceive humanity, not me.

Affliction: Not so my lord. AIDS is one of them. Others are Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Parkinson Disease, Heart Failure, SARS etc.
Satan: That’s been long ago.
Affliction: Yes, but, I introduced SARS and AIDS. Man can only manage them. They can’t cure them.
Satan: You need to be wise. Consult with Temptation. Let him work with you. Liaise with him to make men break God’s word and sin. This would create the necessary opening for greater affliction. It will even make the existing diseases more powerful. Learn the secret – sin makes sickness powerful, plenty of sins make sicknesses complicated and death to easily occur.

Affliction: We’ve achieved one success though. All of the newly introduced incurable diseases are now being released with contagious elements. Unlike cancer, diabetes, and most other incurable diseases, when you contract the newly released ones, you become a victim. As I mentioned earlier, SARS and AIDS have contagious elements.
I’m not trying to apportion blames, rather, I’m only highlighting our obstacles. More drugs are being manufactured to deal with diseases. I must report here that Christians are praying more and many of them have now started chewing Divine Health Tablets. One scripture reading a day keeps them healthy for at least one day. It’s also called Children’s Bread. This bread is baked in the word of God. God’s people have learnt to eat it very often.

Satan: Stupid fellow. If a wall cannot allow you passage, why not jump over it? Leave those Christians for sometime. Sooner or later they’ll forget themselves. Focus on and afflict the unbelieving.

Affliction: Many of the unbelievers are yet ignorant. But a few have learnt to eat from the crumbs that fall from God’s Children’s tables.

Satan: I see. You appear to need the services of Unbelief. You see, you need to take from men that which they hold fast to in order to break their guard. Those who hold fast to what they believe must be attacked by Unbelief. If it doesn’t work get False Doctrine to try aerial attacks. I’ll order Leviathan to release Unbelief and False Doctrine to you immediately after this meeting. You must commence work a.s.a.p. When men live long, they have more time to repent and rescue their souls from hell. I won’t condone it.

Affliction: Your highness, we haven’t relaxed at all. Look at world mortality rate. It has increased considerably and Acrifa is at an all-time high. It’s still relatively lower in the Westernside but we’ll introduce and increase incurable but only manageable diseases to the Westernside first, before it spreads to the Thirdside.

Satan: Make me happy some more.
Affliction: We’ve adopted a method. We wish to carry out rapid and intense attacks on family heads. We believe that when you strike a shepherd, his sheep will scatter. We’ve had some success in Acrifa. Fathers, and in a few cases mothers, don’t live up to age fifty before we afflict and knock them. This enables us to break up families and raise wayward children, who in turn fill the labour market, thereby increasing societal crime. A good setting for Abaddon you might say.

Satan: You appear to have concerned yourself with sicknesses only.
Affliction: Not so my lord. We’ve afflicted Acrifa and have overrun it entirely, irrevocably and hopelessly with poverty.
Satan: You boasted in a similar fashion during the regressive and depressive wars we fought over the Westernside. That project died prematurely. Look around today. Do they appear like they once suffered depression and recession?

Affliction: My lord. The magnitude of poverty we’ve unleashed on Acrifa is unprecedented. Greed and Selfishness have sent me some spirits to assist. We’ve ensured that their Poverty Alleviation Programmes are run by men and women that are controlled by Corruption, Greed and other spirits. LEPAD and ARB are make-belief Acrifa’s developmental initiatives. It’s to distract from more redemptive initiatives.
Poverty has positioned spirits in villages, towns and cities. Many of his men are in people’s homes. I can say for sure that eighty percent of homes in Acrifa are afflicted by Poverty. He’s not just residing in their homes and with the families; these spirits are transferred from generation to generation.
Greed and Selfishness are doing marvelously. They’ve performed creditably by ensuring that when God’s angels namely, Wealth and Health minister to humanity, Greed and Selfishness quickly intercept those benefits. Then, they put them in a few greedy and selfish heads to ensure that such blessings don’t spread.

Satan: Ummh! (He listens with more interest).

Affliction: I forgot to mention that Fake Drug is having a tough time presently. After doing so very well over the decades, he’s experiencing a hard time now. May be more strategically committed brainstorming will help him. Whatever, he has to be assisted. He’s worked so well to ensure that the afflicted remain helpless. I’ve suggested that he be more tactical by luring highly placed personalities into fake drugging. This will infiltrate and weaken the authorities. Although, right now, Fake Drug is very sick. He was severely wounded in the last battle over the coast of Acrifa; let’s hope he recovers quickly. Meanwhile, I’ve told Hard Drug to mind the duties left by Fake Drug, as well as his.

Satan: How about Hard Drug himself?
Affliction:: Hard Drug is losing steam in Acrifa and Centreast. He’s becoming less and less fashionable in these areas. Hard Drug finds Satmerica, Notmerica, and Euron better atmosphere to operate. Acrifa and Centreast are difficult terrains. Moral observance in Acrifa and Centreast is still very religious and medieval.
The new approach is this; Poverty is to withdraw his spirits from Satacrifa. This will boost Satacrifa’s economy, thereby allowing Economic Refugees from other parts of Acrifa to invade the country. While there, they’ll learn to use hard drugs by learning from the slaves of Drug Addiction and his legion. After some time, the Economic Refugees will return to their various countries and spread the vice.

Satan: Brilliant! Brilliant!! But don’t lose focus of sicknesses. And ensure you give equal attention to drug addiction, since it’s a good avenue for physical afflictions and moral and mental imbalances.

Affliction:: We are also trying to re-enact the feat we achieved not too long ago with Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Malaria, Dysentery, Tetanus and so forth. The difference is that instead of using micro-organisms as parasites or germs only in the spiritual realm, we are also using Demons and real Spirits to afflict people. They have instructions to afflict humanity with Cancer, Stroke, Ulcer, Diabetes, Parkinson and so forth, at will. These Parasidemons can’t be viewed through microscopes and no medicine can ever cure the ailments they represent, unless they exercise faith in God.

Satan: I see.

Affliction: Evil customs have become veritable tools in our hands against Acrifa. I mean female genital mutilation. This is a good and free source of human blood acquisition. Although the quantity is very little, it nonetheless is appreciable, given the fact that it is unsolicited. Custom and Tradition and their Spirits are losing ground to God’s angels, namely, Modernity and Civilisation. Evil Custom and Tradition have formed an alliance with Religion in order to deal with God’s angels of Modernity and Civilisation. If they can work together, it will be very difficult for humanity to be free from their bondage.
Ignorance has combined well with Custom and Tradition to make genital mutilation appear a decent and reasonable observance. Although, its practice has dwindled considerably, it still thrives at the grassroots and in some major Acrifan towns and cities.

Satan: You need to also broaden your focus on those Christians. When afflicting them, ensure that you afflict every area of their lives. Afflict their families, finances, faith and whatever else you can lay a hold on.

Affliction:: Barrenness is doing a good work. I have told him to station at least one spirit against every newlywed couple. The job is to ensure that newlyweds have problems with child bearing. When they fail to achieve this, they ought to ensure that those who eventually conceive are attacked throughout conception. So that out of every ten pregnancies, one or two children are killed at birth.

Satan: Prayerlessness should work closely with you.

Affliction: Thank you for getting the point. I mean, I bring many afflictions upon the righteous. But their Lord has been delivering them from all of them because of their prayers. It’s really important that I work with Prayerlessness. It’s also necessary to allow Prayerlessness to work with Abaddon. Because naturally, during conflicts and wars, men and women are given to prayers.
I believe I need Prayerlessness and Faithlessness in my patrol team. They’re to lead twenty four hours surveillance from pole to pole, over and across the equator, to and from the ends of the earth, wherever human life exist.
I hope I won’t be asking for too much if I request that Discouragement and Bitterness work with me also? Our duties are complementary. Sometime ago, when you and I went to the Distant East to afflict Job, you remember we left Discouragement and Regrets behind to work on Job’s philosophy. And we made them hide themselves inside Job’s friends. As for Bitterness, he made himself comfortable inside of Job’s wife.

Satan: This has been my concern really. I wanted to mention the need to work more with Discouragement, Bitterness and Impatience. God’s angels, namely, Long-Suffering and Endurance have overfed those Believers with the Fruits of the Spirit. If we don’t work well against their emotions, then we can’t get them to sin on impulse. You have my permission though. Your mission is important to my projects. Only make sure you guide against idleness.

Affliction: You wait and see. I’ll manifest as a great fight of affliction. I’ll move as a mighty burning furnace against those Believers. I’ll cripple their faith as I tried against Shadrach, and his brothers. Every time they listen to God’s word, I’ll plant thorns that will choke the word of God they hear, so that it doesn’t even germinate, let alone flourish. I’ll invade Christian homes with persecution, poverty and sickness, so that they will appear like cords around the homes, – binding cords of afflictions. I’ll tie persecution to poverty. I’ll tie bad luck to persecution and frustration to bad luck. I’ll tie discouragement to frustration and backsliding will do well to stick with discouragement in the lives of the Christians. So that as they are solving one problem, they are having another to deal with.

Satan: Do you remember what you did to the Hebrew children when they were in Egypt? What you haven’t mentioned yet is how you intend to make the Spirit of Burden to finish them off.
Afflictions: Yes, I remember the Hebrew children under Pharaoh in Egypt. I made them carry family burdens they couldn’t stand. While under burden, they were told to look for straws themselves and were expected to finish their normal daily jobs. As if that wasn’t enough, I made sure every male child was slaughtered. I made them build Rameses and then isolated them in Goshen. I made whips which I put in the hands of soldiers who flogged and rubbed in their afflictions. My lord, I’ll make them believe it is God that is afflicting them. I’ll make them regret the day they were born. They’ll think that affliction springs forth from the dust or that trouble springs up from the ground. That is, they’d think them natural, thereby making me untouchable and unnoticeable.
I’ve made a list of Christians who haven’t been visited by Evilday. Evilday has a computerised database on them already. Some Christians have redeemed the time set for their visitation by praying, thereby neutralising the evil cloud that Evilday placed over their homes. Evilday will repeat his visits. He’ll never give up. I have detailed Lightaffliction also to try and make incursions where us the tougher ones have failed for the moment.

Satan: You must strike their shepherds and pastors also.

Affliction: Don’t be bothered my lord. You see, the pastors are easier to deal with. They encourage others. But no one encourages them. Self-Righteousness is doing a marvelous job on them. They don’t voice their problems so that their followers don’t think of them as weak. You know they aren’t supposed to have problems; they are supposed to be above all problems.
We’ve already projected sicknesses against some of them. If they suffer personal problems they can’t solve, they aren’t likely to have enough faith and boldness to deal with the problems of their followers.

Satan: Oh wait a minute. What is that I hear? (Satan taps his laptop control button and observes in silence and with interest).
(There is the noise of commotion elsewhere. Satan must excuse himself from the Council Meeting. Others stare but must all wait; he zooms off towards the direction of the noise. He notices two angels of God contending with two demons over a soul. Satan joins in the altercation. Swords are drawn; the air is stiff and tense as lesser Spirits escape for dear live. The venue is at the entrance of a dark tunnel leading into hell).

Evil Escorts

Evil Escorts: Master, this soul is ours. He died a sinner even though he was a Christian. His sin was lustful thoughts. He loved lustful imaginations while on earth and he nurtured it.
Satan: Since this is so, why are you being challenged as if we stole the soul? Isn’t he rightfully ours? (Satan addresses God’s angels). Look here, you Intruders go and tell your God that this soul belongs to me and I worked hard for him. Go and work for yours.

Lost Soul: Don’t touch me like that. I’m a Christian. You can’t take me to hell. I don’t belong there.
Evil Escorts: When you get to hell, you won’t have the temerity to talk like you do now. (They address each other). Let’s take him in chains. Put a shackle on his legs.
Satan: Throw him into the fire.

Intruders: Stop! Don’t throw him in. You will pay dearly. You know better than to incur God’s wrath.
Satan: (Satan interjects). But the man was living with lust in his heart. Although, he was not committing the sin physically, he always imagined it.
Intruders: You’re right. God is not a man that He should lie.
Satan: If you know so, why then do you stop me from claiming my soul?

Intruders: He won’t go to hell.
Satan: This is unjust. I can as well walk into Heaven myself. Sin is sin. A sinner is a sinner.

Intruders: Neither will he come to Heaven.

Satan: You must be confused, both of you, and your God.
Intruders: Look down.
Satan: (Looks in the pointed direction). So?

Intruders: His wife is a woman of faith. She has prayed over her husband’s corpse for about eight hours now.
Satan: (He laughs in an ugly manner). When did lengthy prayers begin to raise the dead?

Intruders: God responds to the faith of importunate seekers.

Satan: I don’t get your meaning. (Turns to his Evil Escorts). Move this fellow immediately.

Intruders: (They quote a scripture). It is written. Satan believes in God and he trembles.

(Satan escapes by vanishing. He leaves a trail of smoke behind).

Intruders: (They break the chains off the man). Go and tell what great love you’ve experienced.

(The Intruders release him from the Evil Escorts. The Escorts are chained and taken captive.)

THIRD REPORT: Temptation

(Satan re-appears at the Council Meeting, he tries to look unruffled, but he is betrayed by his fury).

Satan: You see what I have just experienced out there? If Temptation doesn’t do his job well, all other Spirits won’t succeed at theirs. An average Christian is scared of Temptation and Temptation doesn’t even know it. The more righteous and serious a Christian is, the more he or she is to be tempted and tried. Temptation, you must draw close to those who draw near to God. I personally tempted Christ because He was so loved by God.

Temptation: I have six hundred Chief Spirits working in my team. I’ll dwell more on the activities of the Spirits that make up my inner circle. They’re the three Spirits in charge of Money, Women and Pride. I contend against the Word of God by myself. You know how sharp the Word of God can be. All my six hundred Chiefs have permanent scars, owing to the sharpness and cutting edge of the Word of God. Those Christians do not realise that the Word that appears to them so soothing; which they consider good news, is not only actual sword in the spirit realm against us, but also bad news. When they begin to quote it to our hearing, they remind us of our hopeless state and pending doom. They can be so tormenting my lord. Beyond being sharp as a sword, the Word of God is very quick. As soon as it touches the ground and before you know it, it has germinated. Once it drops on a man’s soul, it takes root and grows so fast. You’d need to spend sleepless nights unearthing the effect of the Word. I’ve stepped up efforts at dealing with the Christians who act promptly as soon as God speaks. It can be difficult to catch up with them the way they go. But it is a different thing with those who do not act promptly when God speaks to them. Once there is a delay, we try to make them disbelieve or forget what they heard.

Satan: I feel like throwing you into the furnace of fire before your time. You idiot. Why do you whine over your state? No wonder you have achieved so little over the centuries. If you could handle Christ properly immediately after His forty days fast, I needn’t have been involved. You failed to fell him; that’s why I came in. You were the one who made me fail because you put the wrong foot first. That’s why we’re having problems now. Tell me of your success and take care of your failures yourself. I want results and not your tales of woe.

Temptation: What I’ve tried to do is to see where the Word of God is active and powerful. It can be a very daunting move. But once I can identify the Word’s thriving areas, I move in to quell its effects. I have to work round the clock. Once the sower gets about sowing the good seed, I just watch him waste his time and as soon as he leaves, I move in to uproot his seed and replace it with mine. I use two methods. The first and most frequently used is internal temptation and the other is external temptation. A lot of times though, I employ both methods because they complement each other. Your worship, you remember that I advised you that we should try and tempt Christ using the internal temptation method, but you preferred the external method. You said that the internal style failed on Him from the time He started being accountable for His deeds up until then. I’ve since learnt that it is more effective to tempt people internally. The major advantage of this is that most times they don’t know they’re being tempted, so they play along.
This is the reason we’ve had great success with a number of atheist, those who don’t believe that either God or Satan exist.
Satan: You can’t be exonerated. Didn’t I use external temptation on the first woman Eve? I appeared in a bodily shape to her and spoke to her. Didn’t it pay off? I don’t have time for this whispering tempting method you call internal temptation. However, I demand results, whatever the method. How could you expect me to perform your duties? What excuses do you now give? Wasn’t Christ tempted in all things and in all manner using the internal method after the first one failed?

Temptation: The internal method has enabled us to chain men and women who don’t know or care about the Word of God. They don’t realise that the Word of God is a light that exposes our wiles, tricks, and schemings. Take a look at the Angel of God in charge of blessings. He has a burden of blessings meant for Christians who endure temptations but has not been able to unload the blessings. Many Christians cannot endure temptation. Once I put a little pressure they give up. When Christ came out victorious after we tempted Him, angels came to minister God’s blessings to Him.

That same Angels are laden with Crowns of Life, which God promised those who’ll overcome trials. The reason this is so your worship, is because we’ve had good success and we’ve performed our duties well. The Christians of today cannot even stand fiery trials, the like of which Shadrach and his Hebrew brothers withstood. It is effective enough to try them with Money. Many Christians will throw away their cloak of Christianity once you entice them with little money. As you well know, we have two categories of humans we tempt. They’re the Christians and the Unbelievers. Both categories are tempted generally and randomly. For the Christians, I’ve seen and considered it very effective to attach or assign spirits to each of them. There’s no Christian that isn’t being monitored or watched. These types of Spirits are known as Stumbling Blocks and Besetting Spirits. If you want to trap Christians, you must ensure you watch them carefully and once they are off-guard, you roll a stumbling block in their path.
Their duty is to cause the believers to stumble and to sin. They’ve been asked to manifest in various ways by capitalising on their weaknesses. Once a Christian has anger for instance as their weakness, a Stumbling Block and Besetting Spirit are detailed to ensure that he or she stumbles, falls and dies nurturing anger. I’m sure you remember what we did to Moses.

For some Christians it may be adultery or fornication. For others it may even be unforgiveness or the lack of faith in God.

Satan: Let me see the register of all the barren women in the world. (He receives it from Wickedness). There’s this particular woman that has been barren for twenty one years. Why is she still going on strong? She has prayed more than before in the last three months. To worsen my concern, six Angels from God have visited her twice within the three months. You’re the head of all Elementary Spirits. Ensure you monitor her and let me have a report. If she conceives, her testimony will shake the foundation of this Kingdom because of how celebrated her barrenness has been. You know she is very famous. Liaise with Prayerlessness, Affliction and Doubt to bring her down. You failed with Mummy Sarah, Father Abraham’s wife. Even though you did your best to push her into menopause. It was really the Spirit of Death that failed to perform his duties. He should have killed her before she was seventy years. And Father Abraham before he was eighty five years old. But he failed.

Affliction: (Affliction interjects). I saw two angels from God, Fruitfulness was one of them, the one who was in charge of the Garden of Eden before the fall of man, although the fall was really man’s emancipation. I saw him with Prosperity entering the Church of Redemptive Prayers (CRP) in Acrifa.

Satan: Which parish. Be specific. You know those Pests proliferate fast.

Affliction: Yes, Fruitfulness and Prosperity entered the parish at Marine Close. My worry is, I hope they haven’t come to visit and to bless any of the fifty of the eighty two families attending that branch?

Temptation: I’ve stricken them with Poverty who is stationed right on their businesses to drive away prospective customers. It is also stationed at their homes to prevent those Angels from intrusion. I observed all these as I was inspecting my regiment last week. Wickedness must investigate and gather intelligence on this Church of Redemptive Prayers.

(Satan turns to wickedness)

Satan: Let’s hear from wickedness now.


Wickedness: (Wickedness observes, as he begins his report). I can almost tell you here and now that those families will never be free from Poverty. I have locked their future and thrown the key away deep in the bottom of the Red Sea.

Satan: You fool. You sure haven’t heard about Holy Ghost Fire. You’d turn up here sooner than later with a roasted face. Idiot. I’ve told you to be pro-active.

Wickedness: You’re right my king, I’ll hold meetings with the spirits that have controlled those families for over two thousand years now and we shall look for ways to prevent Fruitfulness and Prosperity from delivering the blessings they brought from God.

Satan: What’s happening in the Blood Market (BM)?

Wickedness: A lot is happening now my king. Witches and Wizards are the leading duo at the floor of the Blood Exchange. They supply more of the most sought after blood groups. Most other blood groups are less sought after. The blood of armed robbers for instance, has flooded the Blood Market because no one is buying it. It is said that it has the propensity to make the recipients users weak in their spirit bodies. My Witches and Wizards are indomitable spirits and you know that they’re domesticated, although we have quite a lot of them working also on the highways. They’ve vowed to deal with those careless humans who drive through their covens. Some of them actually have their covens right on the highways. Such highways record higher accident rate weekly. The domestic witches and wizards have their activities as old as the time of the fall of man. They’ve mastered their skills well. As I said, they’ve taken over homes in the villages, towns and cities. Annually, we intend to recruit and initiate witch-children numbering one point five million on earth. This is an increase of twenty percent over what it used to be. It’s easier to deal with child witches than with adult witches. They don’t question authority. Sentimental and family attachments are not in their reckoning, because they are infants and are ignorant of the consequences of their actions. Even if they are told to bring their parents to be slaughtered and eaten, they’d probably ask whether you also require their brothers and sisters also.

Satan: Initiating them can be a very difficult task.

Wickedness: Once again, you’re correct my king. One easy way we do it however is to give the children cookies and sweets. They don’t usually refuse once they are alone and separate from their parents. This is the old method really, but it still works. The second method, which is just as old but more effective, is to do it when they are under conception. Careless and ignorant pregnant women have fallen victims to this trap.

The third method produces little result but is equally effective. Some of our members who are nannies and babysitters are helping to initiate babies. Parents come to drop babies with them from morning till late afternoon. Some of the toddlers are already attending our meetings.

They don’t contribute at meetings, but they observe. Many of the toddlers enjoy the company of Mermaid Spirits and as a result, a lot of them grow up enlisting as Marine Agents. By the time these toddlers grow to adulthood, the females amongst them would have had spiritual babies in the water without knowing this physically. As a matter of fact, by the time they become teenagers they’d have had two or three children in the aquatic realm.

Satan: Post-Modernism has been working with Promiscuity and Immorality, what do we have in this regard?

Wickedness: The Queen of the Coast has taken control of all the coastal areas on earth. You know that a lot of world capitals are located near the sea, which makes the movement of attractive ladies straight from under water very easy. We are now short of female spirits. We’ve requested for hermaphrodemons and demon amphibians, who can also change into beautiful girls to join us in this assault against men who have little self-control.

Satan: Move them against church leaders. I’ve told you to always aim to strike the shepherds, since doing this would naturally scatter their flock.

Wickedness: There are eight hundred and twenty eight thousand pastors under our control on the earth. The pastors have been involved at one time or the other in illicit relationships. They’ve had sex outside wedlock. Those who haven’t married are keeping secret girlfriends and boyfriends with whom they satisfy their sexual desires. We’ve put them in spiritual chains and they’re our spiritual prisoners. Yes our prisoners!!! We are also trying to set up pastors that are having one form of quarrel or the other with their wives. Spirits are working against them to make them toy with the idea of engagingin extramarital relationships.

Satan: The population of prostitutes is dwindling.

Wickedness: Notmerica, Atly and most of Acrifa are still under our control. Some of their leaders who campaign against prostitution are homosexuals, bisexuals or are patronising the prostitutes themselves. They’re only paying lip service. A lot of their cabinet members also patronise prostitutes under cover of the dark. When some of them travel out of station, they fling caution to the wind and go after professional prostitutes. Some of the eight hundred and twenty eight thousand pastors share the same hotels with the leaders I’m referring to when they travel out of station. Let’s now initiate our new convert as I end my session.

(They move into the initiation room. Satan and Wickedness discuss in whispers and the new Initiate looks on. Satan addresses the Initiate).

Satan: In this initiation you must shed blood, to do so, let me demonstrate what I mean to you and how to crush your victims.

(Satan waves his cloak around in his front, a basin of water and a mirror appear. He looks into the water, it doesn’t reflect his image. He then beckons on the Initiate to also come and look into the basin).

Initiate: I can see myself in there.

Satan:: Not only yourself. You can see whomever you wish to kill. Anyone you don’t like, you can see and eliminate.

Initiate: You mean I can kill just anybody.

Satan: Well, yes. Those Christians may prove a little difficult. But kill them if you can.

Initiate: I have a lot as enemies.

Satan: You have to be careful when you deal with them.

Initiate: Thanks for your care and concern.

Satan:: Not that I care. I don’t really; I’m only concerned about what trouble you might bring on this Kingdom.

Initiate: I see.

Satan: You have more to see. Now, call up any one you hate and wish dead.

Initiate: (In thoughts). This is an opportunity to destroy one of my neighbours. Her prayers have caused me nightmares.

Satan: We’re waiting.

Initiate: (Suddenly recovers herself). Oh let me call up Mrs. Nephi.

Satan: (As she does). Be ready to stab her as soon as her image appears on the water. Once you stab the reflection in the water, she will die physically wherever she is on earth. (Turns to an aid). Give her a dagger.

(The Initiate begins to yell)

Initiate: Mrs. Nephi! Mrs. Nephi!! Mrs. Nephi!!!

(Suddenly there is earthquake, thunder, fire and smoke occurring in quick succession. The basin is consumed. The place is engulfed by fire and confusion sets in. Satan makes a quick dash to safety. Other observers for dear live. The Initiate is dumbfounded. She doesn’t know whether to join her masters in their flight for cover or stay back and face this strange fire. While she remains undecided, she is hit and felled by a thunderbolt. It has been two days (by human calculation), since this incident. Satan is yet to return from his flight. He eventually does and comes in, talking tough).

Satan: Let this be the last time you’ll act foolishly. You’re hereby sentenced to seclusion. And you’ll have to starve for thirty three days starting from tomorrow. In addition, you’d be required to submit one of your offspring as sacrifice to atone for your foolish act.

Initiate: I beg for your pardon and for mercy your highness.
Satan: Mercy isn’t a word in the spirit realms. It’s an Angel’s. And that Angel doesn’t belong here. He’s of another Realm – heaven. You must serve your punishment. Stand aside and be ready to call up another enemy you wish dead.
Initiate: (The Initiate calls up a church goer. The victim doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, although, she is a regular church goer. She yells again)

Chechen! Chechen!! Chechen!!!

She appears in the water and the glass at once.

Satan: Strike the glass now!!

Initiate: She strikes.

Satan: Well done.

(Elsewhere, Chechen is taken ill. Her temperature rises and is promptly administered first aid. But she doesn’t respond. Chechen passes away. Her silver cord is broken. She dies).

(Back in the coven, the water basin turns to blood. A communion holds. Chechen’s blood is served. The blood of a victim must be used for this initiation; this time around it is the blood of Chechen. Only God knows whose turn it will be next time and it is inevitable).

(Satan addresses Hell Warder).

Satan: Tell me what’s been happening in hell?

(This warder is tall and has on a dark green military uniform and a black beret on his head).


(Satan addresses hell Warder)

Satan: Tell me what’s been happening in hell?

(This warder is tall and has on a dark green military uniform and a black beret on his head).

Hell Warder: You promised that you’d help me to mend and restore the broken wings and bones of many of my most efficient demons. Many of them had their wings broken when they were resisted and tried to flee from Christians. Others had their wings clipped when the Sword of the Spirit was used against them. Yet others were bound and cast out by the Christians and as they fell, they landed on their backs, breaking their wings. Those that were bound were tied with strings so firmly that the strings broke their skins and cracked their bones beyond remedy. Today, many of them can’t fly any longer and they find it difficult to get to their duty posts. Some crippled demons have been left redundant. We’re still looking forward to your fulfilling this promise sir.
Satan: Physician, heal thyself.

Hell Warder: I don’t get your meaning.
Satan: You heard me. Move on to something else.
Hell Warder: I see. The Civil Engineering Department has a heavy task on its hands. Hell is now very congested. We’re trying to expand the place. There are over a hundred prisoners in each of the cells originally designed to take six prisoners.

Satan: When did you turn a humanist? Let those fellows cramp together and don’t moan over their comfort.

Hell Warder: Not so my commander. It is required that we expand, so that our work as warders will be easier. When we bring out prisoners for torment and torture, it’s sometimes difficult to reach many of them when it is their turn to be drilled. Beyond this, humanity has responded favourably to our temptations. They conduct themselves quite sinfully and when they die, you know that they must come here. How are we to welcome and receive them? They certainly can’t stand on top of one another. And because human needs have become insatiable, we’ve had to enlarge Hell several times since Greed would certainly bring them here anyway. Also, because they’ll do anything for the love of money, women and pride.
We are also looking to construct another bridge between Hell and what used to be Paradise. Since we took over Paradise from the time the patriarchs Abraham, David and the rest of them left with Christ. Passage to that section of Hell has been difficult for demons, especially the wounded ones who no longer can use their wings.

Satan: I have reports that the demons that have been cast out of the earth and from within men, women, animals and trees have also contributed to the congestion in Hell.

Hell Warder: That’s not untrue. Most of them are wounded and can’t be sent back to earth for combat immediately.

Satan: Replace them quickly. Release the same number of casualties we have back to earth. If you don’t replace them and Christians continue to bind and cast out demons, in a month’s time, we’d be short of combatants and then revival will take place. People will be liberated, socio-political problems will reduce, and peace will reign. Do something immediately!!!
Let the wounded demons look for men and women to possess. If they can’t achieve that, let them squat with the demons who have possessed people already and hang out with them, while looking out for other opportunities.

Hell Warder: What do we do about the wounded soldiers? Where do we keep them in the meantime? That is, until they can get men and women to possess

Satan: Threaten them!! I say Threaten them!!! Tell them if they don’t recover quickly, they’d be sent back to the hottest part of the earth’s wars. The forefront of the battle, where there are Christian crusades, camp meetings, revivals and conventions.
So much light is permeating hell through the earth’s crust. Inform the engineers of this observation. Absolute darkness must be maintained. Those prisoners didn’t do anything with the lights they had while alive and on earth. They don’t need any lights here in Hell.

Hell Warder: You are correct. The earth-cracks occur when a Christian dies and is buried in the earth. I really wonder why this allowed millions of people to escape, including King David. And those Christians can now talk to me anyhow, particularly the baby Christians amongst them. Christ disgraced me in front of my subjects; I will make his creatures hurt Him in return. I declare total war on humanity. The rage is on. Vengeance must be accomplished.
This happens, but it’s my observation that whenever a true Christian dies and the body is committed to earth, we usually know. I think it’s a kind of protest. It’s similar to the earth’s reaction when Jesus died on that day on the cross.

Satan: Are you saying that there isn’t solution to this problem? Are you such a defeatist?

Hell Warder: There’s no solution my commander.

Satan: I am worried about the number of people who now believe that there is Hell. If you can keep them ignorant, then it won’t be necessary for them to live their lives in such manner as to keep from coming to Hell.

Hell Warder: Oops! Well, recent statistics show that the number of men and women who believe that Hell exist has reduced by one hundred and twelve percent. We’re increasing the number of cults, churches, sects, societies and clubs that encourage the idea of the non-existence of Hell. They’ll believe there’s Hell only when they get here. Also, concerning Evil Escorts, we need more hands in the Department. As I earlier observed, the daily influx of humanity to Hell has increased owing to the improved activities of our colleagues. We’d need more Evil Escorts to force show-men and women the way into Hell.

Satan: I’m on a vindictive mission. You must increase the punishment on our Hell inmates. Vengeance, because I earned the authority and position I have over the earth. I struggled and paid heavily for it. My investments so far have not been worthwhile because of the foolishness of my Generals with respect to the death of Christ. If you people weren’t dumb you wouldn’t have crucified Him. That was the beginning of our woes. He died and came here and we had a party thinking that we had captured Him, only for you all to allow them to over- power you, and then, you

Hell Warder: Since Christ came here to take the keys of Hell and Death away, security situation has been very loose, so that anyone of God’s Angels can just come in here to punish errant demons.
Furthermore, the quantity of fuel required to keep the fires of Hell burning has to be increased. Human flesh performs better as fuel. Once dehydrated, they burn longer. We also need more worms to help us torture inmates. There aren’t enough demons available to torment them, increasing the worms will help tremendously. We want to ensure that there is no respite for the prisoners. This is your desire my Commander.

Satan: I’ll do just that. I’ve told you to increase the torment on those who were once preachers and backslided, those who preached against me and cast out my demons. Double the worms.

Hell Warder: The sections reserved for backslidden Christians are the hottest parts in Hell. This can be verified from the wailing and noise of despair coming from the tormented in that part of Hell.

Satan: Before we bring this meeting to a close, last week I directed you to release six hundred and sixty-six new demon spirits from Hell to earth weekly. You were required to induct them. Are you ready to present them now?

Hell Warder: Yes my Commander. They now await your order to bring them in here for commissioning.

(At the wave of his left hand, Satan collapses the walls surrounding the meeting room. The new walls reveal two doors just ahead and behind have been de-spirited in a matter of minutes as Satan continues to address them).

(Satan’s seat. The door ahead is massive. It slides to the left and to the right like the doors of an elevator. The door ahead has since opened and has revealed six hundred and sixty-six combatants. They do not have the looks you would expect; they are slim, attractive ladies and gentlemen. The clothes they have on are lovely and very expensive. The ladies appear like princesses and their male counterparts appear like princes. They’re of perfect demeanour and look too decent to associate with Satan).

(Satan’s appearance has since changed. No one noticed how or when it occurred, or when and how he turned his back on the six hundred and sixty-six selected combatants. Not even his Council Members know. Now dressed in a long robe and a dark cape to match, he emits an intense evil aura. The combatants take a bow. They cannot see the face of Satan. It is privilege enough to come into his presence. They chant, “Hail Satan, hail the boss”. Satan raises his hand to command a hush).

Satan: (After a long delicate silence, Satan speaks). I hate God. I hate all He stands for. I’m hungry for souls; we all are starving and thirsty for blood. You are my special strike force. You’ve been trained to upset God by overcoming His children. You are my sons and daughters. (Satan laughs wickedly and continues). Now, to remind you of my capabilities, I’m going to demonstrate what will happen to all of you if you do not obey me explicitly.

(Satan waves his arms ahead of him and the floor on which the combatants stand opens apart and they dropped into a hot pond of acid. The combatants’ flesh fall off. Satan’s laughter rends the air. He waves again and the acidic liquid instantly drains away. Large serpents emerge and swallow the helpless combatants one by one. They’re quickly vomited and left in very frail and unattractive looks).

These Spirits listen and obey me. We have one enemy we must all defeat, God with His Children. The best way to fight Him is to fight His children, by making them sin against Him. I did this to the generation that Moses brought out of Egypt. I frustrated God and He succeeded in taking only two people to the Promised Land. You are not allowed to be defeated. If you are defeated, I will make what you’ve just experienced perpetual. I am sending you on a suicide mission. Don’t surrender, if you do, don’t retreat or I’ll get you, deal with you and finish you off.

(Satan raises his hands again and draws a square in the air. Immediately, a massive movie screen unveils and on the screen is displayed pictures of common everyday places on earth. Satan points to the movie screen).

Go to these places, live and act like normal people. Deceive men and women and turn as many as you possibly can away from God. Invent sins and make men and women to commit them. Enter these nightclubs, stores, motels, hotels, bakeries, shops, banks, circuses, wedding ceremonies, churches, stadiums, disco clubs, restaurants, villages, cities, markets, shops, homes, government houses, highways, rivers and everywhere, unto the uttermost parts of the earth and do havoc upon humanity. You have no restrictions. Enter Heaven if you can, and fight!
I have given you all the power you need. You can change to a woman or a man. You can even change to an animal. You have the power to change to a plant or to disappear. You can look extremely beautiful or, if the occasion warrants, very old. You have no excuses whatsoever.

Above all, I want you to plunge humanity into a World War, through terrorism. Don’t just concentrate on spiritual terror. Make terror on humans a common occurrence. Increase death figures resulting from terrorism to tens and hundreds of people daily and ensure that your activities make newspaper headlines and breaking news on TV. Lure nations into wars by making them react against terrorists. This should eventually lead to a World War.

Do everything to discourage dialogue between governments and rebels, especially in the Third World countries; also between people of different religions. I make people’s nightmares realities. I don’t read news, I make news. I make tomorrow’s news today. I allow the very things that nations fear to come upon them. You must all emulate me. Now Depart!!!.

(Instantly, the ceiling above them slides open like a spread sheet. The combatants fly out swiftly unto the earth. Satan roars like a lion).

I am hurt. I am enraged. I must avenge and defeat God. He planned a coup against me. See my strike force, they will do my will, they won’t dare disobey me.

(The screen reveals the combatants as they are seen carrying out their commission. Satan laughs on. There is an earthquake, as he disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving his officers to bow in fear while the earth sleeps on, quite oblivious of this ageless brigandage).


Mary Baxter’s “Divine Revelation of Hell” and Howard O. Pittman’s “Demons -An Eyewitness Account” were helpful to this work.


If you have been touched by this text and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ today, please make a decision now by saying this prayer below and note the date thereafter.
Lord Jesus, I come to You today as a sinner who needs help as I cannot help myself. Forgive me all my sins and wash me with Your blood which You shed for me. Come into my heart and reign.



By Babatunmishe Oke

Scripture: Romans 8:31-38

This sermon is for those who have deep rooted problems with no solution in sight. It takes you to the roots and tentacles of your birth and cleanses spiritually with dramatic results.

Please feel free to post your thoughts or experiences on this discussion blog.

Tonight we deal with another very important area of deliverance again. The bondages that can take place on a child due to the support paraphernalia they were born with. There are three areas of the support system that keeps a baby while its developing in its mother’s womb. All three of them are subject to evil manipulations of the Enemy.

A sister who is a medical doctor, went childless and unmarried for 50 years before it was discovered that her placenta had never been buried, but had been hung in the attic of their house on the instructions of a witch-doctor in her village.

A nurse was accosted by security guards as she was taking out of the hospital a large bag full of placentas and umbilical cords. On interrogation, she confessed that she takes them to her coven where they use it to initiate the children who own it into witchcraft. The ones whose spiritual make up is aggressive because of their praying parents, they throw into the river so that the children will be connected to evil marine manifestations.

What is the placenta and what does it do?

The placenta has been described as a pancake-shaped organ that attaches to the inside of the uterus and is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord. The placenta produces pregnancy-related hormones, and is responsible for working as a trading post between the mother’s and the baby’s blood supply. Small blood vessels carrying the fetal blood run through the placenta, which is full of maternal blood. Nutrients and oxygen from the mother’s blood are transferred to the fetal blood, while waste products are transferred from the fetal blood to the maternal blood, without the two blood supplies mixing.

The placenta is expelled from the uterus in a process called the after-birth.

What is the umbilical cord and what does it do?

The umbilical cord is the life-line that attaches the placenta to the fetus. The umbilical cord is made up of three blood vessels: two smaller arteries which carry blood to the placenta and a larger vein which returns blood to the fetus. It can grow to be 60 cm long, allowing the baby enough cord to safely move around without causing damage to the cord or the placenta.

After the baby is born, the cord is cut the remaining section will heal and form the baby’s belly button.

What is the amniotic sac and what does it do?

The amniotic sac is filled with the amniotic fluid. This sac is your baby’s home, gymnasium, and protection from outside knocks, bumps, and other external pressures. The amniotic sac allows the fetus ample room to swim and move around which helps build muscle tone. To keep the baby cozy, the amniotic sac and fluid maintain a slightly higher temperature than the mother’s body, usually 99.7 F.

At week 10, there is around 30 ml of fluid present. The amniotic fluid will reach it’s peak around weeks 34-36 at about 1 liter. When your water breaks, it is this sac that ruptures and this fluid that leaves the body. Your baby’s life is still being supported by the umbilical cord, and you should be meeting your baby soon!

Are the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic sac different when dealing with multiple births?

Identical twins often share the same placenta, usually have separate amniotic sacs, and always have their own umbilical cords. Non identical twins have separate placentas, amniotic sacs, and umbilical cords. We can see then how important these support items to the baby and the mother. They are so close to the baby that they are like the baby in spiritual importance.

Things can happen in the womb before birth In Genesis 25: 21-24 we see what happened to one who was to become a usurper 21 Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant. 22 The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, “Why is this happening to me?” So she went to inquire of the LORD.

23 The LORD said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”

24 When the time came for her to give birth, there were twin boys in her womb. 25 The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau. 26 After this, his brother came out, with his hand grasping Esau’s heel; so he was named Jacob.

Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 (New International Version) says 6 Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, and the wheel broken at the well, 7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

The umbilical cord is like the silver cord that links the child to life. It is very important and is the link to ALL things spiritual ad physical in the life of the baby to be born.

Curses and shock or trauma on the mother can transfer evil spiritual activators or open doors to demonic influences in unborn children through these support paraphernalia.

Things also happen after the baby is born from the mother. Most people are so carried away with the birth of the new born that they do not bother about what happens to the afterbirth. Christians need to be alert. According to 1 Peter 5:8 (New King James Version) 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Most times, the devil waits for these support systems to be delivered out of the mother and while the mother is in her weak state (the time of birth and labor is usually a mother’s weakest spiritual state), and other family members are carried away with the joy of the addition, his agents collects and then go and use them for evil activities calculated to disrupt the life, glory, stars and destiny of the unsuspecting child.

There are different ways to know when your placenta, umbilical cord or amniotic fluid have been tampered with for negative results;

  • When it is like the heavens are completely blocked and there is no way out at all.
  • When you keep on living a life that is identical to that which your mother lived and only the negative aspects of her life manifest in yours.
  • If anything you want to do or carry out with your spouse is always known to your mother when you didn’t tell her.
  • When you can easily discern soul ties to your mother such that when it is time to marry, you cannot separate yourself from her apron strings either you are male or female
  • When you must still borrow money from your mother before you can do the most basic things
  • When you are experiencing a continuous barrage of issues and problems and it looks like it will never end.
  • When you just cannot make any headway in life, keeping running around in a vicious cycle.
  • When your mother gave birth to you easily, but you are having problems doing the same.
  • When it is obvious that someone else is using your glory to prosper while you are living like a pauper.
  • When it looks like you are tied to a post like a goat and you have limitations (can’t go beyond a certain level)
  • When you display an inordinate attraction for the opposite sex constantly, but not for normal relationships but for immoral or ungodly ties.

Romans 8:31-38
31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? 33 Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. 34 Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? 36 As it is written:

“ For Your sake we are killed all day long;
We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”[c]

37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
We will now pray some prays to receive deliverance from these bondages. May God show mercy to us all in Jesus name. Amen.

We will be praying all these prayers while laying our hands on our belly-buttons.

  1. Thank God for His ability to set you free from any type of bondage from your mother’s womb.
  2. Every placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage witchcraft targeted against my destiny, what are you waiting for, die, in Jesus name.
  3. Every link my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac has with evil shrines and altars break in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every evil pot or cauldron of Satan that is afflicting my testimony, break, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every chain of darkness or evil silver cord around my waist, break, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac witchcraft manipulating my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Every satanic strong room, release my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Every satanic transfer into my destiny through placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage, I cut you off, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Blood of Jesus, recover my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage from anywhere it has been hung or any river where it has been thrown, in the name of Jesus.
  10. I come against every spirit of early menopause caused by placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage in Jesus name.
  11. Every placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage attachment to my place of birth or my family house, what are you waiting for, die, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Thou power of God, deliver me from placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage, in the name of Jesus.
  13. On the day my children will give birth, O Lord position angelic doctors, nurses and assistants there in Jesus name.
  14. Every power using my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac against me, what are you waiting for, die, in the name of Jesus.
  15. Every covenant between any tree and my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage, break, in the name of Jesus.
  16. Every blessing that I have earlier lost through placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage and witchcraft, I possess you, in the name of Jesus.
  17. Every cage I have put I have locked up in of placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage and manipulation, break, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every evil done with my amniotic fluid, break down and fail now in Jesus name.
  19. I loose myself from any inherited placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac bondage and embargoes in the name of Jesus.
  20. Holy Ghost rewind my life back to where they tampered with my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac and correct any evil done to them in Jesus name.
  21. Evil priests and priestesses in charge of manipulating my placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic sac, what are you waiting for, summersault and die in Jesus name.
  22. O Lord, let your axe be laid to the root of my life in my mother’s womb, everything you did not plant there uproot and destroy it in Jesus name.
  23. I release myself from the grip of any problem transferred into my life from the womb in Jesus name.
  24. I break and loose myself from every inherited evil placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac bondage covenant in the name of Jesus.
  25. I break and loose myself from every inherited evil curse in the name of Jesus.
  26. I command all foundational strongmen attached to my life to be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.
  27. Every eater of flesh and drinker of blood, vomit my placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac, in the name of Jesus.
  28. Let the roots of family witchcraft be uprooted from the foundation of my life in the name of Jesus.




What is a cage?

According to the Webster’s dictionary, a cage is an enclosure. In most cases, it looks like a box made with metal wire or net. Cages are specifically made for the purpose of trapping and confining birds and animals.

Cages come in different sizes. The size is of the animal you want to trap or confine determines the size of the cage. The cage you put hummingbird in is going to be smaller than the cage you put an eagle in. A rat’s cage will be obviously smaller than a bear’s.

Factors determining the size and consistency of physical cages apply for spiritual cages. Spiritual cages are spiritual devices that are used to trap and hold people in confinement. These cages come with spiritual wires, nets and iron bars.

Human beings as well as the things that belong to them are kept in these unseen cages. That means a person’s finances can be caged. So can one’s general progress, health, marriage and academic career.

In Jeremiah 5:25-26, we read a very troubling message from the Lord: “For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.”

Among people who were supposed to be Israelites, God found those that he described as wicked men. What did they do? The verse says “they lay wait as he that setteth snares, they set a trap,” but this time they didn’t catch birds or rats. They caught men.

Life in the cage. What sort of things does a person that is spiritually caged up experience? To understand this better, let’s go from the known to the unknown. What does a bird in a cage experience? What they experience in the physical is what a caged up person experiences in the spiritual.

1. They can move but only within a certain radius.

The person that is in a spiritual cage has the ability to move but only within a certain radius. They make progress but with serious limitations. Have you ever seen an animal in a cage? It moves, doesn’t it? How far does it go? It can only go within the realms its captor has set for it.

The purpose of demonic cages is to say, “you can go this far but no farther.” That is why you see some men and women, no matter how hard they try, they can only achieve up to a point. All efforts after that point end in frustration.

I know of a man who went to medical school and graduated as a medical doctor. Unfortunately his medical certificate was caged. He could not pass his board examination. Each time he sat for it, he failed by one point. He had to abandon the medical field to set up a cleaning business.

If you’ve ever been to the zoo you will notice that caged animals have the freedom to move around only within the confinement of the cage. They desire to be like other animals roaming around in the wild but they cannot because of the “gates of brass and bars of iron” that surround them.

When you see a person making little progress in life, it may very well be due to the presence of a spiritual cage.

This evil can affect a business. When a business is caged, it will only make limited progress. It may be a ministry. The ministry is making progress but alas! It is a very limited prepress. It may affect a person in his academics. He is making progress, but it is little progress. It may be a person on his job. Everybody else is being promoted and given a salary increase, but his own will never be commensurate with his qualifications. Why? There may be a spiritual cage over his life.

What the enemy does to a caged individual is to draw a spiritual circle around him. He is only allowed to operate within that circle. Every blessing outside that circle is kept out of his reach.

PRAYER POINT: Every demonic invisible line that has been drawn around my life; be erased by the blood of Jesus.

PRAYER POINT: Every demonic restriction placed upon my life; receive the fire of God.

2. They see freedom but never experience it.

There is a second problem with spiritual cages. Animals inside them can see through them because they are not totally covered up. They see other animals roaming free but can never be like them. If they are birds, they are healthy enough to fly like other birds but cannot. If they are animals, they are healthy enough to run like other animals, but the cage will not allow them.

The same holds true for those who are spiritually caged. They see freedom but never taste it. They see other people doing what they could do, having what they could, going where they could go but some invisible power restrains them from breaking free to be like others. Their daily cry is; “if I can just break through these barriers, I can have freedom to move on in life.” Unfortunately all they do is see it but they can’t have it. They desire it but can’t possess it. Such people are the most frustrated on the face of the earth. They carry their frustration to their job, to their church, business and homes. They snap at everybody, they get angry with everybody because they are frustrated.

I took my children to the zoo several years ago. We went around the zoo until finally we got to the lion’s cage. The lion paced back and forth within the confines of the cage. It moved, but only within the radius his captors allowed him. It stared angrily at all the people outside its cage. Suddenly, he jumped up and charged towards where the people were hitting the walls of the cage where I was standing. I felt sorry for the poor animal. I told my children, “Not only is this animal angry, it’s hungry, too. Let’s go home.”

As we left the zoo I began to meditate about how spiritually caged people behave. If care is not taken, they become mean spirited, short tempered and walking time bombs. It is a tough thing to see freedom and not be able to experience it. Unfortunately that is the lot of those whose lives have been caged by the enemy. They have what it takes to fly but their wings have been clipped. They have what it takes to run but their legs have been amputated. They have what it takes to walk but they can only crawl. Their ability to fly, to run and to walk has been taken away from them by the power of the cage.

When a man’s life is caged, he will have a Ph.D. but will only be offered the job of someone that has an Associate’s degree. A man that has a B.S. will be offered the job of a high school diploma holder. Why? Because his B.S degree might have been caged. He has a legitimate degree in his hand but he can’t use it.

Degrees get caged, ideas get caged, intellect gets caged, and things that can help better your lot in life can be caged.

I heard the story of a dear Christian sister that perfectly illustrates my point. This lady is a very intelligent woman. She holds a Ph.D. degree. Not only was she endowed with a high level of intelligence, she was also a very beautiful woman. From the top of her head to the soles of her feet, she had no blemish whatsoever.

What was mysterious about her though, was that no man wanted her as wife. She had what most men are looking for in a woman, yet no one was interested in her. So, she began to ask God why her situation was such. She discussed her plight with her pastor who told her that he believed her ability to get married must have been caged by agents of the powers of darkness.

Dear reader, if in the natural, things are not working out well for you when they ordinarily should, then there is a spiritual problem somewhere. You might have been caged. If you should be doing well in school but you are not, if you should be doing well in business but you are not, if nothing is medically wrong with you, yet you cannot get pregnant, it is very possible that you are bumping against “gates of brass and bars of iron.” In other words, you might be operating inside a cage.

If your situation is as described, you need to set time apart for serious fasting and praying to find out from God the cause of your problem.

That was exactly what the Christian sister did. She went to God with fasting and prayers to find out the what, where, who and when of the cage.

She prayed, “Oh God, I am a beautiful girl, men should be lining up in front of me; why don’t I see anybody? Oh God, you have given me a good educational qualification, which should be a plus; on top of it all, I am your child and you have promised to give me whatever my heart desires. I have long desired to get married but no one is forthcoming. O Lord, show me what is going on, in Jesus name.”

Suddenly, God showed her the vision of a bottle. The more she prayed, the more the vision persisted. She began to wonder; “What does a bottle have to do with me not being married?” She went to her pastor and narrated the vision to him. Being an experienced deliverance minister, the pastor was able to easily make a connection between the bottle and her marriage. He told her; “Your marriage has been caged and a bottle was used as part of the ceremony to cage you. Go to your father and ask him if he knows anything about it.”

In obedience, she went to her dad saying; “Dad, I have been praying for some time now to get married but each time I pray, I see a bottle. Do you have any idea what that might signify?”
On hearing that, the father put his hands on his head and said, “Oh my! The bottle, yes, the bottle.” She asked, “What do you mean by that, dad?”

The father then said, “When you were born, you turned out to be the most beautiful girl that anybody in our family has ever seen. Your grandfather was concerned that with your kind of beauty, boys will not let you get out of elementary school before they impregnate you and ruin your academic career. So he suggested that we cage that area of your life. To do that, we put some charms together and demonically caged your ability to get married into a bottle. The bottle was kept under your grandfather’s bed and has been there for over thirty years now. The bottle was kept upside down and unless it is reversed, you will never be able to get anyone to marry you. Our plan was to reverse it after your Ph.D. But we completely forgot about it.”

Prayer point: Every area of my life that has been turned upside down, be turned right side up in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point: Every demonic container housing my destiny, collide with the rock of ages in Jesus Name.

The lady went to her grandfather’s room where she found the bottle as her father said. She brought it to her pastor and after sessions of praying and fasting, it was broken and the contents were set on fire. By that simple spiritual exercise, the gates of brass were broken and the bars of iron were melted by the fire of God.

I am happy to let you know that the Christian sister is happily married now. Are there unanswered questions in your life? Are you asking, “why?” and cannot find an acceptable answer? Are you unable to have what you ordinarily should have? Are you unable to do what others like you are able to do? There may be a cage somewhere in your life that must be opened before you can have your desired victory.

3. They cannot effectively respond to whatever is done against them.

You can throw a stone at a bear in a cage and it will just look at you. As strong as a lion is, if a stone is thrown at it, it cannot fight back. Even if the animal wants to fight back, it is restricted from doing something. The bars of iron make him helpless.

There is a feeling of utter helplessness when a person is in a cage. Folks will do things to you that they ordinarily should not and you cannot defend yourself. People will take advantage of you, infringe on your fundamental human rights and you cannot do anything. Life in the cage is one of utter helplessness.

I have written extensively about the activities of spirit husbands and spirit wives in my book; A Woman’s Worst Nightmare. I highly recommend this book to those who have sexual encounters in their dreams.

There was a woman who was once caged by her spirit husband. She was not allowed to marry because of this demonic manipulation. She tried and tried to no avail. Finally she got engaged to a man who she finally hoped to marry. Suddenly, she developed a male organ beside her female organ.

She became helpless and embarrassed. In desperation she went to see a doctor who told her that the only way out was surgery. On the day of the surgery, she got into the operating room only to find out that the male organ she came to surgically remove had disappeared. The surgery was cancelled, but on her way back home, the male organ reappeared again.

What can you do in a situation like that? In her helplessness she ran to the Lord for deliverance and she was wonderfully delivered.

It is therefore true that those who are in cages are too helpless to effectively respond to things done against them.

4. They depend on others for sustenance.

Animals in the cage do not know what it means to be independent. They depend on people for their daily needs. A little peanut here for the captured squirrel; a little banana there for the captured monkey, a little carrot here for the caged rabbit. That is how life in the cage is. You have to depend on others for sustenance. Whatever is thrown at you, you have to take it. Like they say in Africa, “A beggar has no choice.”

Let me illustrate the point this way. Somebody comes from Africa or the Islands to the United States. He applies for the green card that will enable him stay in the States legally. He is qualified for the adjustment of status. Under normal circumstances, within one hundred and twenty days he should hear something from government authorities.

If his green card is caged by the enemy, what others get easily becomes an uphill battle for him. Mysteriously, his application gets lost in the mail; hence there is no official record of his application. While he is waiting to hear from the authorities, he gets out of status, so becomes an illegal alien.

Instead of voluntarily returning to his country of origin he decides to stay in the States. Since he needs to eat, drink and clothe himself, he goes to look for a job. He finds it difficult to get a job because every employer is asking for a work permit. Finally he finds an employer who asks him “Where is your work permit?” He replies, “I have none.” The employer then offers to pay him a dollar an hour instead of the minimum wage. He is asks, “Will you take the job?” He replies, “A beggar has no choice, after all, half bread is better than none. I gladly will take the job.” So the employer illegally offers him the job, paying him next to nothing.

That is how life in a cage is. You are hindered from having what you ought to have. You depend on others for sustenance. You are taken advantage of but can do nothing about it.

The guy in my illustration may be working in a gas station or a restaurant. His equals will be bringing their Porches and Lexus and Mercedes Benz to the gas station. He will be filling it up with gas for them. Unfortunately he cannot hide from them because he is the only attendant on duty. He pumps the gas for his old schoolmates and they give him tips of one or two dollars and he says, “Thank you, sir.”

Spiritual cages will make you settle for half bread when you are actually destined to own a bakery. These cages will make you say “sir” to one who is supposed to be your equal.

When a man is caged he depends on others for food, he depends on friends for shelter sleeping on the couch in his friend’s living room. A caged life will always make you dependent instead of being independent.

I pray that God will do a new thing in your life that will lead to total independence for you, in Jesus name.

5. Even when occupants of cages move, they move with the cage still around them.

The bad thing about cages also is that unless the door of the cage is opened, movement only takes place if the cage is moved about. In other words, wherever you move, the cage is moved with you; so you are confined to that cage. Let’s say an animal is to be moved from town A to town B. It is not moved independent of the cage. Either it is moved in the same cage or it is transferred to another cage and then moved.

I have seen people move from one city to another looking for a better life. Unfortunately, the cage that blocked them in the former city moves with them to the new city too. Since the cage was not opened where they moved from, they will experience the same problems in this city like they experienced in the previous. I have seen this same problem affect people moving from one country to another, from one job to another and from one marriage to another.

6. After you’ve been in a cage for a long time, you get used to life in it.

That is the truth. After some time, you adapt to life in the cage.

Prayer Point: Every life that I have adjusted myself to, that is not of God, I reject it in the name of Jesus.

Many who are poor have adjusted to life of poverty. Many who are sick have adjusted to not being well. After being in a cage for a long time, you get so used to it that even when you are set free, the cage mentality is still in you. Hence, when you are set free, you still live as if you are in the cage.

Many times in Africa, you go to the market to buy a live chicken. Usually the legs of these birds are tied to restrain them. Even when the ropes are removed, some chickens will not move because the ropes have been on them for so long they feel they are still tied.

That’s what I call cage mentality. Some reading this book may be free already but because of their cage mentality, they still walk around as if there are restrains on them.

I once heard about the story of a bear that was kept in a ten-foot cage. The poor animal paced back and forth inside the cage twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week. One day, the authorities decided to release it back into the wild. It was transported by air and then by road to its natural habitat. All the while it was being transferred; it just paced ten feet this way and ten feet that way as usual.

When they got to where it was to be released, they opened the door of the cage hoping the bear will walk out. It did not. It just paced back and forth in the opened cage passing by the opened door several times.

Finally they managed to lure it out. One would have thought the bear would rise up and run into its natural habitat, but it didn’t, it started going ten feet one way and turn around going ten feet the other way. You know why? It still had the cage mentality. Released but bound, set free but still in bondage.

Prayer Point: O Lord, deliver me from every cage mentality in me in Jesus name.

7. It is possible to live and die in a cage.

This is a scary thought, nonetheless one that is absolutely true. Just as countless animals have died in captivity so have numerous human beings died in spiritual cages.

Many tombstones can rightly carry the inscription; “Died in the cage without being allowed to achieve his goals, dreams and aspirations.”

Notice, I said, “without being allowed.” Not that these people did not want to, not that they did not try to but how much can you do when you are caged up?

This article has been extracted from Dr. Itiola’s book: Freedom from Spiritual Cages.(Article Source)