“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. —John 10:10

  1. They are the Spiritual thieves, stealing from you in the dream.
  2. They are the dream Robbers, forcefully taking what belongs to you.
  3. They are dream assassins pushing people down from a great height, killing people in the dream.
  4. They are the Spiritual butchers amputating people in the dream.
  5. They are the deadly Gun Shooters shooting people in the dreams making their bullets to cause killer diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Demonic sore, unexplainable infection at that very spot of attack.
  6. They are the Arrow Shooters in the dream.
  7. They are the Satanic Surgeons operating on people in the dream replacing peoples internal organs with demonic parts, closing up women’s wombs, castrating men.
  8. They are the Evil Pharmacist dispensing affliction drugs forcing them down peoples throats in the dream.
  9. They are the Evil Nurses injecting one with poison in the dream introducing diseases like HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, equally they draw peoples blood with their evil syringe.
  10. They are the demonic barbers removing ones hairs for evil operations. They remove people’s glory by so doing.
  11. They are destiny quenchers scattering in the dream what you are gathering on the physical.
  12. They are Evil Priests conducting demonic marriages and burials.
  13. They are the demonic dark police preventing one from climbing to the Zenith of fulfillment in the dream. They chase helpers back and attack them gruesomely.
  14. They are Dark Arresters arresting people in the dream.
  15. They are the Evil Jailers/Prison Keepers/Janitors caging one in an Evil Prison and watching over.
  16. They are the Dark Judges pronouncing evil judgment on one in the dream world.
  17. They are the Daylight and Nocturnal Caterers feeding one with demonic food and drink in the dream.
  18. They are the dark powers tying one down, open the mouth and forcefully vomiting into the mouth causing untold hardship on the physical.
  19. They are the ones cursing one in the dream and prophesying evil.
  20. They are the EVIL GATHERERS summoning one for demonic Initiation in the dream world.
  21. They are the DEATH AGENTS, showing one Grave years, impersonating dead relatives/friends, conducting funerals and causing death related dreams.
  22. They are the MASQUERADES chasing people in the dream, sometimes wanting to have sex with their victims.
  23. They are the vagabond Evil drivers/Pilots/Guards taking one around in the dream without ever getting to the destination.
  24. They are the Manipulative Spirits appearing in form of hermaphrodite, evil replica, familiar person that you cant resist coming to do evil in the dreams.
  25. They are the dark agents changing forms (turning to animals, birds etc) in order to wound one’s destiny in the dream.
  26. They are the EVIL ANNOUNCERS breeding evil news in the dream world.
  27. They are the ones disguising as your spouse, family member, your workers to cause an injury extensively without being challenged.
  28. They are the Marine, Leviathan, Agents fulfilling their Evil Quota by harassing you in the dream.


Bad Dreams / Evil Dreams : What They Mean And How To Stand Against Them

You may ask “I have had these types of dreams for years without doing anything about them. Can I still take action now to effect a change and stop these dreams from recurring?” The answer is YES, you can! There’s great news for you. There is a glorious opportunity in the spiritual world which you need to know about. If you have a tape player, you will know of two important functions: – rewind and fast forward.


You can rewind your dream experiences back to your childhood days through prayer. That means you can counter the effect of all the bad dreams you had for the past ten, twenty, forty years, etc…. Here’s how you pray:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I reverse the effect of the negative dreams I had ten years ago. Any negative effect should be completely cancelled by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus Name, Amen.

If you wake up from a bad dream, follow the steps below:

  1. Do not FEAR!
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to help replay the dream in sharp focus so you’ll know how to respond.
  3. Launch a counter-offensive by first cancelling the dream, summoning the evil actors and dealing with them.
  4. Recover what they stole from you in the Name of Jesus.
  5. Release all the big spiritual missiles against them ie. Fire of God
  6. Soak yourself and your loved ones in the blood of Jesus and pronounce the blessings of the Lord abundantly upon yourself.
  7. Be prepared to do this repeatedly, if need be, for many days and nights. In other words, be ready for a sustained and persistent campaign.

As soon as you wake up from a bad dream, you should cancel it. A simple prayer like this:

“I cancel that negative dream I just had about …….. (Fill in the blanks) in the Name of Jesus. I decree that it shall NOT manifest in the physical in Jesus Name. I release the fire of God on every satanic actor in that dream. I plead the blood of Jesus and I hold up the banner of victory in Christ Jesus. Let the angels of the Lord go on a “search and destroy” mission in the land of the living and the dead ……. to destroy every power, spirit, personality, device or animal programmed to attack me in the dream. Henceforth, let nothing trouble me in the dream for I bear on my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”.

Update: always seeing jets and aeroplanes looking for you – these are mostly used by evil powers of Illuminati, this means they are looking for you so that they can take you into their spiritual bondage.
Prayer point: Any evil powers of illuminati pursuing me spiritually through dreams or physically, scatter by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.
Let all satanic computers fashioned against my life receive the fire of God and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
Let all satanic records that are against my life receive the fire of God and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
Let all satanic satellites and cameras used to monitor and manipulate my life receive the fire of God and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
Let all satanic weapons of attack fashioned against me and my family receive the fire of God and burn to ashes, in Jesus’ name.
Let all spiritual mirrors used against me break to pieces, in the name of Jesus.
Let every spiritual or physical equipment set against me break to pieces in the name of Jesus.

Car Brakes don’t work

Means the enemy is trying to take control of a certain area in your life. Your destiny is under attack. You have to resist this using the Word of God and prayer. You should cancel the dream as soon as you wake up and pray that the heavenly mechanics would repair the brakes of your vehicle and ask the Holy Spirit to take charge in Jesus’ name.

Person who passed away takes something from you

Means there is a spiritual link that you need to break. The enemy is using that link as a conduit to siphon your virtues and blessings. If the person is a relative, it means you have ancestral evil linkages to deal with. You can pray “I recover my virtues from the land of the dead, and i cut every ancestral evil linkage with the sword of the Lord in the name of Jesus.”

Being arrested

Means you have fallen into the trap of the spirits which engineer bondage and captivity. You need to rise up with holy anger and pray like this: “I release myself from every satanic cage or prison in the Name of Jesus. I bind the arresters in the dream and i release the hornets of the Lord against them. O Lord, despatch your angels of war to hunt down my captors and take my captivity captive in the Name of Jesus.

Wandering around in a bush

Means the spirit of confusion is at work in your life. You will not be able to focus on anything and do it well. Confusion will be the order of the day. You need the bind the spirit of confusion. Ask the Lord to send his angelic dispatch riders to take you out of the maze of confusion.

Bulls or cows chasing you

Means that witchcraft spirits are after you. Ungodly dream interpreters will tell you cows signify good time coming. That’s a big lie. If you find cows coming after you in the dream, you better wake up and pray. Bind every spirit of witchcraft and release the fire of the Lord to burn them to ashes in Jesus’ Name. And learn to be sensitive to what’s going on in your environment.

Scorpion attacking you

Means that you are up against very wicked and aggressive enemies. They will stop at nothing to destroy. Rise up and declare war against visible and invisible enemies. Pray like this. “Thunder of God, scatter every satanic army assigned against my life in the Name of Jesus.”

Lost your clothes and not able to find them

Before you woke up means spiritual robbers are working against you, and the end result is shame and demotion, unless you take action now. When you wake up, send the angels of God on assignment to recover what you’ve lost. Ask the Holy Spirit to arrest those responsible. Ask for the garment of honor and glory from the Lord.

Walking around barefoot

Means shame, demotion and hardship. Pray and destroy the powers assigned to monitor your life and report back to your enemies. Bind the spirits of shame and poverty. Release the fire of God against them. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

Flood carrying your things away

Means that evil consultants have been engaged to fight you. By evil consultants I mean psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, sorcerers, enchanters, magicians, etc… Their specific assignment is to destroy or transfer your virtues and replace them with trouble, tribulation and hardship. You will do well to learn how to battle against these things through violent prayer. A great prayer point is “O altar of perpetual destruction set up against me, be destroyed by the earthquake of the Almighty in the Name of Jesus.” You can also pray that the Lord should turn every evil counsel against you to foolishness.

Seeing yourself flying

Means you have been initiated into witchcraft, whether you know it or not, whether you’ve agreed to it or not. Some people inherit this wicked spirit from their parents and have no idea that they are blind witches. The solution is to look for an anointed Christian ministry that understands how to set people free from this type of thing. Five minute prayers will not be enough to do a thorough job here. As Jesus said, “this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting.” It is a stubborn spirit.

Being arraigned before a judge

Means someone is placing curses on you. Here’s where you need to know your scripture. The Bible says, “No one can curse whom the Lord has blessed.” And ” a curse causeless shall not come.” Armed with these scriptures you pray “I cancel and nullify every curse placed upon me in the Name of Jesus. I arrest every spirit assigned to enforce curses upon my life in the Name of Jesus. I destroy their assignment by the power in the blood of Jesus. I declare that I am the blessed of the Lord. No one can curse whom the Lord has blessed.” This is powerful stuff and it works.It is scriptural!

Being driven to an unknown destination

Means some other power outside the Holy Spirit is in control of your life, or an area of your life, for evil. Pray for the Holy Spirit to unseat the evil driver. Ask the Lord to forgive you where you have rebelled against Him, and opened the door for the enemy.

Surrounded by bees

Means you are under attack by strong, highly organised enemies that will stop at nothing to destroy you. Release the fire of God to burn them to ashes, through aggressive and persistent prayer. That means pray against them every night until you see a sign of their defeat.

Doors closing before you enter

Means the spirit of Pisgah is after you. This is the spirit of “almost there.” It makes people to fail at the edge of their breakthroughs or miracles. It is a vagabond spirit. It led the children of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 straight years. You need all the spiritual ammunition you can gather against this one. More on this one later.

Seeing birds following you

Means you are being monitored. Especially if it is a black bird. You are being observed and monitored for evil. You pray “Every evil observer, be roasted by the fire of God, in Jesus Name”. If you are not familiar with what it means to be roasted, you need to take a reading tour of Jeremiah. He used to pray certain enemies should be roasted. Meaning the fire of God should burn them to ashes. Remember, the Bible says that God is a consuming fire. See where that came from.

Falling into a pit

Means you are on a journey to spiritual slavery and captivity. Though you might be walking around in the physical free, if you see yourself in a pit in the dream, you have already been sold into slavery. And those responsible are those who are close to you. Maybe members of your family, either living or dead, or workplace enemies posing as friends. Or even church members. Remember Joseph in the bible. Remember the prophet Jeremiah. In both cases, it was envy and jealousy at work. They were both cast into the pit. You pray: ” O Lord, send your angelic hosts to rescue me from the pit in Jesus name”. Then you begin to declare like David in Psalm 40:2. He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings”.

Attending a meeting with unknown people

Means you have spiritual linkages with occult and demonic groups. This kind of thing attracts the wrath of God very easily. Why? Any gathering that is not unto the Lord is a candidate for the destructive whirlwind of the Lord. You better not be around when it strikes. Pray and sever your link with unknown or known evil groups, and release the fire of God to scatter them unto desolation. For good measure, add this: “I forbid any regrouping or re-gathering of this group in the Name of Jesus”.

Going back to the old house

You lived in as a child means the spirits of powers of retardation operating in your family line is trying to cut short your progress and place a spiritual ceiling on your life. If you don’t stand against this through prayer and fasting, you might soon find yourself making negative or backward progress, being passed over for promotion at work, losing favor with friends and family, making silly mistakes that annoy your boss at work and can get you fired etc…. You pray: ” Every altar of backwardness in my father’s house, collapse in the Name of Jesus”. Then you quickly follow up with this one: “Let the habitation of humiliation and demotion be battered, shattered and swallowed up the power of God, in Jesus Name”.

Climbing a hill with difficulty

Means serious obstacles have been placed on your path of progress. If you climbed the wall and when you stretch out your hand to get a good grip, it comes off; it means your faith is weak. You need to shore up your faith by studying the Word of God and prayers. Then you can declare this: “O Lord, let my trials become gateways to my promotions in the Name of Jesus”.

Teeth falling out

Means there’s trouble ahead. One that could take its toll on your life and that of your loved ones over a period of time, unless arrested. You can pray like this: “Every power exploring devastating strategies against my destiny, receive the judgement of God in Jesus Name”.

Lights going out

Means a time of tribulation is just around the corner. This is advance warning. Gird up your spiritual loins and begin to pray like this: “O God arise, and attack my attackers in the Name of Jesus. Let my problems expire, as darkness expires before the light in the mighty Name of Jesus”.

Picking up coins

Means you are under attack by the spirits of poverty. Please note that this is a stubborn generational spirit that is usually transferred from person to person, from one generation to another. You pray like this: “I bind the spirits of lack and poverty. I break the backbone of lack and scarcity in my life in the Name of Jesus. Let the chapter of lack and want be closed forever in Jesus mighty Name”.

Playing on a losing team

Means the Lord just released a significant breakthrough to you but before it could manifest in the physical, the enemy launched a strong counter-attack and stopped it from getting to you. Conversely, if you played on the winning team and your side scored or earned points, the miracle is sure to manifest within a few weeks, if you’re prayerful and watchful.

Strong winds blowing against you

Means the spirits of sudden destruction have been unleashed against you. You have to stand your ground here, command every satanic wind to cease in the Name of Jesus. Then you go on the offensive and unleash the whirlwind of the Lord described in Jeremiah 30:23.

Wild animals charging at you

Represent raging and violent enemies. You begin to see problems coming at you from all directions to overwhelm you and make you lose your sense of balance. To devastate you and keep going from one problem to another, in an endless loop. You have to pray like this: “By the power of God, let every trouble in my life crumble, in the Name of Jesus. Thou power of God, usher me out of the valley of tribulation by fire in the Name of Jesus. Every power or spirit raging against me, collide with the Rock of Ages in the Name of Jesus”. When you learn to pray like this, don’t be surprised when calamity suddenly overtakes people who have been conspiring against you secretly. Even though you are NOT praying against human beings.

Seeing yourself being buried

Means the spirit of death and hell is after you. Use the scripture in Revelation 12:11 then begin to pray like this: “The anger of God shall write the obituary of all my oppressors in the Name of Jesus”. Again this is a midnight prayer.

Shedding tears

Means the spirit of depression and heaviness wants to afflict you to make you sad and depressed. To make you mourn. The scripture to use against this spirit is in Isaiah 61:3. Then you begin to pray: “I refuse to mourn in the Name of Jesus. The Lord shall give me joy and gladness and all sorrow shall flee away in Jesus Name. Amen”.

Stagnant or dirty water

Seeing stagnant water means your spiritual life is being polluted. Ask for the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus to wash you and remove every contamination from your life.

Loss of hair or cutting of hair

Losing your hair in the dream means a loss of glory and honor. if somebody cuts your hair in the dream, the enemy is sucking away your spiritual strength. And if you fail to take immediate action in the spirit, it will soon lead to other losses, disgrace and slavery. Remember Samson and how he was captured by his enemies. It began with the loss of his hair.


If you see yourself as a beggar or begging, the curse of poverty is on your life. You need to break that curse, destroy both the roots and the fruits in your life, and return arrows of poverty back to wherever they came from. Then use scripture in Psalm 84:11 to ask for a release of good things and abundance into your life.

Travelling on an endless journey

If you see yourself travelling on a journey that never ends, it means the spirits of vagabond is on you. It’s a hard road to travel, with dangers lurking on every side. You need to terminate that evil journey and command the fire of God upon all vagabond spirits assigned against you. You can read about how the spirit of vagabond worked in the life of Cain in the Bible.

Being driven by an unknown person

Means you have surrendered control of your life to evil manipulators, who will end up diverting your destiny. Pray like this: “I unseat every evil driver in the driver’s seat of my life. Let the ground open up and swallow them in the Name of Jesus. Holy Spirit, I hand over control of every area of my life to you”. See? This kind of prayer brings tangible results, almost immediately. Prove it for yourself…….. Don’t just take our word for it.

Doors closing before you enter (continuation)

Or something finishing before it gets to your turn to receive your own, means that the spirit of “failure at the edge of miracles” is working in your life. Stopping good things from coming to you and ushering in frustration, rejection and failure. The biblical name for this spirit is “spirit of Pisgah” as I’ve described above.


To dream you are poor means an area of your life (not necessarily finances) has been traded out, exchanged or transferred to another. You have to recover it from the hand of evil traders and cover it with the blood of Jesus. Recommendation – 7 day prayer of recovery with fasting.

Always sitting for examinations

And not able to complete before waking up indicates obstacles on your way of progress. A spirit of failure and stagnancy at work.

Dream of death

You should rise up and begin to cancel every ordinance of death and hell against your life and your loved ones. At times the death might just be targeted as certain areas of your life, e.g. Marriage, finances or even certain organs of the body. In any case, spiritual violence is required…….in order to terminate the assignment of death against you.

Consulting Psychics or mediums

Means that evil counselors are at work against you to divert your destiny, lead you astray and push you away from the will of God. You must also be careful of agents of the devil posing as Christians…. on assignment to lead you astray.


Cancer in the dream is a clear indication that there is satanic plantations that need to be uprooted from your body. And there are many ways to do it. You can pray, machine-gun style, like this: “Satanic plantations in my body, be uprooted and be cast into the fire of God’s judgement, in the Name of Jesus”. 1 Cor 3:16-17 is an example of the kind of scripture to deploy when dealing with this dream.

Carrying a basket on your head

Carrying a basket on your head signifies the spirit of profitless hard work. That is you work like an elephant but eat like an ant. Like pouring water into a basket…….hard work, very little result.

Bats flying around

Means spiritual blindness. You are not able to see things in the spirit. Therefore you are a good candidate for deception, whether in spiritual matters or in relationships. What to do? Pray that the lord should enlighten your eyes of understanding, according to Ephesians 1:17-18. Please note what I’m saying here: If this is the only prayer you pray successfully this year, you will reap the harvest forever, I mean it. The moment the Lord opens your spiritual eyes, so many of your challenges will become a thing of the past.

See animals in your dream

To see animals in your dream generally gives you a clue to the spiritual challenges coming against you. My advice is you look closely at the characteristics of such animals in the physical and you’ll have a pretty good idea what’s going on in the spirit. For instance, serpents mean that you are under attack by wickedly intelligent spirits, highly poisonous with an agenda to steal, kill and destroy. Dogs represent sexual demons and if they bite you in the dream, they will introduce the demons of lust and sexual perversion into your life. Have you ever heard some Christians who fall into fornication at the drop of a hat, saying they don’t know what got into them? They are under the power of the dog.

Dreams of being abandoned

Means rejection. The spirit of rejection has driven many into extreme ungodliness, some in a quest for revenge, while others will do anything to gain acceptance or approval. It was this spirit of rejection that drove Cain to murder his brother Abel in the Bible. The root and consequences of rejection go very deep and you should not joke with it. You have to bind the activities of this spirit and use the blood of Jesus to erase every mark of rejection from your life.

Dreams having to do with abortion

Means your virtues (God-given endowments) are being withdrawn from your life. As a result of an evil cry against you in the spirit.

Dreams of contact with dead parents

Means you have ancestral covenants working against you. You have to break such covenants and release yourself from bondage in the authority and Name of Jesus. If you allow these covenants to remain in place, you could find yourself developing the kind of sicknesses they had, facing their frustrations, and generally living under the supervision of family spirits that determine just how far you go in life!

Dreams of being attacked by armed persons

Means a conspiracy is being hatched against your life and interests. You can abort the evil conspiracy by sending the fire of God against them. A particularly effective spiritual chapter is the “noise of great host” as described in the book of 2 Kings 7.

Dreams of bleeding

Dreams of bleeding means the loss of virtues, which could translate into physical losses such as the loss of a job, loved ones, finances or even good health.

Dreams of seeing cobwebs

Dreams of seeing cobwebs means hindrances designed to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life. You need to pray like this: “Satanic cobwebs, be roasted by fire in the Name of Jesus”.

Dreams of putting on earrings

Means you have been sold into slavery. Earrings are a sign of slavery in the spirit realm. You need to reject it aggressively!

Dreams of wearing wigs

Means false or counterfeit glory. Stop and examine everything you are currently engaged in. Anything that does not bring glory to God should be eliminated immediately. Reject every spirit of false glory and pray for your divine original to come forth.

Dreams of being handcuffed

Means spiritual captivity, and it could translate into the physical where you find yourself in a situation that is extremely difficult to extricate yourself from.

Dreams of being at a funeral

Whether it is your funeral or someone else’s means the spirit of death is pursuing you. You have to stand against this one with all the weapons of warfare that you know. Release the fire of God on the funeral service, disband and scatter them. Decree that you shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord, as written Psalm 118:17.

Dreams of appearing before great mountains

Means great difficulties are ahead……such difficulties that can melt your heart and courage and make you want to throw in the towel and quit. If you decide to deal with this, you can cut it short before it has a chance to manifest.

Dreams of climbing with difficulty

Same as appearing before great mountains….

Dreams of being accused in court

Means you are being cursed. Cancel, reject and revoke the curse in the Name of Jesus, and replace it with the blessings in God in Deut 28 from verse one to fourteen.

Dreams of seeing padlocks

Means your destiny has been locked up. It will manifest as lack of progress, living a life of struggles and hard bondage…..until you learn the type of prayers that break satanic padlocks like this: “Every satanic padlock working against my destiny, break, break, break, in the mighty Name of Jesus. I use the key of David to open all locked doors in the Name of Jesus”.

Dreams of wearing tattered clothes

Means poverty, shame and disgrace has been programmed into the life of that person in the spirit. Pray the same as seeing padlocks.

Dreams of eating

Means that your spirit man is very dull and weak, and is not strong enough to withstand satanic activities against you. In fact, they could even feed you with human flesh and blood in the dream this way, and by the time you wake up, you find yourself physically ill. This is a popular method of planting sickness and incurable diseases in the lives of people. Jesus said: “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares”. The tares include spiritual poison in the dream through food. You will need to vomit the evil consumption…..and then lash out with holy anger against evil caterers like this: “You evil caterers feeding me in the name, I command you to eat your own flesh and drink your own blood in the Name of Jesus”. This is an advanced warfare prayer that has its basis in scripture, in case you are wondering. In the book of Isaiah 49:25-26. You now see how certain scriptures that are not taught a lot in most places could hold the key to your victory and deliverance from bad dreams, among other things.

Dreams of cooking for hours on end

Means that you are engaged in unprofitable or fruitless hard work. Terminate the evil assignment by the blood of Jesus, and ask the Holy Spirit to redirect your handiwork.

Dreams of vehicle breaking down while travelling

Means hindrances and blockages targeted against your wheels of progress. Ask the heavenly mechanics to repair your vehicle and remove every hindrance on your way of progress.

Dreams of entering vehicles or aircraft

And not knowing the destination means the spirit of vagabond. The wondering spirit is at work again. There’s an old saying that a “rolling stone gathers no moss”. Recent stats say that every year about 60% of people in big cities move from place to place seeking greener pastures. So you end up living in a world of strangers where you barely know your neighbors next door. It is the work of this spirit and you can pray like this: “You vagabond spirits, my life is not your candidate, loose your hold upon my destiny in the Name of Jesus”.

Dreams of darkness of any form

Signify the presence of evil powers. They cast a spiritual blanket in an environment and if you are operating there, it will seem like your heaven has become brass. You simply command the evil blanket to be roasted in Jesus Name.

Dreams of being shot

Means you have satanic hunters firing arrows into your life. Sooner or later it will manifest in the physical unless you know how to deal with it.

Dreams of being naked

Means the enemy wants to disgrace you, period! The scripture to apply here is Isaiah 61:7.

Dreams of seeing yourself in chains

Signify slavery either in a particular area of your life, or a total way. Pray: “I break every satanic chain in my life in the mighty Name of Jesus. I release the fire of God against my oppressors in Jesus Name”.

Dreams of having your things stolen

Means significant loss of your goods or property. Here’s what you do: Blow the trumpet in the spirit to summon the spirits in charge of this operation. Command them to return what they stole seven fold in the Name of Jesus. After that, release the fire of God to consume them. Cover yourself and your possessions with the blood of Jesus.

Dreams of having your wedding dress stolen

Is advanced warning that the spirits of marriage destruction are working against you. You need to rise up aggressively and cancel their assignment. Then go on the offensive by summoning them together and releasing the judgement of the Lord against them. The Bible says, “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder”. So far as you were married according to biblical principles, you can stand on this scripture to release all kinds of weapons from God’s armory against them.

Dreams of having your Bible stolen

Means someone is trying to take away your spirituality and cause your love for Jesus to run cold.It could even lead to backsliding and ultimately, destruction.

Dreams of getting confused

Means arrows of confusion have been fired against you. Return the arrows like this: “Every arrow of confusion, go back to your senders in the Name of Jesus”.

Dreams of having your clothes torn

Means judgement has been passed against you in the spirit realm. This is a very serious matter. You need to address it, cancelling it and nullifying it with the power in the blood of Jesus.(only if you are truly saved)

Dreams of being cursed

Means a satanic embargo has been placed on your progress in life. Unless you break the curse and cancel its evil consequences, you might just find life suddenly becoming a HUGE burden, friends turning to enemies, those who should help refusing to help. And misfortune dogging your every step.

Dreams of having sex

Means you have a spirit spouse who will do everything in its power to destroy your earthly marriage, just to keep you for themselves. They sometime cause business failure, get anyone who comes close fired from work, and even arrange fatal accidents to eliminate all competition. People who have sex in the dream are “loaded” with all kinds of spiritual materials like serpents circulating in their body without their knowledge, unexplainable health problems, and routine failure and frustration. They find it really difficult to have conception and give birth. Many of them end up being barren……. and running from place to place for solutions. If they manage to get married, they find that the finances of the family disappear suddenly and mysteriously.

Dreams of being amputated

Means significant and permanent loss, resulting in deep feelings of frustration, powerlessness and helplessness.

Dreams of going back to childhood days

Means retardation, backward progress and stagnancy …

Dreams of nursing or breastfeeding a strange baby

Means your virtues are being spiritually withdrawn. You need to release the fire of God to burn the strange baby to ashes. Then you withdraw your virtues from the evil storehouse.

Dreams of losing your shoes

Is a sign of marital failure looming on the horizon. Better cancel it quickly and go on the offensive to recover your marriage from the hands of evil spiritual consultants.

Dreams of losing your key

Signify a loss of spiritual authority and power. As soon as this happens, the enemy will sharpen his arrows and begin to fire them into your finances, marriage, ministry, health etc.. Ask the Lord to send his ministering angels to recover your key and to scatter every evil gathering against your life.

Dreams of dogs attacking you

Means sexual demons have been programmed into your life. You’ll have to pray hard not to fall into sexual sins.

Dreams of cats attacking you

Means you are laboring under witchcraft attacks.

Dreams of serpents

Means you are under attack by wickedly intelligent enemies on a mission to steal, to kill and to destroy.

Dreams of crocodile

Means you have strong links with terrible spirits living in the water kingdom. It’s either you have been initiated into their evil group or you have been donated to them as their meat, a helpless victim. These are proud and ruthless spirits that never release their victims unless confronted by superior firepower. By that I mean combined offensive using the Name of Jesus, blood of Jesus, fire, lightning and thunder of God, etc.. This is a hot theatre of battle reserved for veteran prayer eagles. If you find yourself confronted by this thing in the dream, my advice is to seek help urgently

Dreams of drinking alcohol

Introduce confusion in the life of a person. …

Dreams of being exhausted always

Signify spiritual sluggishness. What is known as the “snail anointing”. It makes people to miss their divine opportunities, and leaves them operating in the tail region, instead of the head. This one calls for prayer and fasting, to help you renew your strength.

If you find yourself vomiting in the dream

Could signify an ejection of evil spiritual materials from your body.

Dream of rotten fruit or eggs

If you find yourself with rotten fruit or eggs in the dream you need to rise up and pray against devourers, emptiers and wasters on assignment to destroy the works of your hands.

If you find yourself in the midst of people wearing uniforms

Especially black regalia, it’s probably that you come from a long line of occult people and your entire bloodline has been covenanted to deities you know nothing about. In the spirit realm, ignorance is no excuse. Whether you know it or not, this is still legally binding on you and generations yet unborn…..unless you rise up now and cut off the evil flow by the power in the blood of Jesus. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you got “born again” these things will not affect you anymore. You need to determinedly use the Word of God and pray persistently until you have a knowing that every thread of that evil covenant has been cut off. That is when you will begin to enjoy your Christian life.

Slow moving animals in the dream

If you constantly see slow moving animals in the dream, it means you are operating with the tortoise and snail anointing. Sluggish progress or none at all operating at the tail position instead of the head, and having the painful experience of watching others share testimonies while good things never seem to happen in your life.

Seeing a multitude of flies

Seeing a multitude of flies in the dream mean the witchcraft devourers have been programmed against your source of income and sustenance. Stand against them in the Name of the Lord and release the fire of God to burn them to ashes.


Do you know why you’re forgetting your dreams?

Are you frequently forgetting your dreams? In fact sometimes when you awake you know you had a lengthy dream but find it impossible to recall. What about during the course of the day certain things will trigger parts of the dream but still you find it almost impossible to put the entire dream together?

Make no mistake such occurrences are never by chance or accident. These are demonically engineered act by evil spirits to prevent the dreamer from challenging any evil covenants that would have been covertly established in the dream.

Let’s say for example you had a dream where you were eating in a dream. Well, in such a cases the dream is not a good dream, in fact, whatever it was that you ate in the dream, that seemingly appeared to be food was in fact satanic deposits being deposited into your spirit via witchcraft which will result in unexplained physical sickness, leaving medical practitioners lost as to what is going on with the victim. Unknowing to the Medical Doctors that the source of the victims sickness is spiritual. More importantly if the dreamer does not recall their dream, specifically in the above example, then the eating in the dream has forged an evil covenant to permit what was established in the spirit realm to manifest in the natural realm, again, the dreamer is completely ignorant of this if he or she can’t recall their dream.

Therefore, the dreamer is ultimately forced through demonic means to forget such dreams so that the dreamer would not challenge the dream upon waking via cancelling and rebuking the dream.

Folks that are heavily engaged in spiritual warfare and those that enter into frequent fast, will be challenged with such forgetting of their dreams all in an effort by the Enemy in attempting to gain an upper hand in spiritual warfare. Folks that are involved with witchcraft, will usually use this tactic, especially against Christians to hinder the Christians’ spiritual awareness of what the Enemy is concocting.

Christians and all folks alike must understand the importance of their dreams simply because their dreams are their spiritual monitors revealing to them what’s pending in the realm of the spirit either against them or for them. I would advise that you either pray to remember your dream or if you don’t recall the dream always cover your bases by praying the following prayer:

“Father, If my dream that I cannot recall was of you and your purpose for my life then I come in complete agreement with your plans for my life. However, if what I dreamt is not of you and I was deceived by the Enemy to agree with evil covenants against my destiny, then I cancel, rebuke and reject such covenants and command it to be destroy by your fire in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

I have also discovered that folks that are on the brink of a break through, financial recovery, restoration or just being blessed will usually be plagued with the difficulty of not being able to recall their dreams of course for obvious reasons.

As a reminder the spirit world must secure the permission or agreement of the dreamer through covenants in order to manifest its will in the dreamer’s life. Unfortunately, it is due to this lack of spiritual knowledge that many are living a life of “almost making it” meaning your life will be saturated with seeing the finish line but never arriving at it.


Common Warfare Dreams

Matt 13:24-25 “Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

According to this passage, the enemy waited till the men who were supposed to be watching the field were asleep before the enemy sowed tares in his field. The time most people are asleep is at night.

Many times evil is done to many people’s lives at night time, especially between the hours of 12 midnight and 3 am. While the evil work is being done, you are likely to have a “bad” dream that wakes you up badly shaken.

Unfortunately, because many people are ignorant of spiritual warfare, they thank God it was just a dream and go back to sleep. What they don’t know is that it wasn’t just a dream. It was a revelation of what is going on against their life.

The best action a dreamer can take is to spend some time in prayer to use the revelations to destroy the “tares” sown in his field. If action is not taken, the enemy can have his way as long as he chooses.

Before I go on, I want to make a few important points

1. When you have a negative or warfare dream, it signifies either what has taken place, what is taking place or what your enemies are planning against your life. All of these cases require that you pray against what was revealed to you in your dream.

2. Just because you have a negative dream about someone doesn’t mean the negative thing you saw has to happen. For example, if you dreamt that somebody died. It doesn’t mean they have to die. God is just alerting you to the plans of the enemy so you can stand in the gap for the person you saw in the dream.

If you will pray against the plan of the enemy, the person will not die. Many ignorant Christians have become messengers of doom. Instead of praying to avert evil, they turned themselves into messengers of evil messages. Many times, God allows you to see the evil coming against someone so that you can pray and fast if need be to stop the evil from happening in the life of the person.

3. Not having dreams at all or always forgetting your dreams is an attack against you. If the means God uses many times to tip you of the enemy’s plan is blocked, how will you know what is going on against you so you can pray against it? If that is your problem, please pray against the demonic attacks working against your dream life.

There was a period in my life when I was under intensive warfare. While there wasn’t any visible manifestation in the physical in my life at that time, there was serious warfare going on against me in the spiritual realm. Eight different times I dreamt about being shot at or someone throwing a big rock at me. Around the same time two family members dreamt that I died. A pastor friend of mine called me to tell me about a revelation he got about the spirit of death following me. It was a serious warfare. I had to declare fasting and prayer to cancel every plan of the enemy. Every casket that was set up for me was destroyed by the power of God. That was about 10 years ago. Obviously the devil lost and he will continue to lose.

Let me also mention that not every dream indicate warfare. If you go to bed with a negative thought, you may have a negative dream connected with that thought. I will like to show you how to trace the presence of spiritual warfare in the life of the dreamer.

These dreams listed below reveal the Devil’s hand:

1. Sexual encounter in dreams.

This is a very common warfare dream, but since most people find it embarrassing, they usually will not talk about it. There are two spirits the enemy sends against men and women in their dreams. The first is known as Incubus, which is a spirit that sleeps with women in their dreams. The other is Succubus, which is a spirit that sleeps with men in their dreams. These spirits may use the faces of ex-lovers, friends or such.

They may even come as people of same sex. Unless you wake up and wage serious spiritual warfare, one or all of the following may take place in the life of the dreamer:

  • Difficulty getting married.
  • Difficult marital problems.
  • Difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Difficulty in the area of finances.

2. Dreams that result in affliction with the spirit of poverty.

There are so many people today suffering serious oppression from the spirit of poverty. Usually people are tipped off in their dreams but because of lack of knowledge, nothing is done until the manifestation takes place. If you find yourself in the following situations in your dream, you need to start praying against the spirit of poverty:

  • Possession of counterfeit money.
  • Wallet stolen from you.
  • Wearing rags, shoes with holes.
  • Begging for money, food, etc.
  • Loss of cash, wallet, checkbook or paycheck.
  • Bank door closing in your face.

3. Nakedness in a dream.

If you find yourself naked in a dream and you frantically look for clothes to cover your nakedness, the enemy is about to bring embarrassment and disgrace into your life. If you find yourself naked in a dream, you need to search your life to see if you are involved in anything that can bring embarrassment and do something about it immediately. If you cannot think of anything, you need to bind every plan of the enemy to embarrass and disgrace you.

4. Removal of hair in the dream.

In women, your hair represents glory. Hence the removal of it in a dream is very significant. You need to pray against your glory being tampered with by the enemy.

5. Dreams that indicate witchcraft activities.

  • Being pursued by mentally deranged person.
  • Attacks by dangerous animals.
  • Being shot with gun or arrow in a dream.
  • Feeling pressed down on the bed and unable to get up even when awake.
  • Bats. These usually indicate that hypocrites are going to be set loose against you.
  • Cobwebs and spiders. These and other Halloween favorites point to witchcraft activities. It is not unusual for such dreamers to wake up and literally run into cobwebs all day.

6. Dreams that indicate attack of profitless and confused life.

  • Traveling but not reaching your destination.
  • Driving in a fog or in a cloud of dust.

7. Dreams that indicate warfare of delay.

  • Waiting for a bus, taxi, ship, train, airplane or any mode of transportation that never comes.
  • Traveling in a traffic hold up.

8. “Almost there but never there.”

There are people whose lot in life seems to be that just before they get something good, it is snatched from them. Such people are under the attack of what I call, “almost there but never there.” Such people have dreams along these lines:

  • Not finishing examinations before time expires.
  • Doors closing before they get inside.
  • Free gifts finishing before it gets to their turn on the distribution line.

In real life, those who have such dreams will have a hard time attaining their goals and heart’s desires. Their lives will be a cycle of disappointments and unfulfilled promises. I have seen those who almost get married but never do, almost get a job but never do, almost pass an examination but fail by one or two points. Others have had to jump from one business venture to another and from one profession to another. Life for such people is one of stagnancy, frustration and discouragement. It is an attack of the enemy. They need to pay attention to and do something about their dreams.

9. Dreams that indicate attacks against the dreamer’s spiritual life.

Generally, these dreams should alert the believer to the fact that the enemy wants to downgrade their spiritual walk.

  • Smoking or consuming alcohol in the dream.
  • Eating in the dream. This is usually followed by a period of weariness, tiredness and laziness in prayer. Just as physical food weighs down the eater physically, so does this weigh the dreamer down spiritually.
  • Drinking and bathing in dirty water. This is nothing but spiritual and even physical poisoning.
  • Loss of Bibles.

10. Dreams that indicate loss.

  • Having abortion in a dream.
  • Loosing blood in a dream.
  • Taken to an unfamiliar location and abandoned. These dreams, foretell of loss of intimate friends and good relationships. They have also resulted in loss of favors in the lives of many dreamers.

11. Initiations in dreams.

Many innocent people have slept only to wake up initiated into various demonic societies as a result of dreams they had. Pay particular attention to these dreams:

  • Finding yourself in strange meetings eating strange food with strange people.
  • Swimming in the water with strange people or strange creatures.
  • Getting married to strange husbands in dreams.

12. Contact with the dead.

Many dreamers can find themselves having contacts with their dead relatives, ancestors and friends. I have heard of people who even pray for such dreams.

The living has nothing to do with the dead. The powers of darkness have been known to utilize such dreams to transfer sicknesses and diseases into the life of the dreamer. In many cases, it turns out to be the same sickness that killed the person they dreamt about.

Even more serious, such dreamers have been exposed to familiar spirits through such contacts.

Take for an example the dream a lady related to a deliverance minister. She had had the dream twenty years before. In the dream, she saw a man who resembled her dead father, submerged in the ground. Only his head was above the ground level. She was naturally concerned to see her father in such a state. She went towards him in order to rescue him from his predicament. As she ran towards him, she tripped and fell; her head went into the wide-opened mouth of her father. She succeeded at pulling her head out but her father held on to her hair with his teeth. The struggle continued for a while. It stopped when someone came, wrapped her in white linen, and pulled her out of the mouth of her father. Then she woke up.

How do you classify a dream like that? Obviously it was a bad dream that had nothing to do with the way she spent her day. Therefore she had to be under serious spiritual warfare.

She further told me, “Pastor, from that day, I have had non-stop headache and dizziness. “I often feel as if someone is pulling my hair. I have been to many doctors to no avail.”

It might be significant to remind you, dear reader, that the one she saw in the dream might not have been her father at all. The enemy could have used the face of her father to lure her into getting close to the trap set for her.

The fact that she was wrapped in white linen signifies that she would go to the grave with the problem. But thanks be to God for deliverance. She was prayed for, and the Lord delivered her from the headache and dizziness.

13. Attack by armed robbers

Such dreams denote the existence of serious obstacles in the life of the dreamer.

14. Road blocks and padlocks

These dreams can contain law enforcement road blocks or trees fallen across a pathway. Such dreams signify blockages in the life’s path of the dreamer.

15. Handcuffs

They indicate restrictions in the life of the dreamer.

16. Climbing mountains and hills

Such dreams point to the presence of obstacles and hindrances in the dreamer’s life.

17. Automobile breakdown

Such dreams can indicate an attack against your wheel of progress.

18. Theft of wedding dress or wedding ring.

This could mean serious trouble for the marriage.

19. Children crying or screaming out in their sleep.

This should give every caring parent concern. Only God knows the nature of the attack such children might have been subjected to while asleep. The children concerned need to be prayed for.

20. Dreams that indicate warfare against the ministry.

Depending on its content, any of the dreams described above can affect a church or ministry. A pastor described a time when it was very difficult to keep people in a church he pastored. He prayed to know why. Then God gave him a dream which is narrated below:

We were in church one Sunday morning with the church filled to capacity. Suddenly two snakes crawled into the building and confusion broke out. People ran everywhere and many ran out of the building. Those who remained decided to kill the snakes. Then I woke up. That was a dream to show me why people were not staying in the church. The “old serpent” was the power behind many of the problems that made some leave the church. I had another dream in which a big tree fell inside the church and killed some people. I ran around in the dream wondering whether we had renewed our church insurance or not. Then I woke up. I had no idea what the dream meant, but one thing was clear, it was not a good dream. I had to set aside several days for fasting and praying to deal with whatever the dream meant.

21. Dreams dealing with darkness

Any dream dealing with darkness should be paid attention to.

These dreams that I have mentioned would probably have brought back many memories of dreams to the reader. Please take time to pray against any spiritual attack that had been revealed to you in your dream.


Eating in the Dream: Myths, Meaning and Ministration by Uzo Onukwugha, MD

Eating, drinking, snacking, taking medicine or injections in the dream has far reaching consequences in the waking life. Many times it is a gradual and repetitive process. While at other times, the implantation can cause immediate damage to the victims health, livelihood, relationship or destiny. Sometimes, the table is set; while at other times, you will see an invisible hands doing the feeding against your will.

Most forceful feeding are the works of familiar spirits from dark submarine kingdom of satan. These wicked and recalcitrant spirits are known in deliverance circles as spiritual caterers, demonic chefs and cooks. They have delegated authority from satan to feed and pollute sleeping people from satanic pantry and kitchen. While men slept, the enemy came and sow tare. Therefore, any seed that our Father God has not planted must be uprooted.

One popular preacher who claim to be in ministry for a long time and was claiming to cast out demons retorted: If you find food in the dream, eat. A table has been prepared before you. There’s nothing wrong with eating in the dream. It is a dream anyhow. This is the same preacher that endorses masturbation. Obviously this preacher has been eating from the table the demons prepared before him, not from the Lord. The correct question should have been: What is right about eating in the dream? Absolutely nothing because my grandmother who doesn’t know much about the Bible knows that it is wrong to eat in the dream. We have to be careful how we follow preachers blindly. We must examine the Bible in the light of reality. Read the Bible and reason for yourself because we who are teachers will be judged with greater strictness and would be held accountable by the Almighty for misleading others. The preacher in question claimed that the only place in the Bible where humans are given food is by angels and not demons. He did not give the Chapter and verse; neither did he say if it was in the dream or in the physical. Another ignoramus statement is that: it is a dream anyhow. Don’t you know that dream state is an unconscious supernatural state where life events happen before manifestation or materialization?

What is commonly experienced is generally ignored. Eating in the dream is not ordinary. It has spiritual and physical implications. In the astral world, eating food with somebody or from someone signifies partaking, devouring, initiation, covenant, agreement, friendship, fellowship or participation.

Those things you eat in the dream are not real food; they are deceptive food, demonic deposits, poisons, tokens, demonic seeds, infiltrations and implantation. They are demonic vehicles, or containers in disguise that carry demonic foreign bodies, organisms, forces, entities, objects and fetishes into the human body through the mouth gate. Once inside the body, they can turn into anything harmful intended by the demonic dream programmers. Remember that satan only have a three-fold ministry of killing, stealing and destruction. Never think that you can make friends with the devil and reject everything he is got.

The Consequence is that eating in the dream can cause any form of demonization, strange or unexplained phenomenon. It is part of dream defilement complex which is meant to poison you and weaken your prayer life. It can cause yoke of affliction or limitation in progress. Unconscious eating can cause sickness, cancer, barrenness, bed-wetting, miscarriages, ceased menstruation, headaches, abdominal pain, pelvic infections, infestations, internal heat, pelvic congestion, pelvic heat, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cysts, fibroids, false or demonic pregnancy, congenital abnormality, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and prostate conditions. It can also cause fornication (crawling sensation or moving objects around inside your body or under your skin). Any foreign object can become a force which may lodge anywhere in the body like blocking the tubes, uterus, or birth canal.

Solution: Eating in the dream may not be enough evidence to conduct a fresh deliverance session. The demonic culprits tend to be stubborn and recalcitrant. You have to be persistent and consistent. It is better tackled immediately you wake up instead of waiting or thinking that it is nothing. Invoke the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Expunge, purge and expel any foreign body (seeds, roots and plant,) by exercising authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bullet Prayer Points and Prophetic Decrees:

I destroy by Holy Ghost fire, every food bank and feeding table of satan, and cause every invisible hand that attempts to feed me in the dream to wither forever, in Jesus’ Name.

I denounce, reject, cancel, annul, disengage, disentangle and disconnect myself from any demonic yoke, burdens, initiation, curses, bondage, pact, link, alliance, allegiance, accord, oath, network, conspiracy, and fellowship, in Jesus’ Name.

By Holy Ghost fire, I cut off forever, any dedication or hidden covenant entered unconsciously with satanic agents, marine spirits, familiar spirits, ancestral spirits, household idols, witchcraft spirits, spiritual caterers, human incentive workers in Jesus’ Name.

I activate, revive, reawaken, and renew the blood covenant I have with our Lord, Jesus Christ ratified by Holy Ghost fire. I decree, declare, proclaim, reinforce, reaffirm, and confirm that I am a blood bought, blood washed covenant child of Jesus Christ by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

I sever by the Holy Ghost fire, any foreign food, demonic token, object, implantation or infiltration in my spirit soul and body in Jesus name.

I invoke the cleansing and detoxification power of the Blood of Jesus to neutralize, delete, exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, and blot out completely every demonic food, remnant, or deposit eaten in my dream in the Name of Jesus Christ.

By Holy Ghost fire, I remove my name from satanic feeding list, case file, demonic memory, database, and psychic computers, in Jesus’ Name.

My body is the sacred temple of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, every sickness, poison, disease, or disorder fashioned in my body by demonic deposit is expelled by fire. I marinate my spirit, soul and body with the blood of Jesus Christ. I immunize my cells, tissues, glands, organs and systems with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. I walk in vibrant health, divine promotion, wellness and wholeness in Jesus’ Name. From this day forward, my dream is secured in the hand of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost.

I speak blessings, peace, grace, mercy, goodness, love, light and divine life to my sleep and dream, in Jesus’ Name.

I am beloved and highly favored of the Lord. He giveth me sound sleep and sweet dreams in Jesus’ Name.

I make these prevailing prayers, fervent petitions, prophetic decrees and declarations, in Jesus’ Name.



  1. I write to extend thanks and appreciation for preparing such of relevant information that will help educate our christian brothers and sisters that are constantly involved in Warfare due to persistent demonic attack. I pray that God will continue to edify your thinking.

  2. Please let me know if an individual can receive other assistant to get completely delivered from these wicked spirits.


    1. go to (elishagoodman.org) search it out and join the prayer academy (PA) and you will find out every thing you need to know about your dreams and dealing with them there is also a book on amazon you can purchase, the title PRAYER THE HAMMER THAT NAILS THE WORD OF GOD INTO YOUR SPIRIT, in it you will find out how to deal with sitting for an examine , also in the pracer academy your eyes will be open to a lot of other things going on in your life and you family members life’s, but remember this DON’T GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT because they are not going to make it easy for you, trust and believe your already victorious in JESUS’S name GOD BLESS YOU AND BE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY AMEN one more thing ONLY BELIEVE!

  4. Hi my name is Lewis I awoke from a dream where a pastor was evil and he had the letter u in sign language on his head then I was saving the universe from a monster and I then was at a friends house talking to a man I don’t no what do I do please help me

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  6. Thank you for the knowledge and prayers to help defend our lives through Jesus Christ!

  7. I had a dream about me being in a class room. I finished the exam, except for one question that had words that I didn’t know the meaning. The teacher took my exam and started correcting it in front of me. But I saw my answers being changed in front of me by an invisible force. They were far better answers than mine and the teacher was completely astonished by them (he didn’t see that they were changed). He was marking “correct” on every answer and he didn’t ask about the question I didn’t answer at all. He completely forgot or that was changed swell. I don’t know. Other students were coming to him and asking him about their scores and he would answer. They were ok scores. But when I asked him about mine, he kept silent. He just had this shocked face look and some self-embarrassment like if I destroyed his career, lol And I knew that my exam was too good and beyond any score. lol I think that invisible force was the Holy Spirit. 😀 He has been taking care of me a lot in my dreams. But this dream also represents the reality of the christian: We can’t do much without God, but with God everything is possible for us. The power of God is in us. Praise the Lord.

  8. i had a dream a couple of weeks ago that my two year old son went missing an i never found him. This dream has been disturbing me since. What doe this mean?
    i also had a dream twice in one night that my enemy was trying to poison me, What does this mean?

    1. Please quickly begin to pray against the spirit of death over your son and your family. Constantly quote psalm 118: 17 for your son and yourself. Put your sons name in the scripture.

    2. In the above information: a child who goes missing in a dream means possible death of that child. You need to do some serious warfare prayer coming against the demonic forces that are trying to take your child’s life. You should even fast for at least a day. And cover your child with the Word of God. And you should it pronto. Now.

  9. I have been praying against evil dreams..recently i saw a harvest of alot of very clean beans in our farm at home and i was with my mother..then recently i saw a farm of green maize plantation but cobs were not there and in some places maize had withered it was just tall grass. please help me know the meaning of these dreams

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    1. You need to cancel or nullify that evil dream so it doesn’t manifest physically. I recommend the following simple yet powerful prayer every morning when you wakeup. 1 Samuel 30: 1-8, 18-19 | Proverbs 6:31

      “I cancel that negative dream I just had about (fill in the blanks) in the name of Jesus. I decree that it shall NOT manifest in the physical in Jesus’ name. I release the fire of God on every satanic actor in that dream. I plead the blood of Jesus and I hold up the banner of victory in Christ Jesus. Let the angels of the LORD go on a “search and destroy” mission in the land of the living and of the dead … to destroy every power, spirit, personality, device, or animal programmed to attack me in the dream. Henceforth, let nothing trouble me in the dream for I bear on my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

    1. I just had a dream now having sex with someone and i just finish 3 days fasting and prayers today, i know this person and he is a man like me and the other behind him is a woman asking why i didn’t have sex with her please help me this is a marine spirit it have been happening to me for long time i’m so much happy for this great and wonderful post Thank you Jesus please i need to deal with them now seriously

  19. Hello I havé had two dreams which I am worried about. I dreamt I went to the toilet to defecate, after defecating I stood up to flush the toilet. To my surprise when observing the fece’s I noticed there a baby in it but I had time flush the toilet it was too late I couldn’t remove the baby. I prayed and I told God if this this dream is not from him then I cancel it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, and that whatever it is that the kingdom on darkness is planning will not mainfest itself in the physical realm.
    Then my second dream was that I was with someone, the person was doing incantations and I was repeating it. Funny in the dream I knew it was evil I don’t know why I was repeating it, I canceled the dream as well.

  20. Pls what do I do about a dream someone had about me that I was dead and my ghost was directing him to where I was being laid

    1. Dear Monica

      I know that I maybe answering this a little to late but when you or someone dreams of death or dying…..stop talking about it, do not rehearse it in your mind, or constantly talk to other’s about it. Because by doing this it means your giving power to your worse fears. You are birthing it into existences. Words are spirits we can either give life to a person by encouraging them or we can talk down and curse ourselves and others with our mouth. The devil wants you to speak about this dream to everyone and he wants you and your friend to fear it just simply rebuke the spirit of death and say I cancel your plans to kill me or any of my love ones in Jesus name! Remember to read John 10:10 in the bible and this is what it says…. “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Which means….that God wants you to have a good life and to live it well without fear and worries.

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    The people you see in your Dreams is these the people’s working against you or is they standing in the gap for someone else???

    But like if you tell someone who make like they know about Dreams they give you this crazy stupid mess that don’t make sense like
    If you see a man it means a woman etc… or it a false delusion

  23. This Package Is Loaded, Revealing, And Useful. I Have Used It For Church 22 Days Prayer Revival Meeting With Lots Of Revelations, Victories And Testimonies. I Hereby Ask For Your Permission To Print This Into Books For Mission Trips Use. Thank You.

  24. I had a bad dream the other night. A Nan I don’t know was sitting on me and I was weak and could barely fight. He was laughing trying to strangle me but I knew it was an evil something…not human.I tried to say the Lords prayer and my tongue was twisting and the words wouldn’t come out right. HE laughed harder. I was on a couch and my daughter was in the room. Somehow I knew And was screaming for her to help me. She woke me up…I was shaken. She then told me the same thing had happened to her and she’s also been slapped in the face when she wasn’t asleep yet. I had an invisible something kiss me on my forehead in middle right above my eye brows..I was wondering what do I do. And what it means please.

    1. are you baptised? have you accepted christ as your lord and personal savior? If not you should do consider it. plead the blood of jesus upon your life and daughter life before you go to bed and when wake up.

    2. Dear Shannon

      I was reading about your dreams and it sounds like to me that…your spiritually struggling in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Whatever this invisible force was that is sitting on you represent the devil trying to make you feel powerless against him. I don’t know if your facing something new in your life that is challenging and has you and your daughter doubting where you stand with God and your relationship with him is showing up in your dreams. Now you said….you tried to say the Lord’s prayer and couldn’t and then this evil spirit mock you by laughing harder? Means….it feels you have no power behind it. Now I’m no expert by no means…..but please search yourself fall on your knees and ask God to forgive you no matter what it is. I repent everyday, and by during this it takes away the enemy’s power to intimidate you and your daughter also read Psalms 91 before you go to bed every night and plead the blood of Jesus on you and your daughter.

  25. This package is loaded, revealing, and useful. I have used it for Church 22 days prayer revival meeting with lots of revelations, victories and testimonies. I hereby ask for your permission to print this into books for our regular mission trips use mort especilly in other West African countries. Thank You.

  26. It has really taken a burden on me, Am happy u said we should rebuke it as soon as we wake up from a bad dream and also persistent prayer. The enemy is consistently work and we belivers need not to sleep.

      1. Thank you for your obedience to GOD! This is simply amazing. The Fire of GOD is mighty and potent! I thank you for weapons of warfare to fight these demons. Blessings to you!

  27. I wish I would had know this long time ago; but is never too late. I always felt something ur someone was holding my life back 🤔.. i had half of does dreams mentioned .God save my soul .!!

  28. I had a dream that i completely remember. Actually 2 dreams, the first was of lights in an apartment that i could not turn on, but my husband could turn on, and I felt and dark presence, tho I was not attacked. This was a few weeks ago, the dream i had yesterday was extremely short, it was right in my room where i was sleeping and i first had a force pull me to the side of m bed by the wall, and i knew in my spirit there was an un-invited guest. Then the dream progressed and I remember talking back to it that Jesus was in charge, but i remember i said it in a teasing type of way (I really don’t know why) after this i went back to sleep in my dream and woke up to being touched by the entity, it wrote something on my side, and braided my hair. I woke my husband in the dream and asked him to look at the writing, he said he saw nothing, i then tried to go back to sleep with him holding me for protection, this entire time i did not see the entity, however the third time I woke up i saw it!! it was short wearing a black warlock like cloth, and it came right up to me, garbed my hand, and started to “suck” on it, and I felt like i was being trained! Its face was black, was a black mustache looking mouth, I tried to call on the name of Jesus, but it was barely coming out, and i tried to wake my husband but he stayed asleep. I pulled my hand from him, and took my bible and smacked it in the face, the bible was open all the way and was blocking him from getting my hand with its mouth again, All the while i tried to call on Jesus and it was as if something was blocking me from speaking out his name. The dream was if anything about five minutes. This is not the first time I had a dark entity encounter, they are several dreams where I try to rebuke or call on the name of Jesus and I was vocally restricted, and the feeling I felt when the entity was pulling me, was all to familiar from the other dreams. These past dreams are a while back. I am in serious war fare and I am on a 21 day fast, i am about done with the fast, and I have gotten ALOT closer to Jesus in these past few weeks. Pray on this for me please, let me know what the Lord says. My God bless you.

    I also wanted to point out i did have a little fight with my mother, not that I meant to, and I believe this is what aloud the dream to take place. I did have a dream following after that one, of my mother and I fighting. Please, any help you can give, in the Name of Jesus, I will greatly appreciate, I pray Jesus blesses you for your help.

  29. What do you think it means to have a dream about : Just the other day I dreamed that I was in my car at night here on a street very close to the neighborhood I really live in and I witnessed BY HEARING IT AND SEEING ONLY THE VEHICLE OF THE PERPATRATER/S someone GET SHOT right here IN THE AREA I REALLY LIVE IN and right away when I witnessed that I thought to myself that I CANNOT JUST GO AHEAD AND DRIVE MYSELF HOME NOW OR THE SHOOTER/S WILL FOLLOW ME HOME AND FIND OUT WHERE I LIVE so I ended up TRYING TO FLEE/LOOSE THE SHOOTER/S BY DRIVING AROUND AT NIGHT IN TOTALLY DARK AND SCARY UNKNOWN TO ME AREAS.( I was driving around in something like A BIG DARK PARKING LOT EXTREMELY SCARED that the shooter/s were still following me.)

  30. And about 1hour ago by now I woke up from a dream about that I had murdered my mother ( who came at me again THE WAY SHE REPEATEDLY DOES IN REAL LIFE ) and kept her bloody remains in a black trash bag in my bedroom closet and in the meantime was trying to figure out how best to get rid of them TOTALLY/COMPLETELY/100% UNDETECTED because I really wanted to GET AWAY WITH MURDER.


    EVERYTHING with HER always seems to ME to BE EXTREME and TAKEN BY HER TO THE EXTREMES ! For example : when she buys PERFUME ( and it’s ALWAYS EXPENSIVE DESIGNER PERFUMS like CHANEL,YvesSaintLaurent etc ) she buys MANY OF THOSE EXPENSIVE DESIGNER PERFUMES AT A TIME, she buys ALOT of COSMETICS ( including EXPENSIVE NAME BRAND cosmetics like for example ELIZABETH ARDEN, LA MER etc, ALWAYS EVERYTHING EXPENSIVE HIGH END NAME BRANDS with her ! ), she buys ALOT of SHOES ( I saw ALOT of her HIGH HEEL SHOES before , ALL OF THEM were exactly the kinds/types of high heel shoes that are worn by PROSTITUTES & STRIPPERS & I guess also all of the females involved in PORNOGRAPHY ! WHORE high heel shoes ! ( even my stupid mother SAID EXACTLY THAT TOO about my sister’s high heel shoe collection ! ) Whenever she goes ANYWHERE(even only to A STORE/GROCERY STORE) she goes DRESSED TO THE NINE’S/LOOKING LIKE SHE IS A CELEBRITY,IS SOME VIP,LIKE SHE HAS MONEY/COMES FROM MONEY ( our family DOES NOT HAVE MONEY/WE ARE NOT A WEALTHY FAMILY ! ), like SHE IS SOMEONE ! She really honestly has ABSOLUTELY NO/0 HUMILITY IN HER WHATSOEVER ! When she DRIVES she ALWAYS DRIVES FAST and even SPEEDS ( goes OVER THE SPEED LIMIT ).She is OBSSESSED with reading all of those stupid FASHION MAGAZINES all of the time/chronicly,those are HER BIBLE !




    So it’s either because of HER DOING WITCHCRAFT or it’s because of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN controlling and SURVEILLANCING EVERYONE HERE IN THE U.S.A ALL OF THE TIME( including ONLINE ) ! Because I always go to all kinds of ANTI SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN websites and if THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is really CONTROLLING & SURVEILLANCING EVERYTHING and EVERYONE HERE IN THE U.S.A ALL OF THE TIME( including ONLINE ) then of course they don’t like that about me, and THE CEO of PCH SWEEPSTAKES is also A “CHEW”! I have had all kinds of things happen in my life and also REALLY WEIRD/STRANGE/OUT OF THE ORDINARY PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS WITH STRANGERS ( right away I thought that they are NWO SPIES ) that really honestly makes me think THAT IT REALLY IS TRUE THAT WE ARE ALL UNDER CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE HERE IN THE U.S.A ( even ONLINE ) !

  32. Very enlightening post. Recently i had a dream of something pressing heavily on my back. I started doing constant praying at night and would suddenly wake up when i felt a presence trying to cover me. However now my dreams have started to involve somebody trying to have sex with me. I always wake up and cancel and reject the spiritual spouses. Sometimes i dream when i am killing cockroaches. All in all i’m in a fight to get back my life from the hands of my enemies.

    1. i thing the pressing on your back thing might be some form of a Dab tsog, a monkey-like dream demon that will try to suffocate u by sitting on your back and screaming at you. and ya, constant praying would keep them away. also, unless you really want to know what a Dab tsog looks like, don’t google it and go to images. it’s freaky.

  33. God bless you!

    I dreamt that a woman had a large snake/crocodile on her shoulders as she laughed and kissed it. She was also pregnant with green and red marks on her stomach rubbing it laughingly. I know who she is now.

    Last year, I dreamt that I went to a womans home I never met next to my church. She knew of me, but I didnt know her. I found all my things in her home hidden in drawers and love letters she had written. I could feel my husband’s presence there very strongly but no one else but me was present. I then went outside and had on tattered clothes but my husband’s family were in bright linen entering thr church. Please advise.

  34. Thank God for you. Could you include the dream about a gold wedding ban don a wedding finger. And a huge dead bird that has been crushed ,dead and bleeding. And some of its blood appearing in the floor of my kitchen

  35. The detailed information you provided as well as the prayer points really helped me tonight. I am praying that you will be rewarded by Jesus Christ for taking the time to help your brothers and sisters in such an important way (imparting knowledge). Thank you so much!!!

  36. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank.you for informative material on dreams.whst does it mean to dream of a wedding ring on your finger?What does it mean to have your load of firewood carried by another woman ?and you remain gathering shreds that are not firewood ? And you try to get a half burnt firewood but you’re prohibited? Whatever it mean to dream signing papers with your stepsistets that you have fallen out and broken up with because of their misdeeds with you?

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