Not Just A Conspiracy Theory After All – Swedish Company Develop Implant For COVID Vaccination Certificate

Microchip Implant

By Patricia Harrity on December 18, 2021

Another “conspiracy theory” has been proved to be correct with the possibility that a microchip with details of a vaccination certificate can be placed under the skin.

This last week a company from Stockholm Sweden named Epicenter “The House of Digital Innovations” was to showcase a new subdermal implant for COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

The Chief Distribution Officer of Epicenter, Hannes Sjoblad said on Wednesday “Implants are very versatile technology that can be used for many different things, and right now it is very convenient to have COVID passport always accessible on your implant.”

According to Sjoblad, “this is handy in case your phone runs out of battery, it’s always accessible to you. So of course, that’s how we use this technology today, next year we are going to use it for something else,”

Near Field Communication

The implant consists of a Near Field Communication (NFC) implant which is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4 cm.  The data contained in the sub-dermal microchip can therefore be retrieved with a reader device such as an NFC compatible smartphone.

This is not some futuristic technology either, many of us use it already on a daily basis due to NFC compatible smartphones that function and operate on Android 2.3.3 operating system or newer allowing us to make payments with our smartphones.  

The technology has also been used as virtual collar plates for pets and some companies use them to track deliveries, and the Swedish company Epicenter has in fact been using the technology for years to routinely tag and track their own employees.

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“As soon as the public realises how much we’re going to lose…

Free Your Mind – December 11th, 2021

Taken from Telegram

…under the Global Reset, this government is gone.”

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts with a clear message on current affairs.

“Abolish the vaccination cards, or as I call them, the digital prisons, stop spreading fear.”

“Put simply, Australians will not own assets like a house, a car or furniture, they will rent them from companies. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The goal of digital identity is life by subscription. “

Malcom Roberts on ivermectin and the crime of hiding the drug.

Translated with (free version)


Conflict Of Interests: Pfizer Board Members Include Ex-Facebook Director and EX-CEO Of Reuters

By Rhoda Wilson on December 10, 2021

Pfizer’s latest board member, appointed in 2020, not only was the CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2014 to 2020, but also served as the lead independent director of Facebook.

Dr. Susan Desmond-Hellmann’s present and previous positions make for a cosy relationship for Pfizer, but questionable conflict of interest in that Facebook has routinely censored posts related to Covid injections while Gates and his foundation promote Covid injections as the answer to disease. “Potentially presenting another conflict of interest, Hellmann also serves on President Joe Biden’s council of advisers on science and technology,” The National Pulse added.

In related news, the Pulse pointed out that the chairman and former CEO of Reuters news agency, James C. Smith, is also a Pfizer board member and top investor who serves on Pfizer’s corporate governance and science and technology committees.

“The news raises serious conflict of interest concerns as corporate media outlets such as Reuters continue to promote Pfizer products, defend pharmaceuticals companies from criticism and move to silence sceptics,” The National Pulse said.

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LA school vaccinated kids without parental consent, bribed them with pizza, told them not to tell

December 8, 2021 | By Chris Donaldson 

( — A California mother is expressing outrage after a Los Angeles area school allegedly bribed her son with pizza in exchange for getting jabbed, a story that is drawing attention from those concerned with parental rights amidst the national frenzy over mandatory vaccinations.

According to Maribel Duarte, her 13-year-old son came home from Barack Obama Global Prep Academy with a vaccine card and a story that he was coaxed into getting the shot in exchange for pizza and that the person who administered it told him not to say anything.

“The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper told my son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble.’” Duarte told NBC Los Angeles, adding that “It hurt to know he got a shot without my permission, without knowing and without signing any papers for him to get the shot.”

Duarte, said that she is not against the vaccines and is vaccinated herself but she expected to be asked for permission, especially since her son has “problems with asthma and allergy problems,” she told the news outlet.

The Barack Obama Global Prep Academy is a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) which has issued a January 10, 2022 deadline for all students to be jabbed unless they have  a medical or “other” exemption.

A school in LA gave students the vaccine without their parent’s permission after they bribed the students with pizza and told them not to tell their parents:

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) December 7, 2021

According to NBC Los Angeles, the school district declined to provide details, “The LAUSD says student matters are confidential and wouldn’t comment specifically, but did say its “safe schools to safe steps incentive program” is meant to ensure several steps are in place for vaccinated students to receive prizes.”

Twitter reacted to the story with most users expressing shock and indignation at the school.

Absolutely appalling.

The government should not be circumventing parents like this.

Parents need to know (and consent) to their child getting the vaccine.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 8, 2021

Vaccine-crazed school officials bribe students into getting vaxxed with the promise of pizza.

— WoodDuck (@tigersounding) December 8, 2021

This 13-year-old was allegedly given the vaccine in exchange for pizza… at school.

When I was a kid we had parents. Today, courts and schools are the parents and you get in trouble for such abusive behavior as calling your daughter your daughter when she thinks she’s a boy.

— Nick Uva (@nickuva) December 7, 2021

Kids are impulsive, even if the young man was aware his parents did not want him to take the shot the “prize” of pizza was too much temptation. NO school should be offering prizes or special treatment based on vaccine status. Parents should be contacting this school and district

— Donna Martin (@IamDonnaMartin) December 7, 2021

i hope the parents are suing, what if one of the kids who was vaccinated is allergic or for some other health reason couldn’t get vaccinated, and died or developed serious side effects, how can they do this with no consent from parents, i’d be so pissed its unreal.

— Ceytin (@Ceytin2) December 8, 2021

You’re telling me adults injected children with substances against their will, without parental permission or even knowledge, then tried to cover it up, and people know about this but no one has been arrested? Everything about this makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

— Francesco Lugli (@FrancescoLugli) December 8, 2021

“The science is clear – vaccinations are an essential part of protection against COVID-19,” Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly said. “The COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and requiring eligible students to be vaccinated is the strongest way to protect our school community.” According to the LASD’s September statement announcing the vaccine mandate.

“To date, Los Angeles Unified’s robust safety measures include daily health checks for everyone going onto school campuses, masks, comprehensive COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and isolation of cases, hand sanitizer, increased sanitization/cleaning of schools and upgraded ventilation. This additional step provides another layer of safety in schools.”

“Today’s decision furthers our longstanding commitment to ensure the safety of our students, families, and staff,” Board President Kelly Gonez said. “The vaccine is the single best way to protect students and schools from COVID-19. Los Angeles Unified is committed to meeting our families where they are and providing them with reliable medical information about this safe, effective vaccine.” The statement said.

The LAUSD is demanding that proof of compliance be uploaded to the district’s daily pass system.

Attorney Jennifer Kennedy commented on the vaccine for pizza exchange, “The LAUSD does not have the power to add a vaccine to the California school schedule,” she told NBC Los Angeles. “You couldn’t do it if you were a podunk school district and you can’t do it if you’re LAUSD, the second largest district in the nation. You don’t have that legal authority.”

Legal experts will be watching any potential lawsuits against the LAUSD very closely.


42 People Get COVID at Fully Vaccinated Birthday Party at Vaxx Pass Restaurant in 87% Double Jabbed Ontario

By Neil Campbell| December 6, 2021

Elite Restaurant

The exterior of Elite Restaurant in Windsor, Ontario. 42 people registered a positive PCR test for COVID-19 after a fully vaccinated, vaccine passport protected birthday party held at the business on Nov. 18. (Image: Facebook)

( —More than 40 people have tested positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) after attending a birthday party at a restaurant in Windsor, Ontario that was protected by vaccine passports. Despite Ontario already having a nearly 90 percent vaccination rate, media and health officials nonetheless used the opportunity to complain about low vaccine acceptance while calling for more injections.

A large birthday party took place at Elite Restaurant in Windsor on Nov. 18, according to Dec. 3 reporting by CTV News. The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (WECHU), the area’s local health authority, said 42 people who attended the event have registered positive PCR tests.

“It is the most number of people who have tested positive in any one restaurant in Windsor-Essex since the beginning of the pandemic,” Shanker Nesathurai, Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, told CTV.

WECHU issued an alert, adding the restaurant to the Exposure List. It now joins a Home Hardware and the local sporting arena as the only three entities listed.

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Charles Krupa/AP

Published 04/12/2021

( —The discovery of the Omicron coronavirus variant caused the wealth of eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders to skyrocket by a combined €9 billion ($10.31 billion) in one week, according to campaigners.

The campaigners from Global Justice Now said pharmaceutical executives are “making a killing from a crisis they helped to create”, with vaccine inequality helping to create the conditions for the Omicron variant to emerge.

Moderna’s shares skyrocketed after the announcement of the variant and settled at $310.61 per share on December 1st, up 13.61 per cent from the previous Wednesday. Pfizer’s shares rose by 7.41 per cent from $50.91 per share to $54.68 per share.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel personally became more than $824 million richer in the week after the announcement of the variant, Global Justice Now said.

With the value of his shares rising from $6,052,522,978 to $6,876,528,630, he sold off 10,000 shares for $319 each on November 26th, the day after the variant was announced, cashing out $3.19 million.

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( Omicron variant is not the biggest worry, the biggest worry “for the unbrainwashed” is the Government’s satanically inspired unilateral decisions that are hatched up inside Masonic Lodges and then forcefully imposed on everyone.  — Undarkblog )

by Tyler Durden | Sunday, Nov 28, 2021 – 12:55 PM

With Fauci, big government fanatics, Democrat officials, and the biopharma lobby all turning the Omicron (not to be confused with Xi as the WHO explained earlier) variant fearmongering to max, a few holdouts are still trying to maintain a lack of panic (even if that means less revenue for makers of Pfizer and Moderna megayachts).

One, as we noted last night, is Goldman which said that the bank has a “reasonable degree of confidence that this mutation is unlikely to be more malicious and that the existing vaccines will most likely continue to be effective.”

Then this morning, the Pretoria doctor who first sounded the alarm about the new strain and who is a Covid-19 adviser to the South Africa government said that symptoms linked to the omicron coronavirus variant have been mild so far.

Contrary to the panicmongering unleashed by western mainstream median, Barry Schoub, chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Vaccines, told Sky News on Sunday that while South Africa, which first identified the new variant, currently has 3,220 people with the coronavirus infection overall and while the variant does appear to be spreading rapidly, there’s been no real uptick in hospitalizations 

“The cases that have occurred so far have all been mild cases, mild-to-moderate cases, and that’s a good sign,” said Schoub, adding that it was still early days and nothing was certain yet.

Most importantly, and running counter to the fearmongering narrative being pumped out 24/7 by the mainstream media, Schoub said that the large number of mutations found in the omicron variant appears to destabilize the virus, which might make it less “fit” than the dominant delta strain.

While South Africa, where the Omicron strain first emerged in early November, has been hit with a number of travel bans from the U.K. and other nations, after its scientists found the mutated variant last week, since then a growing number of European countries, along with Australia, have also identified people infected with the variant.

“In a way, hopefully it won’t displace delta because delta we know responds very well to the vaccine,” he said.

At the same time, one could make the point that while Omicron could soon become the dominant strain due to its higher R-nought (or pace of transmission), that could be a blessing in disguise as it pushes out the much more dangerous (and more stable) delta strain.

It wasn’t just Schoub seeking to taper the fearmongering: Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, agreed with Schoub’s assesment calling symptoms associated with the variant at this point “different and so mild” compared with others she’d treated for the virus in recent months.

Coetzee, who first spotted what turned out to be the new variant, told the U.K. Telegraph that a number of healthy young men turned up at her clinic “feeling so tired.” About half were unvaccinated.

Speaking to the Telegraph, she said that “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before,” Coetzee told The Telegraph.

Most of the patients who turned up to her clinic and have tested positive for COVID-19 felt tired. Other symptoms included sore muscles and a slight cough, Coetzee added to Sputnik.

“There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected, some are currently being treated at home,” she said.

“What we are seeing clinically in South Africa and remember, I’m at the epicenter, that’s where I’m practicing, is extremely mild,” she said Sunday on the BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show.”

“Round about the 18 November, I all of a sudden encountered unusual symptoms” in a patient who was “extremely tired for the past two days”

Dr Angelique Coetzee explains how she became aware of the Omicron coronavirus variant #Marr

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) November 28, 2021

Speaking to the BBC, Coetzee said that doctors in the UK where panic over Omicron has exploded,  “might be more focused on the Delta symptoms” and missing the much milder Omicron variant.

“I think you already have it there in your country,” says the South African doctor who first raised concern over the Omicron variant

Dr Angelique Coetzee says UK doctors “might be more focused on the Delta symptoms” and missing the Omicron variant #Marr

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) November 28, 2021

Even more remarkably, she said that “we haven’t admitted anyone” to the hospital with the new variant,” she said. “I spoke to other colleagues of mine, the same picture.”

Asked if authorities around the world were panicking unnecessarily, Coetzee said “yes, at this stage I would say definitely. Two weeks from now on maybe we will say something different.”

are currently being treated at home.” Hospitals have NOT been overburdened by Omicron patients and the new strain has not been detected in vaccinated individuals there. We know those vaccinated from other countries infected have been mild or asymptomatic.

— Chise 🧬🧫🦠💉🔜 MFF (@sailorrooscout) November 27, 2021

Of course, none of these actual facts matter to those dealing in propaganda, such as Anthony Fauci, who instead of hoping to ease public concerns, said that the omicron variant appears to be more transmissible, reinforcing the need for Americans to get vaccinations or booster shots.

Omicron “is a clarion call” for people to be vaccinated, said Biden’s top medical advisor on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Infections in the U.S. are already rising and stepped-up prevention with the emergence of the new variant will impact whether Americans are “headed into a bleak or bleaker winter,” he said, in a vivid example of what Coetzee dubbed “unnecessary panicking.”


FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data

The fed gov’t shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its safety/efficacy. Who does the gov’t work for?

By Aaron Siri | Published 17 November 2021

FDA Approved

The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. That is not a typo. It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public.

As explained in a prior article, the FDA repeatedly promised “full transparency” with regard to Covid-19 vaccines, including reaffirming “the FDA’s commitment to transparency” when licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

With that promise in mind, in August and immediately following approval of the vaccine, more than 30 academics, professors, and scientists from this country’s most prestigious universities requested the data and information submitted to the FDA by Pfizer to license its COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA’s response?  It produced nothing. So, in September, my firm filed a lawsuit against the FDA on behalf of this group to demand this information. To date, almost three months after it licensed Pfizer’s vaccine, the FDA still has not released a single page. Not one.

Instead, two days ago, the FDA asked a federal judge to give it until 2076 to fully produce this information. The FDA asked the judge to let it produce the 329,000+ pages of documents Pfizer provided to the FDA to license its vaccine at the rate of 500 pages per month, which means its production would not be completed earlier than 2076. The FDA’s promise of transparency is, to put it mildly, a pile of illusions.

It took the FDA precisely 108 days from when Pfizer started producing the records for licensure (on May 7, 2021) to when the FDA licensed the Pfizer vaccine (on August 23, 2021). Taking the FDA at its word, it conducted an intense, robust, thorough, and complete review and analysis of those documents in order to assure that the Pfizer vaccine was safe and effective for licensure. While it can conduct that intense review of Pfizer’s documents in 108 days, it now asks for over 20,000 days to make these documents available to the public.

So, let’s get this straight. The federal government shields Pfizer from liability. Gives it billions of dollars. Makes Americans take its product. But won’t let you see the data supporting its product’s safety and efficacy. Who does the government work for?

The lesson yet again is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure. Everyone who wants to get vaccinated and boosted should be free to do so.  But nobody should be coerced by the government to partake in any medical procedure. Certainly not one where the government wants to hide the full information relied upon for its licensure until the year 2076!