Ret. Colonel Billie  Woodard’s Testimony of Agartha / Hollow Earth – Subterranean World

(Those familiar with the New Age Spirituality a story like this won’t come as a surprise to you)

[“that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;”  —Philipians 2:10

 “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:”  —Exodus 20:4

“And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.” –Revelation 5:3]

Biography Interviewed and Written by Rodney M. Cluff

Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard and twin sister, Zuria were born in our hollow earth, and delivered to outer earth on September 18, 1951.

They were born with exceptional abilities. Billie can remember their parents talking to them as babies. Soon after their birth, their hollow/inner earth parents told them they would not be living with them any longer. They were taken to Wichita Falls, Texas and put in a litter barrel garbage container in a park where a passing park attendant and a police officer heard them crying. They were retrieved and put in an orphanage and about 5 years later were adopted by a US Air Force Colonel Woodard, his wife and two sons. Billie’s adoptive parents were both of American Indian descent, the mother an Apache, and adoptive father, a Cherokee. Billie’s adoptive mother died this year and was cremated in a sacred Apache burial ritual which Billie was able to attend. The adoptive father is still living, but not doing too well in health.

At the age of five, Billie remembers talking to his sister when they were at a restaurant with their adopted parents and a nearby man exclaimed with great surprise to their parents, “Do you know what your children are saying over there, in their communication? Do you know that your children are talking to each other in an extinct language? I am a professor of ancient languages at the University of Texas (at Austin) and your children are speaking to each other in the extinct Lemurian language!” [A purported ancient Lemurian Language spoken by a channeller]

 Among the unusual characteristics Billie and his sister had was that they were born with both male and female organs. They were, in fact, hermaphrodites, but with the years Billie has become more masculine. Today Billie speaks in a deep masculine voice, and has become quite strong. Regrettably, Billie admits that the step father was a pedophile that molested Billie at a very young age on a regular basis, and invited one of the brothers to molest also, until Billie told some of his classmates at school at the age of 10. The step father would put sleeping pills in his wife’s drink at meal time so she would go to sleep while he went up into Billie’s attic room to molest Billie, where Billie was kept locked up most of the time. When the step-father heard that the word had gotten out at school, he immediately stopped molesting Billie and took Billie to the US Air Force base hospital and had Billie’s vagina sealed and the ovaries and uterus removed. With the female organs removed, Billie became only male. The step father then made Billie dress in male clothing. For this molestation, the step-father spent some time in jail and later the Air Force removed Billie from that family and was placed with another Indian family near Apache Junction, Arizona.

Billie’s sister was separated from them at the age of six. It happened when they were both taken to a base where they were given all kinds of tests on their exceptional abilities. At one point, Billie decided no more tests were bearable, and so with just mind control, Billie created havoc with the test readings. Soon after this, Billie’s adoptive father sold Billie’s sister to another Air Force Sergeant for $1 million dollars.

The military told them that the sister later had died in the tests that they had given her, but they later learned that she hadn’t died, but was taken to an underground base for more testing, and soon after was taken to our hollow earth by a hollow earth flying saucer that rescued her from her military captors.

Soon after the adopted father had gotten out of jail, Billie was coming home from a Scout activity with a friend, and as they neared their home in the countryside, Billie wanted to take a short cut through a corn field, but the friend insisted on continuing on the road for fear of walking through the cornstalks. After passing through the corn field, Billie was coming close to home when a man in uniform shouted into his mobile phone, “We have found Billie! Call off the search!”

Billie wondered what was going on. The parents wanted to know where Billie had been for the past six months, and Billie replied, “What do you mean? I just came home from Scouts with my friend.” The friend that lived next door had rushed over at the commotion and remarked, “But that was six months ago!”

So the step-father took Billie in to the military base, and an hypnotic session was run to help recall what had happened in the missing time.

With the help of the hypnotic regression, Billie recalled what had happened that late summer evening when coming home with the friend from the Scout activity. As Billie had walked through the corn field, Billie had noticed a bright star that seemed to get brighter and brighter until a round metallic shape was visible. When it got closer, Billie could see that it was about 150 feet in diameter and looked like a flying saucer space craft. A strange, but soothing, soft angelic music was coming from it and a pleasant voice asked, “Billie, would you like to take a journey with us on our ship?” Billie replied that would be fun, and immediately began floating up in the air towards the ship and was taken aboard.

The flying saucer occupants were very friendly, but very large in stature. There were several crew members, but a man and a woman were attending to Billie. The woman was about 10 feet tall and the man about 13 feet tall. Billie remarked to them that they were very tall and large people. They said that Billie was a very perceptive person and asked how Billie was doing in geography at school. Billie let them know that straight “A’s” were received in school, and even recognized the places they were flying over. As they would fly over each state’s capital on the way north, Billie recognized and named off the different state flags. As they reached Canada, where Billie had been to Calgary at one time during the Calgary Rodeo Stampede with a step-brother, Billie recognized the city.

The flying saucer then flew up over the Arctic and Billie was asked about what was seen and where they were. Billie said there was ice and snow but didn’t know where they were. They told Billie they were flying over northern Canada and soon they were out over the Arctic Ocean covered with ice floes. The craft then flew through a big hole in the Arctic Ocean into the interior of the earth where they could see an interior sun shining and many cities on the interior surface of the planet. There Billie lived with them for six months. While there, Billie met many people that had disappeared from the surface of the earth, such as pilots lost in the Bermuda triangle. He also met Amelia Earhart  a notable inhabitant. Apparently, she’s well and alive down there. All those who dwell in Hollow Earth don’t seem to age. They were now large in stature.

Aviator Amelia Earhart who disappeared after setting off on her ambitious global flight
of 1937. Allegedly alive and well in Hollow Earth

After living in the earth for a time as result of the less gravity there, Billie says this allows people living there to grow larger in stature. There, Billie also met his sister again, who told Billie that in six months time Billie would be sent back to the surface world. After the six months stay in the Hollow Earth, Billie was returned to Texas and was left in the corn field with no recollection of the trip

The Air Force later removed Billie from the Woodard family at age 13 and he was adopted by the Henderson family, but with no change of name, at which time they lived near Apache Junction, Arizona. Henderson worked for the military but was not a military man. At that time, Billie attended the Apache Reservation school by school bus and graduated from High School on the Apache Reservation in their advanced gifted program at an early age.

After Billie graduated from High School, and after waiting a couple of years, the new step father signed an approval for Billie to join the Air Force. So after Basic Training of 8 weeks, and then advanced training for 6 weeks, Billie signed an agreement to be stationed in Hawaii, but instead was taken to the Pentagon and told that the next assignment was a top secret facility in the Nevada desert known as Area 51, and that the current rank of Lieutenant was not sufficient for that assignment and so he was advanced to field commission of Colonel.

On the way to Area 51, they boarded a four engine prop plane at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. It was morning when they boarded the airplane and Billie noticed that all the windows were blackened out so they couldn’t see out. A short time later they landed and got out of the airplane at Area 51. To Billie, it looked like night time. Billie remarked as to why it was so dark and why they could see no stars. Billie was told they were inside a mountain. They boarded a staff car and soon started down a 45 degree angle incline which was somewhat alarming. Soon the car reached another level and Billie was told to get out and go into a building, and take off all clothes. Soon a pink mist filled the room in some kind of decontamination routine.

With a new set of clothes on, they took the vehicle down another steep incline to another level far beneath the previous level and were told to go into another building where a blue mist this time filled the room for another type of decontamination. Billie was given a new uniform that had a triangle logo with the numbers 51 on it. Outside the patch was another circle with the words, “Black Project” and on the bottom of the circle the words, “Top Secret.”

They then got into an elevator and went down to another level. The elevator descended so rapidly that they were almost weightless. It soon slowed down and stopped and when the elevator doors opened, they were looking at a nice little underground town with people walking here and there. It is located on the 10th level. It looked as bright as daylight just like a little town on the surface world, except they couldn’t see very far. There was a sun-like orb in the sky and above that was pitch black. Billie’s living quarters were on this 10th level.

Billie was then taken to an assigned office on the 6th level in Archives and relieved the previous on-duty officer, who remarked that he was happy to be leaving. Billie asked him, “Why?”, but he just shrugged and said that he had had enough. He said, “You’ll find out soon enough why I just want to get out of here and why am glad to be leaving.” Billie sat down at the desk and looked through the files and folders on the desk. The files and folders were classified documentation the military has gathered over the years on Our Hollow Earth. Among the documents, Billie was able to study a 35 page document on Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s journeys to Our Hollow Earth through both the north and south polar openings. Billie distinctly remembers reading the exact coordinates of the north polar opening that leads into Our Hollow Earth. A day later a higher ranking officer came and said, “Your presence is requested on a lower level. You were asked for by name.”

Billie was then taken to still another lower level that opened into a tunnel where a shuttle train waited. The new attendants who greeted Billie were very tall, one was male and the other was female. They seemed to be giants compared to Billie’s own height of 5′ 11″. They were similar to those that had taken Billie on the flying saucer at age 12. They greeted Billie pleasantly in English and invited Billie to step aboard the shuttle train and was asked to strap in. When Billie asked where they would be going, they said, “Telos,” a sacred Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta, California where Billie met their great High Priest leader, Adama and his wife, Raia and was given a tour of their underground city.

Adama – Leader of Telos, City beneath Mount Shasta California

For the next 11 and half years, Billie journeyed three times to our hollow earth in shuttle craft through the underground tunnels, and subsequently also to many other underground cities located in the earth’s crust. Two trips to our hollow earth in the shuttle craft were on official business between our military and the inner earth peoples. The third trip was not on official business, but it was a special trip Billie made to advise the hollow earth peoples that it was futile to try to influence our military to become peaceful. At that time, Billie requested permission to stay in the hollow earth, but they wouldn’t grant permission. They told Billie they had a mission for Billie to carry out on the surface world. That mission is to let outer earth peoples know of the existence of Our Hollow Earth. Also that the hollow earth peoples want to be known, and that they are a peaceful people. The more that outer peoples know about the hollow earth and the peaceful people that live there, then the more successful they hope they will be in being accepted by outer earthlings when the hollow earth peoples do decide to emerge openly to the people of the earth’s outer surface.

Billie says Agharta is a cavern city and that there are two Shambhala’s — one in a cavern city, and another in the hollow interior. Billie’s mission was to interact with the hollow earth peoples and report everything learned to superiors in the Air Force. Billie took many pictures and meticulously documented everything seen and heard, and was debriefed completely after each trip.

From what Billie learned, the hollow earth people had been interested in trying to convince our military to stop their aggressive behavior as well as their atomic testing which was poisoning the atmosphere on and in the earth which could harm people in the interior and on the outer surface of the planet. Finally, Billie convinced the hollow earth people that it was useless to try to get the military and our government to change their aggressive behavior. It was a waste of time he told them. Billie suggested to the hollow earth people that they begin interfacing and contacting the civilian population of the outer earth instead, if they wanted to see a true change on the earth.

Billie’s contacts agreed and said they would start making more civilian contact in the future. They have since told Billie that after the present North Polar Inner Earth expedition, that outer earth peoples will start to see more contacts in the near future.

Billie says that in other journeys within the tunnel systems they visited many cavern cities and many inner earth cities. Billie says that there are tunnels made by the Rand Corporation boring machines, which are not as well made as the hollow earth people’s tunnels. There are tunnels made by the hollow earth people, and tunnels made by cavern cities of other races that live underground, and there are still other ancient tunnels made by the ancient civilizations of Atlantis that was located in the Atlantic Ocean, and Lemuria, which was a Pacific continent called Mu that is now submerged.

Of those tunnels made by surface governments, tunnels join all the capital cities of the world where government leaders can find asylum in case of war or natural disaster. There are many such complexes that exist under all the major cities of the United States, for the same purpose, but which the governments have prepared only for the survival of the government, not the civilian population, in preparation for the close passage of a planet-sized comet that will cause very high winds, earthquakes and tsunamis.

After visiting Telos, the Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta, Billie was taken back to Area 51. Later Billie was taken in a tunnel shuttle to the hollow earth.

Billie says that the shell of the earth is from 800 to 850 miles thick, and that the center of gravity is about halfway between the outer and inner surfaces of the earth’s shell, and that the inner surface gravity is a little less than one-third the outer surface gravity which allows for the larger stature of the hollow earth people, or any surface people that go to the hollow earth and stay there for a length of time.

Billie said that the hollow earth has an inner sun that gives photosynthesis light that provides life to the hollow earth peoples, animals and giant plant life, and that the hollow earth country is a most beautiful and harmonious, peaceful place, that even the animals are friendly and able to communicate with humans telepathically and are not aggressive. There are NO meat-eating animals in the hollow earth, but all eat vegetation instead. The inner atmosphere, Billie says, is so healthy that no disease can exist there, and if a diseased person coming from the surface would go there, they would be cured just by breathing the air. Before Billie was taken to the hollow earth at age 12, Billie had minor childhood sicknesses like colds, and tonsillitis, but when taken to the hollow earth, Billie’s immune system was fortified to a more healthful state. Since then, Billie’s health has deteriorated somewhat due to living on the surface again because of the pollution here, but knows that once he returns home to the hollow earth, his immune system will return to a completely healthy state.

When Billie arrived at the hollow earth inner surface, they emerged from the shuttle station at the hollow earth capitol City of Eden, the main city of the hollow earth. It is built around and within the original Garden of Eden on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent and estimates it is located under the State of Arkansas or close to. Billie says that the world inside our earth has one continent and one ocean, but that there is more land inside the earth than on the exterior surface.

Billie agrees completely with the Olaf Jansen story, who were Norwegian fishermen that sailed through the North Polar Opening north east of Franz Josef Land, in 1829 — that the hollow earth is exactly as Olaf described in his book, The Smoky God — because Billie has been there and seen what it is like.

Olaf Jansen inside Hollow Earth with the subterranean Giants/Nephilim

At Eden, Billie was taken before the King of the World, who is also the Great High Priest Over All the Land, to a beautiful pyramid type palace where the King sat on his great marble throne. Billie accompanied by Air Force Colonel McCloud, (and on another subsequent visit with a Colonel Stevenson) were interviewed by the King of the Inner World and asked many questions regarding our outer world, our government and the United States military and what they were up to. Upon returning to Area 51, Billie was completed debriefed and minutely documented all that was learned in Our Hollow Earth.

Billie recounted a time during the military years when he was ordered to fly a US military saucer at Area 51, known as the Sports Craft, the same craft Bob Lazar saw at Area 51. An alien co-pilot instructed Billie on how to fly the craft and accompanied Billie on test flights taken out at night. Billie had been told when assigned to Area 51, that he would not see the light of day while serving there. They flew up over Las Vegas, and other cities and played tag with military jets that were scrabbled to chase their flying saucer and they were able to fly circles around the jets. Billie said the craft was flown by placing the hands on indentations on the control panel that were shaped like hands. Immediately upon placing the hands, Billie had complete control of the craft with just thought commands. If Billie wanted to go in any direction, he just had to think to go in that direction and the craft responded immediately. The craft could make right angle turns at very high speeds, and fly any pattern — all with no g-force effects. This craft was of our making under the direction of the extraterrestrial, which our military has been building for some time. Billie said they had about 67 saucers built by our military black projects housed at that time at Area 51.

Billie also recounted how the many missing children that have been displaced (as seen on milk cartons) every year throughout the United States are taken to Area 51 where the military black projects are transforming them into programmed biological entities so that they look like hybrid aliens. Their plan is to use the flying saucers they are building and the hybrid entities they are genetically engineering from our children to stage an alien invasion from space to get the whole world to submit to a one world government in defense of the aliens that they have created. When shown this, Billie became so disgusted with the military black projects that he decided not to have anything more to do with this project, and decided to get out of the military.

After Billie’s military career was over, Billie was discharged from the Air Force at the Sewart Air Force base, now Smyrna Airport, Tennessee, debriefed at their deprogramming underground facility, and upon orders of superiors, Billie’s military files were sealed with NO access by ANYONE. Billie has tried many times to get a record of his military service, but is told those records are sealed, that no-one can see them. Billie was told by military superiors not to speak or talk to anyone of any assignments in the military. However, Billie told them, “I no longer work for you so I will do as I please.” For that, Billie’s military pension was withdrawn and today lives in Pahrump, Nevada on Social Security disability.

Over the years Billie married and fathered three children who are now grown. The first two children were boys born to the first  wife, an Army military policewoman, stationed at Area 51. They were 5 years together. Later that wife went to work for the FBI and so was able to verify Billie’s military records. Billie has been married three times, but is now divorced. The second wife Billie married after being discharged from the military. She was a Cherokee Indian, daughter of the Chief and they were married on the Cherokee Reservation. Billie had a daughter by this [mortal] wife. The last marriage was in Seattle to a UFO MUFON investigator and lasted from 1990-1996.

In August 1986, Billie went to live in Alaska looking for a way to go to the hollow earth to go back home. There, Billie enticed several people in an attempt to reach the hollow earth by hiring a bush pilot to fly as an expedition team through the north polar opening. Billie arranged through a flight service out of Fairbanks, Alaska to take them in their decommissioned Navy Albatross seaplane, which is a twin engine seaplane with a boat bottom. It was the same type of seaplane that the Coast Guard uses frequently today — as seen on the Fantasy Island TV program. Billie requested the pilot to take them to certain coordinates in the Arctic to 87.7 N Lat., 142.2 E Lon that Billie had learned from Admiral Byrd’s file at Area 51.

The pilot was concerned about how they would land out there on the ice, but Billie assured him that there would be open Arctic Ocean when they got to those coordinates. The pilot agreed to fly them to those coordinates, land them on the water and drop them off, and that he would be back for them at a certain time in the future three weeks hence. They took some inflatable power boats that they would use to continue their journey from that point on through the polar opening.

Unfortunately, before they took off from Point Barrow, Alaska, one of the expedition members who was a New York Times correspondent, made a phone call to his home office who Billy believes then alerted the military of their flight north.

When they arrived near enough to the polar opening and could see the light beams of the inner sun shining up from the ocean ahead, the pilot was surprised and very afraid and wondered what was going on since they could see the outer sun shining behind them also. Billie assured him that there was nothing to fear, that they were looking at the core of the earth shining out through a polar opening in the earth. But before they could drop down to land in the water and depart in their inflatable boats, they were intercepted by two jet fighters from the Alert Air Force Base, on the northern shore of Ellesmere Island, Canada.

The airplane radio crackled and a voice came through, which stated, “This is Lt. Colonel Travis of the US Air Force Alert Base intercepting team ordering you to turn your aircraft around IMMEDIATELY and be escorted back to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, OR YOU WILL BE TERMINATED! You have 5 minutes to comply.”

Reluctantly, they started to make their turn around. At the same time, looking through the front view of the aircraft, they suddenly saw three glowing disks appear — flying saucers — ahead of them.

The radio crackled again, and another voice came over the radio saying, “Billie, we are here to welcome you to our domain, as you have attempted to enter. We are sorry. You will not make it this time. However, your next journey WILL succeed! Auf Wiedersehen!”

And then the three flying saucers suddenly just blinked out.

Rather than disobey orders and get terminated, they decided to turn the aircraft around and do as the US Air force pilot suggested. They retraced their path back to Alaska, where they were instructed to land at Eielson Air Force Base, just southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. There they were put under bright lights and interrogated and drilled by several agents of the FBI and the National Security Agency. They wanted to make sure they were not terrorists or affiliated with any foreign government. But after they realized they were harmless, they were released and given a stern warning not to tell anyone of what they saw on this trip, and if they were to try that trip again there would be no warning the next time and they would be terminated.

Billie says that many, if not most people in Alaska, have gone there with the hopes of going to Our Hollow Earth. Among the interesting persons Billie met in Alaska was a retired Air Force Col. Jackson of Talkeetna, Alaska that told Billie that in many of his flights into the Arctic out of Eielson Air Force base, near Fairbanks, Alaska, he saw the North Polar Opening and observed many flying saucers going in and coming out of it like bees out of a hive. Billie also tells of another contact he made in Talkeetna who had a ham radio and they tried many times to glance a radio beam off a hollow earth satellite that looks like a giant rock that is suspended over the North Polar Opening, down into the hollow earth to see if they could make contact with the hollow earth peoples that way. Billie says that one evening after his friend had gone to bed that he was able to finally make radio contact with the hollow earth people with this ham radio set.

Billie says that when his twin sister, Zuria was taken to an underground think tank around the age of 10, by force to test her abilities, she discovered that they were wanting to dissect her body to see if they could figure out why she had such amazing capabilities and characteristics. She then put out a mental telepathy call to the hollow earth for assistance and they came in one of their flying saucers. On a rare occasion that she was allowed to come to the surface, the flying saucer blinked into visibility, and she was beamed up before her captors could grab her — and she was taken home to the hollow earth. She is waiting there for Billie to return.

Billie is also anxious to return home to Our Hollow Earth soon.


“Billie Woodard Interview — UFOs and Hollow Earth — Part 1”  And Part 2  by Search4TruthReality

In this video Billie channels messages from his hollow earth father Zorra to his earthly [New Age] audience

Hermetic symbol of As Above So Below

“And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.” —Revelations 5:13

“Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, even her, and the daughters of the famous nations, unto the nether parts of the earth, with them that go down into the pit.” —Ezekiel 32:18

Portals, Occultism and the Collins Elite

February 03, 2013

Approximately six years ago, following the release of the book Nephilim Stargates, Tom Horn did a series of radio shows with Steve Quayle and later televised shows with J.R. Church and Gary Stearman for their Prophesy in the News broadcast in which the idea of supernatural “portals, doorways and openings” were discussed.

The concept is actually an ancient one – that gateways between our world and other dimensions exist or can be created through which those entities described in previous entries can pass.

At one point the programs with Church and Stearman (available online at YouTube) focused on a theory Tom had briefly raised in Stargates involving,

Left – Aleister Crowley Center – Jack Parsons Right – L Ron Hubbard

A portion of that original material reads:
As is referenced in chapter 2, in 1918 famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to create a dimensional vortex that would bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. The ritual was called the Amalantrah Working and according to Crowley became successful when a presence manifested itself through the rift.

He called the being “Lam” and drew a portrait of it. The startling image, detailed almost ninety years ago, bears powerful similarity with “Alien Greys” of later pop culture.

L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons attempted to do this very thing by inviting the spirit of Babylon [their magical working was called Babalon] through a portal during a sex ritual. Their hope was to incarnate the whore of Babylon – a demon child or Gibborim. Parsons wrote that the ritual was successful and that at one point a brownish/yellow light came through the doorway. At the same moment he said he was struck by something invisible, and a candle was knocked out of his hand.

It is interesting that following Crowley’s magic portal (which produced the alien-looking LAM) and Hubbard and Parson’s Babalon Working ritual, Crowley died in 1947 – the same year as the Roswell crash and the same year Kenneth Arnold [a friend of Parsons] saw his flying saucers and sightings of “aliens” increased around the world.

Was a portal indeed opened by these men’s invitations? [i]

J.R. Church was very interested in this idea, that men heavily involved in the occult with a strange UFO-alien twist and covertly connected with segments of this government’s aerospace endeavors might actually have opened a portal allowing the increase into our world of powerful demonic influences.

Several years after Nephilim Stargates was published and the shows with Steve Quayle and Prophecy in the News had aired, a book by Nick Redfern titled “Final Events” was released that repeated the basic concepts, but this time around had the backing of a secret government group that had been commissioned to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon and that ultimately concluded the mysterious manifestations are demonic and somehow directly connected to the government and Parson’s Babalon Workings.

According to Redfern, these men are called the “Collins Elite”…


.. Following this initial contact with Redfern concerning the government study group, we continued making significant efforts to verify the story concerning the Collins Elite.

Tom also agreed to meet with a member of the Collins group and has been told a meeting could occur, though as of this date he is still waiting. Meanwhile our sources in the United States – which extends from US Military intelligence to National Defense employees with both DoD and Intel Top Secret Security clearances – at first came back empty handed.

This included our friend Colonel Steve Bauer who served longer as a U.S. Government Military Aide than anyone in the history of the White House under five U.S. Presidents – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush. Bauer had never heard of the “Collins Elite” and couldn’t locate a single intelligence resource that otherwise would substantiate Redfern’s claims.

But we knew, having said that, this didn’t mean the story as detailed in Final Events was untrue.

Counterintelligence, Majestic 12 level compartmentalization, and official denial is a well-established part of the government’s past and present protocols when handling questions concerning UFOs and so-called alien abduction activity – a fact that every significant investigator into this phenomenon has run into when trying to separate fact from fiction.

So we moved on and checked with one of our international contacts – former director of Britain’s Ministry of Defense’s department for UFO research, Nick Pope – and was surprised when he cautioned against disbelief and even confirmed the existence of a Collins Elite-like group among Britain’s aristocracy (this is discussed during a Q&A with Pope in the upcoming book Exo-Vaticana).

Following this, we reached out to Gregory Richford, a Ball Aerospace contact who works with Advanced Systems & Technologies for Space Control & Special Missions. He too cautioned against doubting the Collins reality and sent us a four-page document, ending with an ominous warning.

Below are just some of the talking points from his meticulous outline.

Security levels and Compartments

  • Starts with the understanding that a Top Secret DOD (Department of Defense) or SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information; intelligence world) clearance is the first level of clearance required before one gets to SAP programs.
  • There are at least four levels of Top Secret (TS) special access programs (SAPs) that currently exist in the US DOD/Intel world:
    • Acknowledged top secret SAPs
  • (Security cleared) Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge of program name, mission, budget, etc.
    • Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
  • Cleared Congress (or staff) has access to full knowledge
    • Unacknowledged/Waived top secret SAPs
  • Program, Budget, customer, and mission are all highly classified
  • Only two Senators and two Congressmen are made aware of the program, typically at a very high level only
  • Typically referred to as a “Black” program
    • Completely Unacknowledged top secret SAPs
  • No acknowledgement or overview to the Congress
  • Accountable only to the agency that authorizes mission and money ostensibly related to a Presidential Order
  • Really known as “Deep Black” in the vernacular.
  • This level is itself not acknowledged; can’t be acknowledged for obvious reasons
  • Two agencies in particular make great use of this: CIA and NSA
    • With more than 25 years in this world, I personally have experience with levels 1 through 3 only. Level 4 is outside my scope.
    • Most of the high level UFO work is done at level 4. It is not acknowledged and specifically not even known except to those briefed into the compartment/program. Only leaks aid in the process of discovery.
    • This is likely a strong reason why Nick Pope is reluctant to spell out unambiguously what by definition is meant to be concealed at an unacknowledged level.

Formation of the Collins Elite

  • A number of intelligence agencies looking at the UFO situation are drawn into the orbit of a larger picture held by the CIA.
    • Army Intel; Naval Intel; Air Force Intel; Defense Intel Agency (DIA), etc.
    • This seems consistent with how high level exchange takes place; they contribute to larger efforts out of their own agencies and budgets.
  • A subgroup of this CIA-dominated and controlled compartment, informally sees things differently and begins to form a counterpoint voice to the research.

They call themselves after a time the “Collins Elite.”

  • This seems plausible based on the discussions and factions I have seen over the years. Independent thinking is valued. Like-minded experts gather around themselves.
  • Over time, the Collins Elite position becomes more refined, more emphatic, more concerned.
    • One notes that most of these guys are industry old timers, with an old Christian worldview, having been in this covert intel circle for 30-40 years.
  • The Collins Elite seems to be an internal but informal collection of guys who maintain their independence of thought about matters in this highly classified and clearly controversial realm.

U.S. Intelligence agencies are trying to understand UFOs in early 1950s

  • Same intel agencies also trying to understand the occult sorcery of two key figures: Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons – and how it could be applied as a National Defense asset.
  • Deeply covert CIA-controlled intel group wants to pursue research on psychotronic weapons and remote viewing ‘technologies’ and embarks on a deluding journey, a perverted scheme and Faustian bargaining.
  • After years and decades of incremental research in this arena, several deaths more recently occur to test subjects in these realms; things are going badly awry.
  • A sub-group watching all this, loosely confederated, calling itself the “Collins Elite” begins to recognize this as completely occult, demonic/Satanic, and begins to organize itself as a counterpoint to the general research direction.
  • The Collins Elite begins to see a much larger and terrifying picture of what this whole unleashed enterprise is leading to; the connection to fallen angels, the Nephilim, and a plan for taking over the world.


  • This unsettling story has every indication of being true; it follows directly from everything you and I know about UFOs and their ultimately nefarious mission tied to an end-time prophetic scenario
  • Unraveling this further is loaded with known and unknown complexities – and that includes dangers.

DNA Harvesting, Genetic Manipulation and the Seed of the Serpent

When former Christian college professor and BBC correspondent, Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, in his highly recommended book, The Omega Conspiracy, chronicled the burgeoning of so-called “alien abduction” activity in the 1980s, he made similar enlightening connections between the alien-abduction phenomenon and end-time prophecy concerning a return of Nephilim, something other writers have since built upon.

Documentation by “abductees” worldwide and the stories of DNA harvesting by “aliens” reminded him of the history of biological misuse by the Watchers.

Dr. Thomas told us personally that the special desire by the “aliens” for human and animal molecular matter could explain “why animals have been killed, mutilated, and stolen by the aliens,” a point Vallée repeated in his book, The Invisible College: What a Group of Scientists Has Discovered About UFO Influences on the Human Race, when he wrote:

In order to materialize and take definite form, these entities seem to require a source of energy…a living thing…a human medium…

Our sciences have not reached a point where they can offer us any kind of working hypothesis for this process. But we can speculate that these beings need living energy which they can reconstruct into physical form.

Perhaps that is why dogs and animals tend to vanish in [UFO] flap areas. Perhaps the living cells of those animals are somehow used by the ultraterrestrials to create forms which we can see and sense with our limited perceptions. [ii]

Evidence concerning the collection of “living cells” from animal (and human) mutilations indicates something very unusual and unworldly.

The precision by which the material is collected has often been compared to “laser-like” precision, but Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso (1915-1998), who is best known today for his book The Day After Roswell (which disclosed his involvement in allegedly back-engineering extraterrestrial technology recovered from the UFO crash site at Roswell, NM in 1947), was working on a manuscript before he died titled “Dawn of a New Age” that described an unknown technology beyond laser accuracy used by unsympathetic Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) for tissue removal:

A study and laboratory reports show that the tissue taken from animals and humans by the alien EBEs also centers around celi structure.

So delicate and perfected is their advanced approach that when they cut out the private reproductive parts (vagina, penis, testicles) and the rectum, eyes ears, udders, etc., they do not cut through cells.

The cells are separated not cut through. Even the brain is taken in a manner where there is no cerebral trauma.

In their animal and human mutilations, the aliens have shown a callous indifference concerning their victims. Their behavior has been insidious and it appears they might be using our earth and manipulating earth life. Skeptics will excuse them that possibly they are benevolent and want to help, however, there is no evidence they have healed anyone or alleviated human ailments.

On the other band, they have caused pain, suffering and even death. [iii]


  • the Battalion Commander of European Air Defense in WW-II
  • the Chief of the Special Projects branch of the Intelligence Division under General Douglas MacArthur
  • a staff member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council for four years,

…Corso’s unpublished work illustrates how the science and purpose behind the alleged modern ET-human-hybridization agenda is so clouded in mystery that not even leaders from the world’s most prestigious intelligence bureaus seem to fathom it (except – as we will seek to document in the upcoming book Exo-Vaticana – at above-top-secret levels there are Black Government Agencies participating with the alien entities in some sort of Cosmic Watergate wherein the breeding program transpires).

Plenty of so-called whistle-blowers, books, and leaked files have suggested the same, but Vallée’s suspicion is that many, if not most, of these “sources” are actually concoctions by complicit government proxies, which are disseminated in order to so completely muddle the factual objectives of the program with duplicity, half-truths, and subterfuge that the public can never really know what is happening.

“There is a genuine UFO phenomenon and it is not explained by the revelations of alleged government agents bearing fancy code names like Condor or Falcon,” [iv] he concluded in Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception.

Dr. David Jacobs, a historian specializing in popular culture at Temple University, has concluded from over twenty years of research that the overriding purpose of the UFO phenomenon is abduction with nefarious intent.

He explains:

For example, the evidence strongly suggests that the majority, if not all, of “close encounter” UFO sightings are the beginnings or endings of abduction events.

Even high-level sightings may be indicative of abductions. Statistics from Gallup Polls on UFO sightings have varied from 9 percent to 14 percent since the 1950s. If a percentage of these sightings mask abductions, then the number of abduction events is high. [v]

This proposes a more sinister agenda behind UFOs than scientific exploration.

At the same time, that a modern “alien” program of breeding and hybridizing humans is covertly occurring similar to what the ancient Watchers did is something, no matter how absurd it may seem, a growing body of scholars, based on accumulative physical and eye-witness evidence, are coming around to.

In his book, Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions, Professor Jacobs combined scientific and investigatory methods to analyze the accounts of dozens of “abductees” including more than three hundred independently corroborated stories of such experiences, describing in unsettling detail the reproductive procedures that abductees claim were administered by “small alien beings.”

Jacobs’ profoundly unsettling conclusion paralleled that of Vallée and others – that alien abductors are conducting complex reproductive experiments involving the conception, gestation, hybridization, and integration on Earth of alien hybrid beings.

Jacobs wrote:

[The aliens] want to use the ability humans have to recreate themselves. They want human sperm and eggs. They want human physical involvement with the offspring. They want complete knowledge of the reproductive physiological processes.

[And this] abduction program appears to be vast. Abductees routinely report rooms with as many as two hundred tables holding humans in various stages of examination. The aliens hustle them out as soon as possible after the procedures are completed, presumably so that more humans can be brought in.

The evidence suggests that this goes on twenty-four hours per day, month after month, year after year. The amount of time and energy invested in the breeding program is enormous. [vi]

Dr Josef Allen Hynek

Besides Jacobs and Vallée, other noteworthy scientists who believed something unearthly was happening in connection to alien activity included

  • Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, the United States astronomer and professor in charge of Project Blue Book
  • Dr. Hermann Julius Oberth, one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics
  • Lynn E. Catoe, senior bibliographer for government publication research by the Library of Congress for the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  • Dr. Karla Turner, an academic who gave up her career to speak out after discovering her own abductee status
  • the late Harvard Medical School Professor and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Dr. John Edward Mack

After working with abduction “experiencers” including interviews with over one hundred people of various ages and backgrounds, Mack showcased the narratives of thirteen subjects in astonishing detail in his book, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, where he reached very much the same conclusion as his peers:

What is amply corroborated [is] that the abduction phenomenon is in some central way involved in a breeding program that results in the creation of alien/human hybrid offspring… My own impression is that we may be witnessing…an awkward joining of two species, engineered by an intelligence we are unable to fathom. [vii]

Yet, if demons pretending to be aliens are actually behind a fantastic breeding and hybridization scheme, what would be their purpose?

Biblical scholar and prophecy expert Gary Stearman believes they are dark overlords, come forth to repeat what happened in the Days of Noah, to create a generation of genetically altered pseudo-humans for the service of Satan and Antichrist in preparation of Armageddon.

He points to Matthew 24:37, which says,

“But as the days of Noe [Noah] were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Gary then goes on to elaborate:

Here, Jesus is clearly speaking of future judgment, the Tribulation, Second Coming and certain events that will surround it.

He says that His coming will happen at a time when social conditions will resemble those that plagued the world in the days of Noah. From Genesis 6, we now discern that these will include an invasion of dark forces from the heavens…

The UFO abduction phenomenon is only a mask for fallen angels who have departed from their natural domain to engage in the filthy work of creating an alternate race that will act as their proxies… Now, as [in the Days of Noah], they pry into the forbidden areas of human procreation. Lascivious and power hungry, they seek to set up their own race, and their own province of control.

But only in the last fifty years have their activities acquired a speed and purpose that tells us what time it is, prophetically speaking. Jesus told us, in effect, that when we begin to see such things come to pass, His appearance would not be far behind. [viii]

On the Watcher website, our dearly departed friend and late Christian genius, David Flynn – whose early online research first broke many of today’s most popular theories regarding the alien-hybrid scheme as an end-times deception aimed at misleading mankind – reaffirmed the warnings made by Gary Stearman:

The Book of Enoch explains that the Sons of God descended first onto the mountain called Hermon… The rebel angels intended to thwart God’s plan for the earth by destroying the descendants of Adam.

Satan’s goal in organizing the Nephilim/human hybridization program was to pollute the bloodline that would produce Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Kinsman Redeemer. Now that it is so close to the end times, Satan has orchestrated human/rebel angel interaction on a grand scale. The plan is now to prevent any flesh from being saved.

By manipulating human genetics, whether through the guise of “alien abduction” or by supplying willing mortal accomplices with the proper technology… there is currently being created humanoid hybrids who are not-quite-human…

The second wave of hybrid “Nephilim creation” is Satan’s last effort to destroy all Sons of Adam, so that none can be redeemed when Jesus Christ returns at the End of the Age. [ix]

One cannot read the conclusions by Gary Stearman and David Flynn without calling to mind Genesis 3:15, which says,

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed [zera, meaning “offspring,” “descendants,” or “children”] and her seed”.

From the Middle Ages forward, church leaders believed this genotype or “seed” would provide for the mystical arrival of Antichrist and ultimately represent the return of Nephilim – the reunion of demons with humans.

Back in 1976, Academician N.P. Dubinin, the first director of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1957-1959) may have understood a key element related to how Satan’s “seed” would animate Antichrist on earth in the last days. He described by what means in his opinion the genetics revolution would lead to “an exchange of living forms” taking place “between the earth and other worlds.” [x]

After reading his material, Russian Orthodox Archpriest Vladislav Sveshnikov expressed apocalyptic fears, saying:

“We have to admit that contemporary science is preparing the ground for the coming of the Antichrist.”

Why did Sveshnikov imagine the “exchange” of genetic material “between the earth and other worlds” leading to Antichrist?

He saw something reminiscent of the Watchers advent being repeated in,

“the manipulation of genes in order to produce the ‘superman’ or ‘man-god’ of Nietzsche’s imagination, who will be at the same time the ‘devil-man’ or ‘Antichrist’ of Christian patristic teaching.” [xi]

The English theologian George Hawkins Pember agreed with this premise, and in his 1876 masterpiece, Earth’s Earliest Ages analyzed the prophecy of Christ that says the end-times would be a repeat of “the Days of Noah.”

Pember outlined the seven great causes of the antediluvian destruction and documented their developmental beginnings in his lifetime.

Like Stearman, Flynn, and Sveshnikov, he concluded that the seventh and most fearful sign would be the return of the Nephilim and the arrival of Antichrist,

 “The appearance upon earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.” [xii]

Thus, it appears those social, spiritual, and academic intellectuals who now believe we are close to integration with intelligent alien life (and who also believe that this discovery could ultimately reconfigure established doctrines of science, religion, and salvation) may be closer to the truth than some of them have imagined.

Events unfolding over the past decade portend a near future in which “alien influences” led by a man of unusual intelligence will arrive on Earth as champions of a “new” Gospel. Numerous Scriptures foretold the otherworldly leader’s coming for what he actually is – paganism’s ultimate incarnation; the “beast” of Revelation 13:1.

As Jesus Christ was the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15), the Antichrist will be the “seed of the serpent.”

But the prophet Daniel may have provided an even greater clue as to the identity of this coming false savior. He says in chapter eleven, verse thirty-nine of his book that the Antichrist will be a worshipper of the god of forces – a god whom his father knew not, a text that we will analyze later and show from the Hebrew how it can literally be interpreted to mean, an alien god.


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Deception: Fallen Angels aka Ascended Masters and the Church

Originally Published September 2007

By Pam Sheppard

I discovered what the occult world had already known for decades—-namely that there are at least 50 ascended masters, perhaps even more. Fifteen of them rank as being the primary deities— fallen angels  who first claimed to be aliens,  sent to earth to prepare for the advent of  a one world religion and the rule of the anti-Christ. 

The top 5 are presented in detail in the book the Fake Jesus Ashtar, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, Mother Mary, St. Germain and most of all Maitreya. As the leader, Maitreya holds the title of “the Master of Masters.” The following  essential points  are presented so that you will have a basic foundation for understanding the material you will read  in the rest of the book:

Extraterrestrial beings, aka aliens, are not “other life forms.”  They are fallen angels  that Jesus Christ of Nazareth called DEVILS. The Apostle  Paul called these cosmic beings  “spiritual wickedness in heavenly(high) places, aka the skies that surround us.

fake jesus

Fake Jesus aka Sananda

  • Most of these demons are “religious.” They began their open, telepathic communications with mediums and psychics centuries ago.
  • Knowing that they would not be well received by true followers of Christ, their work in and with the Christian churches has been and continues to be “undercover.”
  • There is a fake Jesus.  He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God. The fake Jesus is a demon that  calls himself “The Christ.”
  • The fake Jesus identifies himself as the portrait that has hung in many churches for centuries: a Caucasian blue-eyed man with long, light brown hair. The fake Jesus  calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel.
  • With his occult followers, the Fake Jesus boasts of having been the founder of various Christian cults.
  • There is more than one  high-ranking demon who specializes in false religion. The high-ranking demons call themselves “ascended masters.” The “leader of leaders” calls himself “Maitreya.”
  • Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon assigned to every one of the elect.

Very often demons who are under the authority or chain of command of the Fake Jesus  enter into persons who have experienced being slain in the spirit.  I suspect that being slain in the spirit falls under the domain and authority of Ashtar. Whether there is a true manifestation of the speaking in tongues  is unknown to me.  However, in every Pentecostal or word of faith church today, there  is  a counterfeit of the biblical experience of which charismatics have labeled “a prayer language.” Could it be that  the  present day counterfeit of tongues is the actual  manifestation of the power of the beast in the book of revelation, where it is written that the beast “calls down fire from heaven.” I don’t know.  However it is quite interesting that word of faith, Pentecostal and charismatic preachers and teachers  often call their conferences “fire from heaven.”

Have you considered   who is tending the sheep in the churches while they are being spiritually abused by hirelings? How many of today’s pastors desire to rescue those who are perishing under the weight of sin?  Most  present day ministers know  little to nothing of the dangers of occult subjection, of seducing spirits that teach and deceive. Religious demons continue to take advantage of the way that the word of God is preached and taught as their foundation for the enactment of spiritual abuse upon the sheep.  The spirit of the Anti-Christ  armors itself as it seeks out pastors and church leaders who are amenable to deception as well as sheep who are prone to vulnerability. More than a century ago,  religious demons set the stage to preach  the word of God  into a defiled heart who will also teach a defiled word from the pulpit into spirits that have already been damaged, building a demonic fortress within the organized church. It appears to be a done deal.


The Mystery Of Biological Flesh and Blood Demons

                                WHO ARE THE UFONAUTS?

                                The Watchers and the Giants…

                                The Book of Enoch…

Originally published November 18, 1990

By Jerry W. Decker

“Go speak to the Watchers of Heaven, who have sent you to intercede for them.  Tell them, You should intercede for men, and not men for you. Why did you leave lofty holy Heaven to sleep with women, to defile yourselves with the daughters of men and take them as your wives, and like the children of the earth to beget sons, in your case giants?

Though you  were holy and spiritual, living the eternal life, you defiled yourself with  the  blood  of  women,  you  begot children with  the blood of flesh, and like  the  others  you have lusted  after  flesh  and  blood as do those who die and perish.

Because they  perish  I  gave   them   wives  so  they  might impregnate them, have children, and nothing  be  lacking  on the earth.  But  you  were  spiritual  and  immortal for all generations of the world. so I gave you no wives, for Heaven is your proper dwelling place.  And now the giants, offspring of spirit and flesh, will be called spirits on the earth, and earth shall be their dwelling. Their  bodies  emitted  evil spirits because they were born from human women  and the holy Watchers.

The giants  afflict, oppress, destroy, attack over the earth. Although they hunger and  thirst,  they  do  not  eat.  They offend.

These spirits will rise up against men and women because they proceed from  them. The giants will slaughter,  unpunished, until the  day  of  the  great  judgment.Then the age, the Watchers, and the godless will be wholly consummated.

As for the Watcher who sent  you  to intercede for them, tell them: ‘You were in Heaven but the mysteries were not revealed to you.  You knew worthless ones, and in the hardness of your hearts you revealed these to women, and through these secrets women and men work much evil earth.  Say to  them, You have no peace.


“And the archangel Uriel said to me, ‘Here shall stand the angels who have been attached to women. Their spirits, assuming many different forms, are defiling mankind and will lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as gods. Here they shall stand till the day of the winds of Heaven which turn and bring the circumference of the sun and all the stars to their setting…”


“And the  men  carried me up on to the fifth heaven, and I saw there many troops, Grigori,  and  their  appearance was human and their size greater than that of great  giants  and  their faces withered,  and  the  silence of their mouths perpetual, and there was no service on  the  fifth heaven, and I said to the men who were with me, ‘Why are their faces melancholy and withered, their mouths silent, and why is there no service on this heaven?”

And they said to me, ‘These are the Grigori,  who  with their prince Satanail,  rejected  the Lord of light, and after them are those who are held in great darkness on the second heaven and three of them went down  to  earth from the Lord’s throne to the  place Ermon,  and broke through their  vows  on  the shoulder of the hill Ermon and saw how good are the daughters of men. They took  them  as  their wives, and befouled the earth with their deeds, and in all times  of  their age were lawless and promiscuous.  Giants (Nephilim) were born and  marvelous  big men and great enmity.

 And therefore God judged them with great punishment, and they weep for  their  brethren  and  they  will be punished on the Lord’s great day. NOTE: Grigori. Giant angels, also called Watchers, who  revolted in Heaven  and  sinned  with  the daughters of men.  In Genesis 6:2, “the sons  of  God (fallen angels), looking at the daughters of men, saw that they were pleasing and married as many as they chose.”

The intercourse of God’s angels with humans enraged God.  In Genesis 6:3, we read  God’s  words: “My spirit must not be disgraced in man, for he is but flesh.”  As punishment  “his  life  shall  last for no more than a hundred and twenty years.”  For all this  wickedness and corruption, in the next lines, God introduces Noah and the Flood. Ermon is considered to be Mount Hermon in upper Galilee today. (―Book of Enoch Ch. 1-15)


Before the Indian  Hindu (Mohenjo Daro) “Aryans,” legend has it that the first great Aryans were the Neflheim  (Nephilim  in  the book of Genesis in the Bible, i.e., the Giants of Old, i.e., fallen  angel-human hybrids) who  existed  in  the  “north” in the centre of their land of which was a well from which sprang twelve rivers.

The god of this northland was Odin  who  was considered the greatest of sorcerers, and  imparted  his  knowledge  of  his   art   to  his favorites.

 Frigga / Frigg or Freya deity behind Friday is  the  mother of Baldur, the Scandinavian Apollo. She is the Norse Goddess Who Shines Over the Sea. Leader of Witches. Lady of Beauty, Fertility and Death. Thus, in legend we see the Nephilim of the north spreading out of the north, across Europe, and eventually coming to India. Indian and Tibetan esoteric Hinduism/Buddhism plays  a central role in the Theosophy of Helena P. Blavatsky.

ascended masters

The ascended Masters/spirit guides/demons photographed with Blavatsky. Left Kuthumi, middle Lord Morya and right St Germaine. The strange thing about this photograph is the fact that St. Germaine (appearing on the far right in the photo) was already deceased at its taking. His ‘official’ bio indicates his passing on 27 February 1784. Helena Blavatsky lived from 31 July, 1831 until 8 May 1891 according to most of her biographies. Which means these beings have the ability to materialise in the physical.

This entity Count Saint Germain, as he is also known, stands as a towering presence in the clandestine process of the founding and subsequent formation of the American Republic which would eventually become known as the United States of America. Without his ever-present guidance, profound spiritual wisdom and all-encompassing mundane knowledge informing the entire “USA creation enterprise”, it would not exist today in its current form. There are three vital points of information to know about Comte de Saint Germain. First, that this giant among men was no ordinary man, as he is well known to be an authentic Ascended Master and leader of the Great White Brotherhood. Secondly, that Count St. Germain was chosen to be the Keeper of the Violet Flame for the current age of humanity. Thirdly, that Saint Germain is regarded in the highest circles of the Great White Brotherhood as the “Father of the American Republic” and patron saint of the United States of America. ―THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages


“angels, demons and fallen angels were flesh and blood human beings responsible for the foundations of Western civilization.”  ―From the Ashes of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race by Andrew collins.


She was born in 1831 Helena Hahn, the  daughter of  Col. Peter von Hahn, a German officer in Russian service, and Helena Andreyevna Fadeyeva. Her mother belonged to an old Russian noble family, and she was the cousin of Sergei  Witte, latter prime minister and friend of  Rasputin. Married at sixteen to a  man  twenty-four years her senior,  she  deserted  him  after a while — the marriage still unconsummated — and began her wanderings around the world.

Count Witte said she became a bareback rider in a circus, taught the piano in Paris and London, became  assistant  to  the  medium Daniel Dunglas Home for  a while, managed an artificial flower factory in Tiflis, and periodically turned  up  at  her  home in Ekaterinoslav Ukraine looking plumper and stranger than ever.

She also traveled by her own account in Mexico, Texas, India, Canada and Tibet.  She acquired some reputation  as a medium in [Ukraine] Russia and, in 1873, went  to America and found the country in  the  grip  of  a spiritualist craze.

Two brothers name  Eddy  were the prominent materialisation mediums, and it was  at  their  farm near Chittenden,  Vermont,  that  Madame Blavatsky met a bearded lawyer who possessed the  honorary  rank of Colonel — Henry Steel Olcott.

Throughout her life,  acquaintances  spoke  of  strange  knocks  and rappings that occurred in her presence. Occasionally notes dropped out of the air detailing her needs, and she explained that they (the notes) were from  certain  secret  Mahatmas she had  met  in Tibet, spiritual adepts who would one day regenerate the world.

There was also  a  Brotherhood  of Luxor — in these early days, HPB tended to emphasize Egypt rather  than  Tibet  — whose members sent messages to the readers of “The Banner of Light,” the spiritualistic newspaper that publicised  her  doings  in exchange  for  a  certain amount of financial support.

It was on  September  7, 1875, that Madame Blavatsky embarked on the career that was to make her world-famous.  A certain Mr. Felt had lectured to a small study group about  the hermetic secrets embodied in the measurements of the pyramids.

He explained that  those  secret  ‘laws  of proportion’  could  also invoke spirits, although, he added, the spirits he had seen showed no sign of intelligence.  It was from this study and the suggestions from Mr. Felt that soon the Theosophic Society was born.

In September, 1877,  after endlessly writing day after day, the book “Isis Unveiled” was published by HPB.  This book contained blendings from the Kabbalah, Cornelius Agrippa, Pythagoras, Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist scripture.

Primary among the  tenets  of Theosophy of HPB is her doctrine of “root races.”  According to HPB the first root race lived near the North Pole [Note: compare this location to the one above where North is mentioned] and they were invisible, being made of firemist;

the second, living  in  northern  Asia, were  just  visible – they invented sexual intercourse;

the third root  race  were  the  ape-like  giants  of  Lemuria, who communicated telepathically and could not reason in our sense;

the fourth were  the  Atlanteans, who were destroyed  through  black magic;

we are the  fifth  (and  according to occultist Lewis Spence, we are also heading the way of Atlantis);

the sixth root race will evolve from the present human race and will live on Lemuria (in the Pacific) again;

after the seventh root race, life will leave our earth and start up on Mercury.

The manuscript of  “The Secret Doctrine,”  another  foundational text of the theosophists,  was  a  huge pile of jumbled papers. Various friends of HPB  read  it and said it was incomprehensible.  She told them to get to work on it; so the book was typed, then rearranged.

The book came out in 1888.  Annie  Bessant,  who  had  been a Fabian Socialist and George  Bernard  Shaw’s  mistress,  reviewed  it,  and wanted to meet  the  author. In 1889,  Bessant  met Blavatsky and immediately became a disciple of Theosophy much to the dismay of the Fabian Socialists.

Upon HPB’s death on May 8, 1891, Annie  Bessant became the leader of the Theosophic Society. Still,  after  her  move   to  Theosophy, Bessant’s contacts with the Fabian Society continued even though she had moved to  India,  converted  to  Hinduism,  and become the world leader of the Theosophical movement.

In July, 1907, Bessant gave a lecture  to  a Fabian audience on “The Future of Socialism.”  Before  her  death  in 1933,  Annie  Bessant continued the writings  of  the Theosophic  Society  including “The Ancient Wisdom.”

Another called “Esoteric Buddhism”  is reported to have been written by Sinnet.  These  later  writings  are  full of references  to  the Upanishads and Buddhist  scriptures. It  is  of  interest  that an important symbol of  these Eastern  religions  is  the  hakenkreuz: i.e., the swastika.


In 1923, Hitler  was  campaigning  for power in the  period  of  the Weimar Republic of  Germany. German  had just lost World War I and the settlements as Versailles were most  repressive  as  far  as Germans were concerned.  In these campaigns, many of which were conducted by quick airplane hops   to  different  Germany cities,  Hitler had accompanying him one Detrick Eckart.

Detrick Eckart was  an official in the Thulegessellschaft, i.e., the Theosophic Society of Germany.   It  was  later  that  Hitler  would dedicate his book  MEIN KAMPF to Detrick Eckart and,  it  is  known, that Eckart was a trusted advisor of Hitler in these early days.

Even before, in  1919,  the  peculiar  figure of Dietrick Eckart was involved in the start of the nucleus  of  the Nazi Party when it was called “Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” which claimed to carry on the ideas of “the Free Workers’ Committee for a Good Peace.”

Eckart was a heavy-jowled, fat little man of just over fifty-one and he often frequented the Munich beer-halls to inveigle against the Jews and “the  traitors  of  Berlin.”  He  came into  contact  with several other discontented  “idealists” at the time including Alfred Rosenberg, who was obsessed with the importance of racial purity.

It was Hitler himself who was later  to  join  up  with  the “German Citizens’ Union.”  It was Detrick Eckart who persuaded  the Union to make Hitler their  propagandist  on October 16th, 1919. Hitler, due to his oratory skills, gave the party a program and brought the party out into the open.

By February 24th, 1920, the German  Workers’  Party  had adopted its “Twenty-five Points” and,  significantly,  established   the  “Black Guards,” i.e., a private army.

By August 7th,  1920,  the  fuller  title  of “Nationalsozalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” was adopted.  Shortly later the anti-Semitic sheet, the “Volkischer  Beobachter,”  the  Party’s  newspaper  was distributed by one Hermann Esser.

Detrick Eckart was  of  the opinion that he could inspire  a  lesser mind but a  greater  leader to the regeneration of Germany.  He was, however, assisted by one Alfred Rosenberg.

Race is at the bottom of the National Socialist (Nazi) philosophy.

“A man in born Nordic or Jew or of some other race, and he can no more change his racial characteristics than  he  can  alter his skin from black to white.”

Accordingly, such thinking led to the following:

“No society can exist except on the basis of racial purity…No Jew or  coloured  man  can  ever  be assimilated into a Nordic society; social  adaptability  follows  the  facts  of  racial biology, and  inescapable natural facts  rule  out  any possibility of transformation.”

These and other  statements  are  the  work of Alfred Rosenberg; the racial purist of the fledgling Nazi party.  Biologically, Hitlerism divided mankind into one superior  race  —  the  Aryans  — and the other degraded slave-races.

Among the inferior  types  two  stood  out in Nazi thinking  —  the Jewish-Slavs and the Jewish-Negro-French.  It is little known in the present day that the so-called “Aryans” were not just the blond haired-blue eyed Nordics  — to the contrary, the true Aryans are an ancient “race” from India. Now we  begin  to  see the connection of  Theosophy, the Nazis, and ancient esoteric scriptures.


The worship of the oak tree or of the oak god appears  to  have been shared ; by  all  the branches of the Aryan stock in Europe (who had migrated from India). Both Greeks  and Italians associated the tree with their highest god,  Zeus or Jupiter, the divinity  of  the sky, the rain, and the thunder.

In the religion  of  the  ancient  Germans the veneration for sacred groves seems to have held the foremost place, and according to Grimm the chief of their holy trees was the oak.

It appears to have been especially  dedicated to the god of thunder, Donar or Thunar,  the equivalent of the Norse Thor. Interestingly, for a sacred  oak near Geismar, in Hesse, which Boniface cut down in the eighth century, went among the  Aryans  by  the name of Jupiter’s oak, which in old German would be “Donares eih.”

Translated in present German is “Donarstag” — in English “Thursday” for “Thor’s day.”  The perpetual  holy fires of the Aryans in Europe appear to have  been  commonly  kindled  with  oak-wood, and in Rome itself the fuel of the Vestal fire  consisted  of  oaken  sticks  or logs.

The Aryan worship  of  the  oak tree was visible among  the  British Celts of the  ancient  Gallic  empire.  Among the British Celts the chief fire-festivals of the year were those of Beltane (May Day) and Hallowe’en (the last day of October).

Clearly the Druids of old, associated  with  Stonehenge, are one of the branches of the Aryan race.  In tracing back the  origin  of the Aryans to India   we  see  them  direct  descendants  of  the  Hindu worldview.

See No Evil

Interestingly, the jack-o-lantern of today — the pumpkin head – is a symbolic form of the Hindu magician “Punchkin” who had his head twisted off in a Hindu legend. An interesting study is the examination of the worshippers of trees in the Bible and the attitude of God toward those groups.


The Theosophic Society  came  to  the United States.  Beginning with Alice Bailey, the Theosophic ideals began their substantial American printing under the name of Lucifer Press in New York.

The Lucifer Press, an offshoot of  Lucifer  Trust,  was  located  in United Nations Plaza in New York.  Renamed Lucis Press/Lucis  Trust, the organization continues  to this day in active policy lobbying in the United Nations itself.

The present New Age movement, with  its  distinct  Druid  / Hindu / Buddhism / Magick / Satanic  worldview,  is  nothing  but  a  re-emergence of the spiritualism of the ancient past, traceable back to the Nephilim, in our own day.

This current great re-emergence of the same philosophy which has led to Nazism  in this century and is associated with the Nephilim / Aryans of ancient legend, portends troubles in our own time.

Reappearance again in our present  age  signals  the  probable  not-distant arrival of the end of the age.

Christians should be both aware and alert to the activities of these aforementioned groups and organizations in the present  day as there are direct Satanic influences at work.

Objectives of these  Aquarian  groups  point,  without doubt, to the establishment of a  global government  which  shall  result  in  the appearance of a global totalitarian dictator, a type  of  which  was Adolf Hitler.

It will be  no  surprise  if  the  coming  global  system,  which is  obviously tolerant of all other religions  except  Christianity and Judaism, will, once  again,  begin  the  persecution  of  its  old adversary. The struggle  between  the  two forces, one representing God (Judeo-Christianity) and the other  Satan (the Mystery Religions of the Nephilim), has, since Genesis been waged.

This great struggle between those of God (the Light)  and  those of Satan’s legions (the  Dark) shall come to an end with the victorious return of Jesus Christ at the end of this present age.

New Agers: Know who you are — you  are  people  of the swastika and are the servants of Satan.

Christians: Know who you are — you are people of the  cross and the servants of the Most High God.

It is Satan’s  desire  that  all  people  of the earth shall come to worship him and the mark of the beast  shall  be  an initiation into the Luciferian kingdom.  The reign of the antichrist  shall be but 7 years — 3.5  shall  be  in  peace;  3.5  shall  be in great war and turmoil.

At the end of this 7 year period Jesus Christ himself will return to defeat the antichrist and his legions in quick order. If you are a dabbler in the New Age then know  what is happening to you and how you are being manipulated by Satan.  Come to Jesus  Christ by prayer and ask Him  to  save  you from this certain destruction; God is not willing that any should perish  but  that  all  come  to  salvation through Jesus Christ.  THIS MEANS YOU.

Christians: Build yourself up in your most Holy Faith  and  look up for your salvation draweth nigh.  Watch and pray.  Come Lord Jesus!

IF you desire to seek salvation and wish to be with the Perfect Lord Jesus who gave  His  life  that  you  might have life after physical death a simple prayer like the one  below is sufficient to show God you are serious…

“Dear Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner and that I rightfully deserve eternal death for my transgressions against your Holy word.  Lord Jesus, I ask that you forgive me of my sins and that you, as you have promised, save me from eternal death.  I ask that you come into my heart (spirit) and that I be henceforth a pleasing vessel of your will. Thank you for dying for my sins and thank you for saving my soul.  Teach me of your ways.  In the name of Jesus Christ I ask and pray these things.  Amen.


The Great White Lodge and The Mystery School

lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”―2 Corinthians 2:11
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” ―Ephesians 5:11

The Great White Brotherhood is composed of Initiates from all parts of the earth, and these form the invisible government of the earth. The Great White Lodge meets every seven years, and in it each of the schools of occult philosophy are represented. This group is a law-making body deciding with its clearer intelligence the needs of humanity, and seeking to meet these needs in the most efficient manner. During these meetings Beings superior to the Masters themselves are present. The power of the Adepts over the visible and invisible worlds enables them to invoke the forces of Nature to the attainment of any particular end. The Temple of the Great White Lodge, we are told, stands upon an island of Permanent Rock in the heart of the Gobi Desert of Mongolia or Mongolian Tibet.

What is the actual purpose of the Mystery Schools?

They are centers established to make possible the study of Eternal Truth. Their existence remains unknown to the masses, and in this way they protect themselves from the attacks and ridicule of the ignorant. Their fine hand, however, is behind practically every ethical advancement of the age. Sir Francis Bacon, the remodeler of British law, was a member of one of these Mystery Schools, as was William Shakespeare, the world’s greatest dramatist. Plato was an initiate; so was Aristotle. Pythagoras established a School of the Mysteries at Crotona.

Appolonius of Tyana, sometimes called the Antichrist, was a high Adept, having been initiated in the Great Pyramid. Both Paracelsus and Roger Bacon were members of the Order of the Illuminati, represented the Mystery Schools in the world. Father C. RC., initiated in Arabia in the mythological city of Damcar by Arabian Adepts, was the spirit behind the Order of the Rose Cross in Germany and later in the Masonic Order. These Mystery Schools are established for the redemption of the race, which being too ignorant to know its own needs is first guided through its childhood by the gods and then instructed by the Adepts so that it may learn to take care of itself.

Why do we never see these Great Ones in the world?

They are in the world about us every day, but we do not recognize them. We look for shining figures with golden halos. But great souls are not like that. They are the simplest among the simple, the least among the least. They have learned what Jesus meant when he said, “He that would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” The true Initiate, realizing that he will never be understood by the mass of humanity, never reveals himself except to his own students who know and love him.

How may we know a great Initiate and tell a true Adept from a false?

There is an old saying, “By their works shall ye know them.” This applies to occult things as to any other line of endeavor. Within the last fifty years the matter of Adepts and Masters has been badly overdone. The country has been flooded with Swamis, Yogis, Mahatmas, Adepts, Masters and Initiates. It is impossible that even one percent of those who make this claim could be genuine, for Nature works slowly—great minds are not educated en masse. We may say that an Adept or an Initiate cannot be recognized by any who is not instructed on the same subject.

The Masters are known to each other, but to no one else as such. We may suspect a person who has unusual powers and is consecrating them to the service of humanity of being one of the Brethren or their Chela. But this will never be substantiated by their own admission. NO ADEPT OR INITIATE WILL STATE THAT HE IS SUCH EXCEPT TO HIS OWN CHELAS, AND THESE HE SWEARS TO SECRECY. ANYONE WHO ADMITS OR DECLARES PUBLICLY OR BRAGS OF THE FACT THAT HE IS AN ACCEPTED MEMBER OR HAS BEEN INITIATED INTO ANY TRUE OCCULT ORGANIZATION IS NO OTHER THAN AN EGOTIST AND A LIAR. A Chela or disciple may state, when ordered to do so by his Master, that he is representing the Adept or is speaking for him, but he must always admit and make plain that he himself is merely a humble disciple obeying the orders of a greater mind. When you see a person charitable to all, sincere with all, who labors daily for all, humble and contrite in all things, you may ask, “Is he a Great One?” But you will never be able to know until you have become as he is. Then the bond of service reveals to each those who are laboring for a common end.

Source: Special Class in Secret Doctrine in Appreciation of H.P.B. (Madame Blavatsky) by Manly P. Hall Manuscript Series No. 36

Cain: The Forgotten Father Of Cainites

But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.  Revelation 2:24

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. —John 8:32”

(Warning: If you lack discernment, do not read this article. The secret is often hidden in myths, legends and folklore)

Many secret orders have an Outer Head – a non-corporeal entity who is recognized as that order’s true Grand Master, for whom the corporeal Grand Master is but a representative. It is similar to the concept of the patron deity. For us, we understand the Ordo Lapsit Exillis 1 to be under the guidance of the spirit of Cain, the god-king of the ancient world immortalized in legends as mankind’s [cain-kind] Forgotten Father.

Cain is said to have created civilizations across the globe, and to have shared with certain chosen men [who are descendants of cain] a secret, forbidden wisdom: the Hermetic doctrine of the occult, symbolized by the Lapsit Exillis 1, or the Holy Grail. These actions brought him into conflict with other members of the divine hierarchy, an occasion immortalized in the Biblical story of the War in Heaven, and in other myths from various cultures that tell the same story. He is also said to have interbred with mortal females, creating mankind’s first royal family, the Grail bloodline, which carried with it the seed of the divine. Their descendants became the lords of the earth, resulting in many, if not in fact most of the world’s royal dynasties throughout history. The Grail gene can even be found in numerous other important personages from both the past and the present, including every single president of the United States.

The archetypal figure of Cain can be found in an astonishing variety of myths and legends from divers places and periods. Notable ones include:

  • Kronos/Saturn
  • Hermes/Mercury
  • Zeus
  • Vulcan
  • Oceanus
  • Osiris
  • Oannes
  • Dagon
  • Moloch
  • Baal
  • Odin
  • Wotan

South American gods such as:

  • Votan
  • Viracocha
  • Quetzlcoatl

And although Cain is himself a Biblical figure, major elements of his story are repeated in the Biblical (and Apocryphal) tales of:

  • Enoch
  • Tubal-Cain
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • Isaac
  • Jacob
  • Nimrod
  • Melchizedek
  • King Hiram of Tyre
  • Archangel Michael
  • even Christ himself

However, the Cain archetype is most famously represented in the villains of the Bible, such as SatanLuciferLeviathan, and the Anti-Christ.

Cain is even portrayed in the church at Rennes-le-Chateau, as the statue of the demon Asmodeus – Rex Mundi, the Lord of the Earth – which stands in the church entryway. Cain is not always depicted as exclusively male, for in occult symbolism he is sometimes conjoined in Hermaphroditic fashion with his female consort, represented by the Venusian goddess archetype. In this manner Cain was worshipped by the Knights Templar in the form of their androgynous idol, Baphomet.

Asmodeus and Baphomet

The secret doctrine passed down from Cain to his descendants has been preserved in the various secret occult societies that the Grail families have formed throughout the ages, albeit in sometimes fragmented and incoherent form. It is the goal of Lapsit Exillis to rediscover the secret doctrine of the Grail – the forbidden knowledge first taught by Cain – and restore it to its original glory, in a pure and unblemished state.

In the BibleCain was exiled to the Land of Nod, and what became of him after is not specified, except that he is known to have founded great kingdoms. Of his death and burial, nothing is said. But the legends of other cultures pick up where the Bible leaves off. In numerous myths, the body of the Forgotten Father is said to be entombed within a subterranean chamber, located in the cave of a sacred mountain in the center of the Earth [aka agartha]. There he is, not dead, but eternally sleeping, and his dreams still have the power to influence the actions of mortal men upon the Earth’s surface. One day, it is said, upon the arrival of the new Golden Age [aka New World Order/Age of Evil], he will return to once again shepherd his flock [Canaanites]. Until then, his servants work in secret to prepare the way.

We need not speculate about the literal truth of notions such as these in order to derive use from them. To us, regardless of the scientific principles which may or may not be involved, the divine influence of the spirit of Cain upon the work of the OLE (Ordo Lapsit Exillis 1) can most definitely be felt. Because of this, we are obliged to acknowledge the insight and guidance that we have received from him, and thus are compelled to pledge our steadfast, unswerving obedience to him and his principles. It is a pledge we feel quite confident in making, and a servitude that brings us nothing but joy. To us, Cain will always be the rightful Roi du Monde. If the Rulers have the Divine Right to govern, the true initiate will cheerfully obey.  – Albert PikeMorals and Dogma

Lucifer’s Children

The Grail Bloodline and the Descendants of Cain
by Boyd Rice

Oct 20, 2004

Conventional wisdom has it that the Grail bloodline is sacred because it came from Christ, a man still considered by much of the world to be the true son of God. And yet the dynasty of kings who descended from this bloodline were known as sorcerer-kings, some of whom hinted or even stated outright that they were in fact descendants of Lucifer.

A number of authors claim this thesis is true, but they are predominantly hardcore Christian conspiracy theorists, and stop well short of explaining why they believe this, or of giving any tangible details to substantiate their claims. Says one:

“In typical Gnostic fashion, descendants of the Merovingians claim to have the blood of both Christ and Satan in their veins.”

Given the fact that this theme (or a variation of it) recurs with some regularity, and given that it would appear to be consistent with the sort of dual vibe which permeates the saga of this bloodline, I began to wonder if there might not be some traditions from which such a notion could have arisen. At length, several were discovered.

Firstly, let’s remember that this bloodline descended from a figure who equates with the Biblical Cain. In certain rabbinic lore, we come across the very interesting notion that Cain was not the son of Adam, but of Samael. It was thought that when Samael appeared to Eve as a serpent, he seduced [beguiled] her [Gen 3:13]. The fruit of that union was Cain. Now Samael was a fallen angel, essentially the Judaic Lucifer. If the Merovingians knew of this version of the story (which they no doubt did), and believed it, it could be the basis of their alleged assertion that they possessed the blood of both Christ and Lucifer.

An alternate version of the Cain saga, equally Luciferian in its connotations, says that he was the son of Adam’s first wife, Lilith. She had been the consort of God before coming to Earth as a fallen angel. The full details of her story are probably too well-known to bear repeating here, but it’s interesting that of the two alternate traditions concerning Cain’s parentage, both involve the Luciferian Nephilim bloodline. Also of interest is the fact that the lily is known to have taken its name from “Lilith”, and the heraldic device emblematic of this bloodline is the fleur-de-lys (widely accepted as symbolic of the lily.) Could not this symbol, viewed within this context, in fact be the “Flower of Lilith”?

Statute Of Lilith

Another possible genesis of the idea of a Luciferian bloodline may have come from the Elohim, who in the Bible say: “Let us make man in our image.” Elohim is generally thought to be a plural of God, or to be “the gods.” But it is also widely believed to denote the Nephilim, the fallen angels known as the Watchers in The Book of Enoch. It is believed that the word “Elohim” comes from the much more ancient Babylonian word “Ellu”, which means “Shining Ones.” This phrase has a distinctively Luciferian connotation, because the name “Lucifer” literally means “light bearer.” And the descendants of Cain, who were the deified kings of Sumeria, bore the title of “Ari”, a term which also meant “Shining Ones.” The Sumerian pictogram for “Ari” is an inverted pentagram, a symbol long associated with Lucifer. And the phrase “Shining Ones” would be a very apt description for the descendants of Enoch’s fallen angels, who were said to have hair white as snow, pale eyes, and pale skin which seemed literally to glow and fill the room with light.

In closing, we note the fact that Cain seems to have engendered his own tradition, as evidenced in a strange Gnostic sect called the Cainites. Like the Carpocrateans, the Cainites believed that no one could be saved except by “making the journey through everything.” Epiphanius describes them as a group “consecrating… lustful or illegal acts to various heavenly beings” as a sort of sacrament. Interestingly, many scholars compare them to… Satanists.

The extent to which the Merovingians knew of these alternate traditions is uncertain. Whether or not they believed in them is more uncertain still, yet it remains likely that they both knew about these traditions and took them quite seriously. To this very day, the coat of arms of the capital of the Merovingian empire, Stenay, bears an image of the Devil. And the original name of Stenay was “Satanicum.”

1. The Ordo Lapsit Exillis is named after the Stone that fell from Heaven, the fabled jewel that is said to have fallen from Lucifer’s crown during the war in Heaven, and which in the occult is used as a symbol of enlightenment – of the descent of divine light form the mind of God into the mind of Man. As such it symbolizes Venus, the Morning Star, as well as the Luciferian doctrine of the initiates, the secret knowledge which men are not allowed, and which Lucifer’s angels were cast from Heaven for sharing with man.  —Source



by Robin de Ruiter

received by email on January 28, 2009

Extracted from “Worldwide Evil and Misery – The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines by Robin de Ruiter
This book was written many years ago, banned in France and now finally also available in English. Co-author of this book is Fritz Springmeier.

“If you want to raise the ultimate kind of power within Satanism you sacrifice someone. In the highest levels of Satanism they believe the best way to raise your energy is by murdering something, either an animal or a person. With a human being there’s an enormous amount of energy released.” —Bill Schnoebelen

The most powerful Illuminati bloodlines lead the Satanic Hierarchy and are part of Satan’s Kingdom. Each of these bloodlines have demonic princes, just like the “man and demon” Prince of Persia in the Bible.

The following overview has been composed by former Illuminati members.

Male Part
Royal Ipsimus
Council of the Grand Druids
Higher Masters
Pentacle Servants Regular Witchcraft Circle
(Under the leadership of a Priest)
Female Part
Queen of Darkness
Grande Mother of Darkness (13 degrees)
Sisters of the Light (9 degrees)
Matriarch Regular Witchcraft Circle
(Under the leadership of a Priestess) 1

1. A witchcraft circle is part of the lowest level of organized Satanism (comparable to a unit of the army) and consists of thirteen witches with a priest or priestess as “officer”.

Within organized Satanism, at the highest level of the Illuminati structure, at the top of the pyramid and above the “Royal Ipsimus”, we find The Great White Brotherhood.

Courtesy of Fritz Springmeier

Few people are aware of the existence of this organization because The Great White Lodge of The Great White Brotherhood is not a visible organization. Its members do not gather for meetings nor do they have a temple of their own. The structures within The Great White Brotherhood are actually very simple. Satan is the Deputy Grandmaster of the Great White Lodge, with other spiritual members being demons.

Both Satan and his demons are in constant telepathic contact with the few visible (human) leaders of the Brotherhood. Introduction to The Great White Brotherhood takes place through a Cosmic Initiation.

Potential candidates are recruited in different ways. Members of the Brotherhood meet a certain person who they believe has the personality that makes him or her suitable for the lifestyle within the Brotherhood. The new victim is not addressed directly. First, the candidacy of this new member is discussed with the Grandmaster of the highest Degree who will have him tailed.2

2. The Grandmaster of the high Degree is called the “Master of the Chair”. He possesses the highest degree of power.

A thorough background check is carried out, with all the habits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses of the candidate meticulously mapped out.

When sufficient information concerning the life of a potential new member has been collected, and when it is determined that he is easily influenced, the Masters will order a detailed plan to be drawn up to bring the potential candidate into contact with the Brotherhood.

This sophisticated approach usually works perfectly. The Brotherhood takes the initiative, and all the prospective new members have to do is take the bait. Often, they have no idea that a fine net is being spun around them.

The first real contact takes place in such a way as to ensure that the meeting makes an overwhelming impression on the new candidate. When the Brotherhood decides to add a new member to its organization, the action has to succeed. A person informed of the existence of the Brotherhood that decides not to become a member usually places his life in danger.

People who have been marked as untrustworthy almost certainly risk losing their lives.

In this regard, the Brotherhood’s motto is:

“It is better to have a reliable member end the life of a hazy suspect than to be exposed by an unreliable member.”

Executions ordered by the Brotherhood will only be carried out when there is a guarantee that the act will not be discovered.

When the candidate has been dazzled by the Brotherhood and has declared a willingness to be initiated into the teachings of the Brotherhood, there is no going back. At least six Masters and one of the higher Masters are present at the acceptance ceremony.

The light is dimmed, candles and oil lamps are lit, and incense is burned. The leading Master pronounces the oath, repeating it six times while looking into the eyes of those present. It is important to look into each other’s eyes when pronouncing the oath. Like with the Rosicrucian Brotherhoodthe Freemasons and other occult societies, the candidate is connected to a demon through hypnosis during the ceremony.3

3. With Satanic rituals, initiations and ritual murders, hypnosis and witchcraft are used.

The text of the oath is as follows:

“I swear on my life and my soul never to reveal that which fate lets me encounter on this night. Should I, my friend, break this holy oath, I hereby officially grant permission to annul my life and my soul.”

After that, all seven who are present pronounce the oath six times. They do so solemnly and with great emphasis. During the “test,” which comes next, a phenomenon called the transfiguration occurs. The demon literally takes possession of the spirit of the newcomer. In addition to dreams and astral projections, a kind of fata morgana can also transmit visions.

Before the test takes place, the candidate is told that he has been chosen by providence to possess special powers.

These powers will be transmitted to him through another human being. The way this is done is secret and the candidate has to swear never to reveal that secret. After the candidate once again swears on his life never to reveal the knowledge he will receive, the Grandmaster and the other Masters present tell him about rituals from the Incas and the Celtic Druids. He is not told how these rituals were carried out in practice; he is only told that they exist and that they involve natural processes.

The candidate is told which priests were authorized to transmit which powers, and that these secret techniques are only passed on to a handful of the chosen. For thousands of years these practices have been carried out in secret, and it has to stay that way for all eternity. The Incas were masters in transmitting special powers, and the candidate is told that he is about to experience how they did it.

One of the most powerful Grandmasters within the Illuminati (Hohen Meister von Stuhl), in his book 334 Pro Mille Lies, writes the following about his first test and initiation:

“Present in the room were a woman, five Masters and a Grandmaster. Before the test commenced, one of them suggested we eat something first.

The woman asked those present what kind of pizza they wanted, and she ordered them by telephone from a pizzeria nearby. When she had put down the telephone, she left the house. At the time, I had no idea what this behavior meant. After a while the woman returned, bringing a young man who carried a pile of boxes from which the delicious smell of pizza emanated. We were all very hungry. The Grandmaster asked the pizza delivery boy to sit down while he fetched the money. The boy was offered a large glass of soda, which he emptied in just a few big gulps.

The pizzas were put on plates and cut. The young man fell into a deep sleep. I was very worried. Had they poisoned him? The Grandmaster assured me that the pizza delivery boy had only been sedated. He suggested we eat first, and we ate our pizzas.

After we finished, we cleaned up.

Then we put on white, nightgown-like robes and brought the pizza delivery boy to the basement. The Masters tied him to a metal rack that was placed in the center of the basement room. They attached leather cuffs to his wrists and tied him so tightly that he appeared to be crucified to the metal rack. By then he had regained consciousness.

We sat in a circle around him. The Grandmaster told me the pizza delivery boy belonged to me and that I could withdraw as much energy from him as I wanted. He then handed me a large knife and made an inviting gesture towards the restrained boy. I understood.” 4

4. Anonymous, 334‰ Lüge: Die Offenbarung des Hohen Meister von Stuhl, Frankfurt 2002, 75.

Next, the anonymous author describes how he murdered the pizza delivery boy in a gruesome way. The torture and bloodshed, which are described in detail, are absolutely unfit for reading.

Grandmaster of the Chair can never occupy an official position, nor will he ever be able to manage a multinational company. The reason for this is that visible leaders have to leave their position from time to time, when they are demanded to do so by a majority of the population.


Atlantis: The Sunken Island of hybrid god-men

“You have to know the past to understand the present  —Carl Sagan”

The British historian and novelist H.G.Wells put it best when he once observed,

“There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words of magic is Atlantis… it is as if this vision of a lost culture touched the most hidden thought of our soul.”

Of course, by far the most illustrious of all the voices in the Atlantis choir was Plato (c. 427-347 BC) who, repeating the story of his cousin’s excursion into Egypt, reintroduced the epic story of Atlantis to the collective human imagination. He is the father of ‘Atlantology’.

According to Manly P. Hall, Plato, whose real name was Aristocles, was initiated in the mysteries in Egypt at the age of 49. His tale of Atlantis appears in Timaeus, in which Critias tells Socrates how, visiting the Egyptian capital Plato’s ancestor Solon (c. 640BC) was told by a priest:

“Oh, Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there is no such thing as an old Greek. … You are all young in mind; you have no belief rooted in old tradition and no knowledge hoary with age. … In our temples we have preserved from earliest times a written record of any great or splendid achievement or notable event which has come to our ears, whether it occurred in your part of the world or here or anywhere else; whereas with you and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends, and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured, so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in our part of the world or in yours in early times. So these genealogies of your own people which you were just recounting are little more than children’s stories. … The age of our institutions is given in our sacred records as eight thousand years ……”

Plato, who is considered one of the world’s greatest scholars, left little room to doubt that he subscribed wholeheartedly to the historicity of Atlantis and repeated cataclysms.

Nine thousand years before Plato’s conversation was recorded (c. 400 B.C.) a war took place between an ancient pristine Athens and Atlantis. At that time Atlantis was an island ‘larger than Libya and Asia put together’ that was overcome by earthquakes. It is the source, says Plato, of the impenetrable mud, which prevents passage beyond the Pillars of Heracles and across the Atlantic.

Plato’s description of Atlantis came shortly after the Jews were in exile in Babylon (c.600 B.C.) and were taking history lessons from Sumerian texts that contained the missing pre-history to the Hebrew Book of Genesis. These texts speak of a massive cataclysm that destroyed an advanced race.(ie descendants of fallen angels) They tell how the Sumerian gods Enki (aka satan) and Ninharsag intervened in the evolution of humanity and created an advanced civilization [race of demons in flesh and blood] that was destroyed and how they assisted in the long march to renewing [that demonic]  civilization. These beings were the Shining Ones of Eden and early biblical times. In Plato’s Atlantis story Enki [aka satan] became Poseidon, the ruler of the Atlantis.

For more than three thousand years, people have been magnetically attracted and bedazzled by Plato’s story of Enki/Poseidon’s [satan’s] island Empire of Atlantis and have either dismissed it as mere legend or have transformed this story into true hidden history.

Many feel that Atlantis is purely fable or a metaphor and that the ‘water’ that destroyed it is simply a symbol for a new wisdom that replaced the old.

Those who dismiss the tale of Atlantis are of Aristotle’s school. He compared his teacher’s story with that of Homer’s narrative of the wall which the Greeks were said to have constructed to protect mythical Troy, but which was destroyed by divine intervention. Aristotle’s belief was that both Homer’s tale of Troy and Plato’s Atlantis were inventions of storytellers seeking to embellish their story lines.

Aristotle claimed that Plato sank the island so that it could never be found. With Homer’s Iliad as his guide, Heinrich Schliemann went hunting for ancient Troy in 1870. When he found it new life was breathed into the belief that Atlantis was also an actual place.

Balancing Aristotle’s view on Atlantis was Crantor (c. 300 B.C.), the first editor of Plato’s Timaeus. To him Plato’s story was literally and historically accurate. According to some sources, he even sent investigators to Egypt to verify the sources. Allegedly, Egyptian priests claimed records found on still standing ‘pillars’ verified the story of Atlantis.

Egypt is certainly the land of pillars. The stout columns of Karnak are unforgettable. Truly awe-inspiring are those three mysterious ancient pillars we call the pyramids of Giza, clumped together on the plateau of the gods. They represent a high science and industry capable of creating a nearly indestructible edifice. Are these the pillars of record?

Despite the fact that nearly two thousand books have been written about Atlantis in the twentieth century — many written about the Atlantean origin of the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indo-Aryan, and native South American civilizations — we may never be able to prove to some that Atlantis existed. Still, Atlantis reminds us of all that was once great about the human race, and can be great again. It is a state of mind, guided by the gods, glued together by far-flung ideas and a large measure of hope.

Here’s the essential story of Atlantis as told by Plato.


“Once upon a time,” Plato begins in Critias, “ the gods divided up the Earth between them.”

Each took a territory and having done so populated it with humans, “their creatures and children.” The gods [watchers] looked after human kind as shepherds look after their flocks, he notes, using mental telepathy to guide and persuade the mortal creatures in their care.

Poseidon’s [fallen angel/demon] share of the god’s earthly spoils was Atlantis and he settled the children born to him by a mortal woman in a particular district of it. At the center of the island, near the sea, on the most beautiful plain was a hill. Here there lived one of the original earth born inhabitants called Evenor, and his wife Leucippe. They had an only child, a daughter named Cleito. She was just of marriageable age when her parts died, and Poseidon was attracted by her and had intercourse with her. He fortified the hill where she was living by enclosing it in concentric rings of sea and land, making the place inaccessible to other humans. He equipped the central island with godlike lavishness.


Poseidon [flesh and blood fallen one] begot five pairs of male twins, brought them up and divided the island of Atlantis into ten parts, which he distributed between them. His oldest son, Atlas, was given his mother’s home district. Atlantis is named for Atlas. In the center was a shrine to Poseidon and Cleito, surrounded by a golden wall through which entry was forbidden

For many generations, Plato tells us, a ‘divine element’ in the nature of the hybrid children of Atlantis survived. They retained a certain greatness of mind and enjoyed a high standard of living and lives of impeccable character.

But then, the divine element in them became weakened by frequent admixture with mortal stock and their human traits became predominant. They ceased to be able to carry their prosperity with moderation, says Plato. The degenerative strain began to covet power and unbridled ambition.

The god of gods, Zeus, whose eye can see such things, became aware of the wretched state of this admirable stock. He decided to punish them and reduce them to order by discipline.

He accordingly summoned all the gods to his own most glorious abode, which stands at the center of the universe and looks out over the whole realm of change, and when they had assembled addressed them as follows.

Here, Plato’s dialog cuts off. From this brief synopsis we have learned that the gods came to earth, mated with humans, created a new race of hybrid god-men, and built a protective enclosure for them at the center of Atlantis. After this race achieved a high degree of civilization it began to degenerate because of a dilution of ‘divine essence’.

As mentioned, the symbol of Atlantis is derived from the description of the enclosure constructed by the gods to protect the original sacred hill of Atlantis. As noted by Plato, the gods [devils] built this enclosure to keep humans out. Therefore, the sign of Atlantis could read Atlantis: Property of the gods [devils]. Humans keep out.”



There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. —Genesis 6:4

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.  And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth. —Genesis 6:11-13

“Oh Lord, expose any human devils in my life in the name of Jesus” —John 6:70


How To Recognize A Nephilim?

How To Recognize A Nephilim? – Although many people think that the Nephilim were all killed by Archangel Gabriel, due to God’s command, there might be some left alive. In fact, there are many theories that believe that many Nephilim survived and their offspring live among us today.

Therefore, there is a high chance that you’ve already met a nephilim in person. If you are not sure, these few characteristics might convince you if that “person” was, in fact, a Nephilim or an offspring.

How To Recognize A Nephilim?

How To Recognize A Nephilim

The Nephilim of The Bible are very easy to recognize. They are Giants! They are also evil, blood thirsty monsters. Physically, they were not different than us. The most important difference is their impressive height. The Nephilim are the offspring of The Watchers mating with the daughters of men. But the nephilim from The Bible should not be alive today, because they were all killed by Archangel Gabriel before the flood. Being unnatural creatures, their souls had no place to rest in peace. And their souls became the Demons that we all know today, the evil spirits tormenting humankind.

The concept of Nephilim still leaving among us today comes mostly from the spiritual community. Different psychics and mediums claim that they can recognize Nephilim and people with Nephilim ancestry. They sustain that these Nehpilim are, in fact, not Giants. They have some physical differences, but those are not that easy to spot. Also, some of them look like unearthly beautiful human beings!!!!

Also, some psychics who encountered them say that they have almond shaped and wide spaced eyes and pointy ears. Which makes them look like some kind of fairies.

The easiest way to recognize a Nephilim

You most easily recognize a Nephilim observing its behavior. They are believed to behave strangely, unnaturally and too controlled. Also they are hard to be understood, because their body language is different from ours. They often get confused by the world around them.

According to Travis Sanders, many Nephilim look just like us, and they often don’t even know what they really are. Until they encounter a trigger that brings clearance.

Did you ever meet a Nephilim? Do you believe they still exist? Either way, these creatures are becoming more and more popular in today’s culture. They are present in movies, series, books and comic books. Therefore, they excite the human mind and imagination.


EU PARLIAMENT: Mandatory Chip Implants for EU CITIZENS Published STUDY

By LawyerLisa

The EU has been studying mandatory chip implants since 2017 and has an in depth published study examining the technology and the barriers needed to overcome in order to chip their population.


The publication is titled:


The Abstract of the Study reads

Abstract This paper briefly explains the technology of RFID chip implants; explores current applications; and considers legal, ethical, health, and security issues relating to their potential use in the workplace.

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